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Fishbone Plus RDA by iCloudCig

Hot on the heels of the Fishbone RDA is the FIshbone Plus. This dual coil only RDA features some interesting changes and offers a very flavoursome vape. Check out our review to find out more.

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Fishbone Plus RDA by iCloudCig

The Fishbone Plus RDA is a dual coil only RDA that features a two-post “Velocity” style build deck with a decent sized juice well. This version has quite a few differences to iCloudCig’s previous offering. The Kennedy style bottom airflow tubes are gone and this RDA now incorporates a top airflow design so it is virtually leak proof. The Fishbone Plus features a removable ceramic deck and it is claimed that this gives maximum purity and cleanliness as far as taste is concerned.

I found that I really enjoyed the Fishbone RDA that was sent for review but since that atomizer has been sent back to POTV for a competition or forum giveaway I fancied getting one of my own. Fortunately Angelfiremods recently had a flash sale and the Fishbone Plus was on offer so I decided to purchase it because I liked the design and I thought it would make an interesting review. I used my own money so it was not free for review, no palms were greased and no secret oaths were made!

As always a superb service from Angelfiremods and having selected the cheapest postage option (yes I am tight) it arrived within three days. I also used the POTV discount code to get it even cheaper (see, told you I was tight).

Like the Fishbone RDA this product is completely authentic and very reasonably priced even when it isn’t on special offer. So let’s take a look and see if it’s any good.

Fishbone Plus RDA features

  • 22mm diameter.
  • Velocity style two post design with large post holes.
  • PEEK insulator.
  • Pyrex and stainless steel construction.
  • Deep juice well.
  • Innovative top airflow design.
  • Ceramic build deck for cleaner and purer flavour.
  • Centre glass sleeve.
  • Chuff-style drip tip.
  • 2 x Fishbone Glass Tanks.
  • Available in black or stainless steel finishes.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Fishbone Plus RDA.
  • Spare O-rings.
  • Spare screws.
  • Spare glass tube.
  • Infamous blue Philips head screwdriver

What is great is that you get a spare glass tube which is good value considering the low price of this RDA. However there are a couple of negatives. Firstly you don’t get a spare ceramic deck and you will discover why that is important later, and you also don’t get a spare glass centre sleeve but this is less of an issue. Considering this is a very reasonably priced product it is understandable why they aren't included.

Fishbone Plus RDA looks and build quality

Like its predecessor the Fishbone Plus is a very unique looking RDA. In terms of build quality it is rather good considering that this it is marketed as an inexpensive product.

Everything fits together really well and the O-rings are suitably durable. The glass does feel a bit thin but it should be fine as long as you are careful. As mentioned you do get a spare tube if an accident occurs. The 510 pin is made of copper for maximum conductivity and it is fully adjustable. The Fishbone Plus sits perfectly flush on all my mods.

The top cap and drip tip are machined as one piece so you will not be able to use your own drip tips. It is suitably wide bore so it shouldn’t really be an issue. The drip tip does feature anti-spit back protection which is a nice bonus! Thankfully the spit back guard does not hinder you when dripping juice down the drip tip.

The main glass tube and top cap do require a little effort to remove and it is advisable that you lubricate all the O-rings. The tube is secured at the top by two O-rings and at the bottom there are three O-rings so you certainly shouldn’t get any leaking.

The interior of the RDA features a domed glass cowl that attaches to the main air tube and hangs over your build. If you don’t want to use it because you require more build room it can be easily removed but keep in mind that will affect how the airflow works. The design is rather unique because what happens is that the airflow slots are at the top so the air passes down inside the glass tube then passes over the glass cowl before passing under it and hitting your coils from underneath. So technically this RDA has bottom airflow albeit in a different fashion.

The deck features a Velocity style design making it easier to work with when building dual coils. The grub screws are decent enough and trap the wire well without cutting it. The deck itself is made out of ceramic and this fits over the posts and is connected to the stainless steel deck surround by a single Philips head screw. One thing I really must hammer home is that this deck is very brittle and you must take far more care than I did because it breaks easily. Sadly you don’t get a spare and in my opinion one should have been included or the ceramic should have been made thicker to prevent this issue.  

