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Introduction to the Aromamizer RDTA SC200-S by Steam Crave

The Aromamizer RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer) is a new and innovative product from American manufacturer Steam Crave. This RDTA offers the flavour quality of a traditional dripper (RDA) with the convenience of a tank system. While it is primarily designed for flavour it is quite capable of putting out plenty of vapour. The design of this atomizer is very different to others on the market but just how good is it? We shall see.

Aromamizer RDTA SC200-S Features

  • 3 post deck.
  • 3ml tank capacity. (SC200 is 6ml capacity)
  • Removable deck. Modify your build without draining the tank.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Glass tank.
  • 22mm diameter.
  • Innovative airflow. Air flow comes from the top of the atomizer base and heating coils.
  • Big air holes from four directions to reduce heat. Vapour temperature remains balanced to prevent flavour loss.
  • Separate juice chamber and heating chamber.
  • Liquid flowing well for high VG juice.
  • Vape band Air control system. Can be easily removed for maximum airflow.
  • Baffle plate to prevent spit back

What's in the box?

  • 1x Aromamizer RDTA.
  • 1x Extra glass tank.
  • Spare O-rings.
  • Spare Philips screws and screwdriver.
  • Optional hex screws and Allen key.
  • Spare vape band (AFC).
  • User manual.


The first thing you notice about this atomizer is how well machined it is. I could find no problems at all and it was completely free of machine oil. I did of course wash it but to be honest I could have used it right away since it was squeaky clean.

The drip tip fits well but you do have to screw it in. The base of the tip is a little sharp and you have to be careful when fitting it that you don’t damage the O-ring.

I like the overall look of the tank, it is nicely designed and feels durable. The airflow control is very strange compared to other tanks and uses a rubber vape band that is easily adjusted and removable. I think it does harm the impressive looks of the tank a little but in terms of function it seems fine. Besides anyone using full airflow would probably remove it anyway.

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The Aromamizer comes in two versions but the only difference between them is the overall size and the tank capacity. The SC200-S which was the item sent for review has a 3ml capacity, the SC200 has a 6ml capacity.

The Aromamizer itself is very easy to fill and once you remove the deck/base from it you will see a circular set of juice holes in the main tank. You will have no difficulty filling since the holes are quite generous. The juice flow is done quite differently to other tanks and the liquid drips through the holes but then seeps down only to come back up from the holes underneath the deck. Airflow hits the coil from the side just like a typical RDA. Keeping the airflow control separate to the main tank prevents leaking and it is a very innovative approach.

The deck itself is your typical RDA style being a three post affair. The post holes and screws are decent but the deck is very small and could be awkward to work with. If you would prefer not to use the Philips head screws there are also hex screws included.

Ease of build

I personally found building the Aromamizer something of a pain. The problem for me was due to the very small size of the deck fitting two coils in there wasn't particularly easy. If you use too large a diameter like a 3mm screwdriver to wrap your coils then you will run into issues, namely due to the fact that the coils tend to catch on the chimney which will result in a short if you're not careful.

Now I have seen someone fit 3mm diameter coils in there on YouTube so it will depend on how good you are at this kind of build. In the end I got so frustrated with it I went with 2.5mm diameter and that made things far easier but it was still fiddly.


One thing you do have to keep in mind is that the coils need to be fairly high up so they are in line with the air holes since the air hits the coils from the side like in a typical RDA.

Wicking is very straightforward and you wick the Aromamizer pretty much like you would with a RDA but you do need to make sure you have plenty of cotton resting on the deck to soak up any liquid that comes from the juice holes. While this RDTA won't really leak on you it will drip a couple of drops out of the air holes if you don't make sure cotton is sufficiently covering the deck but that is purely down to how you wick it and not a design flaw.

I wouldn't say that the Aromamizer is very friendly to people who may be approaching a rebuildable atomizer for the first time because it is dual coil only and due to the small deck it isn't that easy to work with.

How does it vape?

I'll be honest I wasn't expecting that much from the Aromamizer but I was quite wrong. The vape is very good and the flavour is in my opinion exactly what you would expect from a flavour chasing RDA. For my first tank full I used PULP Peach Skin and it really was a absolutely delicious vape, the taste of the fruit in this juice was exactly the same as it is in my other drippers.

Vapour production wasn't initially anything amazing but that was my error in fitting the coils a little bit too low. When I readjusted them and set the air flow to fully wide open this RDTA puts out plenty of vapour.

The nice thing about the Aromamizer is that if you make a mistake with your build you can easily remove the deck and tweak it without having to drain your tank which is really useful.

The tank reservoir ensures that your wick is always soaked with juice but I have to confess I have no real clue how it technically works, sorcery maybe but more likely just clever engineering. The point is it works extremely and you have a RDA quality of vape without having to keep dripping juice every five minutes.

Airflow is easily adjusted by using the vape band, which seems a weird choice in itself but it really does work. For those that want even more airflow you can simply remove the band.

At no point did this tank ever seriously leak and as I said earlier you will only get a couple of droplets at most if you don't cover the deck with cotton.


It can be very easy to dismiss the Aromamizer and I was almost guilty of doing that since the first couple of builds I did were not without problems. However once you get used to it and get it right this becomes a really excellent atomizer with great flavour and good vapour production. It's only negative is that it is purely dual coil so is not as approachable to newcomers as some other devices.


The Aromamizer is truly innovative and considering it is easy to refill, well machined, doesn't leak and even allows you to tweak your build without draining the tank it has a lot of good points that makes it a very worthwhile purchase.

This RDTA costs about £31.95 and represents excellent value for money considering it also comes with plenty of spares. You should definitely check this one out if you like the sound of it.

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