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Catemizer 30mm RDA by Congrevape

The Catemizer of Cate RDA by Congrevape is something of a monster offers insane cloud production and good flavour. In addition the Catemizer features large post holes and numerous spares for a variety of build options. Check out our review to find out more!

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Catemizer 30mm RDA by Congrevape

The Catemizer RDA by Congrevape takes cloud production to a new level with a gigantic 30mm profile. Designed specifically for high performance box mods this RDA offers four choices of centre post with all of them featuring massive 4mm post holes. The Catemizer is made from 304 stainless steel and has a copper 510 pin for maximum conductivity. Included in the package are countless spares to suit all kinds of configurations. The Catemizer is built specifically for extreme wattage output (please use utmost caution and stay safe).

Catemizer 30mm RDA features

  • 30mm diameter
  • Dual coil only
  • Catemizer engraving
  • Black Ceramic 14mm bore drip tip
  • High polish finish
  • Fully adjustable “Catemizer Scratch” airflow. Diagonal 18mm long airflow. Tapers from 5mm at widest point.
  • Four Included Centre Post options
  • Single post hole in C110 copper or stainless steel
  • Dual Split Positive post in copper or stainless steel
  • Deck Milled negative posts
  • 4mm diameter post holes
  • C110 copper and stainless post screws included
  • 6mm deep juice well
  • PEEK Insulators
  • C110 copper contact pin
  • 304 stainless steel construction

What’s in the box?

  • One Catemizer30mm RDA by Congrevape
  • C110 copper single centre post pre-installed
  • Two additional dual split positive posts
  • C110 copper and 304 stainless steel
  • One additional 304 stainless steel single centre post
  • Four additional 304 SS screws
  • Three additional C110 copper screws
  • One extra PEEK Insulator set
  • Extra O-Rings
  • Small screwdriver

There’s no denying the fact that this RDA comes with excellent spares. In many ways I wish most products had as many extras. If you are like me and don’t want a copper centre post or screws anywhere near your juice then it’s not a problem since Congrevape have taken this into account and have included stainless steel centre posts and screws. What is even better is the fact that this RDA can be set up in a three post or four post (split centre post) configuration depending on your preference.

This RDA was completely free of machine oil but I did give it a quick wash in warm soapy water. Special mention must be made of the box which bizarrely features pictures of a cute dog and cat. I found it surprising but rather amusing!

Catemizer 30mm RDA styling and build quality

One thing is for sure you will never lose this RDA because it’s huge. With a diameter of 30mm this will only ever look right on 26650 tube mods or larger box mods. Of course you can happily use it on any mod you wish but it will definitely overhang.

Build quality is excellent and this RDA feels very well made and durable. It also has a significant weight to it which is understandable considering the size. One major advantage of this larger style of RDA is the fact that it makes it very easy to work on the deck because there is loads of space.

The post holes in the deck are gigantic which gives plenty of options for just about any type of crazy build that you might want! The flathead screws are very large and will make building extremely easy. The threading is good and I had no issues with screws cutting the wire. The O-rings are decent and there are spare ones included.

The copper 510 pin is not adjustable because it just leads to the centre post loosening if you mess with it. Replacing the copper centre post is easy and is simply a case of removing the 510 pin and pulling the post out of the deck. Then it is just a case of plugging in the new stainless steel post and replacing the 510 pin and tightening up. Do make sure to fit the square PEEK insulator if fitting the split centre post and watch you don’t lose the insulator from the 510 pin.

The included drip tip is seriously wide bore and is basically a chuff style cap. It is not replaceable being attached to the top cap and there is no 510 drip tip adapter included. Of course this is not really an issue providing you like this style of drip tip. The drip tip is made from ceramic which greatly reduces heat transfer from the top cap to the tip, while also remaining non-toxic and practically melt proof under practical conditions.

The well is 6mm deep and at first glance looks somewhat shallow but bear in mind it has a much larger diameter so it does hold plenty of liquid.


The airflow is suitably massive and features what Congrevape call the “Catemizer scratch diagonal airflow system” or cat scratch style (which no doubt explains the comedy cat picture). This triangular shaped airflow slot is fully adjustable and is designed to incorporate bottom airflow principles while reducing possible leaking.

With such large airflow and the included chuff cap I guarantee you will get tons of clouds! Tagged as the “Heavy Breathing Catemizer” this really is accurate because you could definitely breathe through it. I suppose it could even come in useful if you find yourself underwater with just this RDA at hand (please don’t try it).

Depending how much airflow you want the top cap can be rotated but even on its smallest setting it is still a very airy draw.

My build

Having swapped this RDA to a four post configuration I made two identical coils using pre-made Clapton Coil wire. Typically I don’t often bother with these kind of coils but considering how large the build deck is on this RDA I thought I might as well go to town! The coils were nine wraps apiece wrapped around a 3mm screwdriver. To be honest you could easily go to 3.5mm or 4mm internal diameter if you want. The final resistance of my build was 0.7ohm and I wicked the coils with Cotton Bacon. The build itself was a real joy to do and I while I do think even rebuildable newcomers would have no major issues at all I would be reluctant to recommend it to someone with a small amount of RDA experience. The design suits more advanced setups and also does require familiarity with dual coil builds.

How does the Catemizer 30mm RDA vape?

I saturated the cotton and filled up the well with Dripworx Strawberry Custard Cream which has become a new favourite of mine. On this occasion I was using my Lavabox DNA 200 and while the RDA did overhang a great deal it didn’t bother me because I was only using it for review purposes. It did of course make my device quite heavy.

Normally I don’t go for high wattage vapes but this was an exception and I decided to vape at 100W for the sheer fun of it! The airflow on this RDA is positively mental and when you’re vaping it sounds like gale force wind, seriously its nuts!

The cloud production is bonkers and one single hit led to my room being full of fog, another hit and things were getting seriously cloudy, a third hit and I almost couldn’t see where I was.

What is quite remarkable about this RDA is that it has very good flavour. Typically I find most cloud chasing drippers don’t tend to give great flavour but this one is really nice. I didn’t find the taste muted at all and I was left feeling rather impressed. Of course while the Catemizer RDA won’t really compare with a dedicated flavour chasing dripper it still offers very enjoyable flavour to go with its gargantuan cloud production.

Another great feature is that due to the ceramic drip tip you can vape at high wattage without that heat transferring to your lips. Vaping at 100W was a very warm and enjoyable vape but at no point did I find it to be too hot.

If you like a good nicotine hit this RDA certainly delivers the only down side is that dry hits really do sting when you get one. I’ll be completely honest with you in stating that cloud chasing drippers don’t often appeal to me but this is one I have really enjoyed trying out!


This is an awesome room fogging RDA and providing you don’t mind this being 30mm diameter I see no reason as to why you wouldn’t love it! As mentioned while it is easy to work with it does lend itself to more extreme types of builds and while you could put a typical dual build in it you would be wasting a lot of its potential.

Awesome cloud production and very good flavour combined with decent machining and a ton of spares make this a very worthwhile choice!

Many thanks to Grey Haze who sent this item to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. The Catemizer is priced at £34.99 and is available to buy at Grey Haze.

For your chance to win the review item please see our competition.

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