Of course should you completely wreck the ceramic you could remove it entirely because there is a full stainless steel well under there. By taking the ceramic out it will give you slightly more build space and more room for your cotton. Bear in mind that it might lead to a loss in flavour. I haven’t tried it because I have already slightly damaged the ceramic (a small piece of one of the prongs) and I don’t want to make it worse.

The well is reasonably deep but considering the triple O-rings you can probably over drip if you want to. Build space is a little bit limited like the original Fishbone and while you can easily get a couple of 26AWG (0.4mm) coils in there I wouldn’t make them larger than 2.5mm in diameter. Certainly I wouldn’t try Clapton coils in this RDA but you could give it a go if you think it might work.

The post holes are reasonably large so for most typical builds you shouldn’t have any problems. Lastly the Fishbone Plus arrived very clean with absolutely no machine oil whatsoever but I did give it a quick wash in warm soapy water.

Fishbone Plus RDA airflow

The airflow is non-adjustable so what you see is what you get. Two large slots in the top cap directed downward. You definitely don’t want to be blowing into this RDA first before inhaling because you will get a face full of warm vapour.

My build

I went with two identical coils using 26AWG (0.4mm) Kanthal wrapped around a 2.5mm screwdriver. My final resistance was 0.5ohm and I wicked the coils with Cotton Bacon.

There isn’t a massive amount of room to work with and you need to be mindful that your coils aren’t too large because the glass centre piece has to hang over them. As for the cotton you can get a reasonable amount in there and the well isn’t as cramped as the original Fishbone.

My one accident with the ceramic deck occurred when I was trimming the tails of my coils with my wire cutters. I must have knocked it with them when cutting and I ended up breaking one of the four little ceramic prongs that rise from the deck. While I was annoyed at myself it wasn’t a big deal because the glass is held on securely by the three O-rings and the RDA’s function hasn’t been affected. It is certainly something you need to be aware of if you purchase this dripper so please take care because that ceramic is really fragile.

How does the Fishbone Plus RDA vape?

I primed the wicks and filled up the well with Element Vanilla. My first vape on this was a bit of a shock. The flavour is excellent, really excellent! This RDA might be cheap but it is extremely flavoursome no doubt due to the ceramic which I always find gives better flavour. My juice had a very clean and crisp taste and many of the undertones in the mix came through. The cream in particular was delicious and I was very impressed.

Vapour production was great and you get some quite dense clouds being produced. The draw itself feels very smooth and despite the fact that outward appearances might suggest otherwise this is just as much a flavour RDA as a cloud chasing one. If you just want sheer volume of vapour then the Fishbone is probably better suited to you but if you want good clouds, great flavour and a non-leaking dripper then the Fishbone Plus is certainly the better option.

The spit back guard works really well and at no time did I end up with juice in my mouth. Despite the fact that the airflow can’t be adjusted on this RDA I really did enjoy vaping it but then the flavour was so good I find it hard to nit-pick too severely and it has to be remembered that this is a very low priced product.

You can actually drip juice down the main drip tip and it actually spills over the glass domed centre piece and lands in the deck which is certainly a weird way to do it but it seems to work. More careful drippers might want to remove the top cap and fill up the well.


For anyone on a budget this is a really good choice but it does have some drawbacks that I have already pointed out. The excellent flavour does make up for a lot as does the price but in the back of my mind I do wonder how long that ceramic deck will last. I hope that iCigcloud make available replacement ceramic or at the very least make it more durable in future versions.

The Velocity style deck makes a dual coil build for more approachable to people than some other RDA’s and the fact that this is practically leak free is another plus point.

Despite its minor flaws this is quite an innovative and interesting looking RDA that is well worth considering. If you want an open draw with seriously nice flavour then you should certainly should give this a go!

The Fishbone Plus RDA is available at Angelfiremods and is currently priced at £17.99 which is really good value for an authentic product. Remember to use code POTV10 for 10% off your purchase.

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