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UD Bellus V2

The UD Bellus V2 is the follow up to the popular Bellus RTA that UD released in 2015, now featuring an upgraded Velocity styled build deck with four post holes in place of the two post, two post hole deck found on the original.

A 5ml capacity is found with the Bellus V2, which is refilled through the top filling ports, and has a spiral airflow design for top notch flavour and vapour performance. The original Bellus tank was very popular when released back in 2015, so let’s have a look at how the Bellus V2 compares...


  • 25.6mm width
  • 43mm height (excluding drip tip and 510 connector)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Glass tank section 
  • 5ml capacity
  • Top filling
  • Spiral airflow design
  • 18mm build deck
  • Two post velocity styled build deck with four post holes
  • 510 threading
  • Available in silver or black

What’s in the box?

The UD Bellus V2 comes boxed with a spare glass tank section, four spare post screws, spare o-rings and a warranty card.

Design and Build Quality

The UD Bellus V2 is constructed from stainless steel, with a thick glass tank section- a spare is thankfully included in the box! A wide bore drip tip is found on top, which features a rifled design inside to improve flavour and vapour performance, this can be removed and replaced with a drip tip of your choosing.

Styling wise, not a whole lot has changed compared to the original Bellus RTA. The V1 and V2 are very similar in outward appearance, with the only notable differences on the V2 being the addition of notches cut into the top cap to aid with grip when removing it, and V2 added in after the Bellus logo.

Tank capacity is an ample 5ml, and improvements have been made to the top filling system over the original. With the Bellus V1, there had been some complaints over the small size of the two fill holes, however on the V2 there are two wide fill ports, making refilling your Bellus V2 a breeze.

With a 25.6mm width and 43mm height, the Bellus V2 is a pretty beastly tank size wise. You’ll need a fairly sizeable mod for it to sit flush on without overhang, as it definitely isn’t on the small side! Overall it feels nice and robust, and is capable of handling more than a few knocks from experience!

Building the Bellus V2

The build deck is accessed via unscrewing the bottom locking ring, and sliding the build deck out from the base of the tank, meaning that you can rebuild and make adjustments to your build with E-Liquid still present in the tank. I did encounter issues with the locking ring however, the threading seemed to be too fine on it making it difficult to screw on and unscrew the locking ring, and even when I lubricated the threads it still wasn’t any easier!

With the original Bellus V1, the build deck was primarily aimed for dual coil builds however more than a few users found it difficult to install a dual coil build, due to there only being a single small post hole on each post. Thankfully UD have gone with the tried and tested Velocity styled build deck for the V2, with two posts each featuring two good sized post holes, making it easier to install dual coil builds.

Deck space has increased to 18mm, giving you more options for larger and more exotic coil builds. I found it quick and easy to install a dual coil build, taking a matter of minutes, there are four wick cut outs around the deck for you to place your wick tails into. I have found that stuffing these full of wick is the way to go, I haven’t encountered any leaking, gurgling or dry hits with this method.


The airflow system is the same as the one found on the Bellus V1, you have sixteen small airflow holes on each side which can be opened up and closed down to your liking. The airflow is drawn in from the side of the tank, hitting your coils from behind. I found the airflow control ring to be very smooth, it was also a little tighter than the loose AFC found on the V1, and my selected airflow setting stayed in place once set.


Being a long time fan of UD products I did purchase the Bellus V1 back in 2015, and it was a tank I really enjoyed using. I fitted a dual coil SS316L build to the V2, coming out at 0.23ohm, and I found the performance to be pretty much the same as the V1- definitely not a bad thing!

I mainly vaped the Bellus V2 in the 75-90W range, and the flavour I got from this tank was very good indeed. I get a warm vape, full of flavour notes with complex E-Liquids, and a smooth draw with little noise.

There is a ton of airflow on offer with the Bellus V2, and it produces some pretty large clouds. The tank does get quite hot when chain vaping in the wattage range I was using, meaning I would have to let it cool down from time to time. It is extremely impressive at wicking however, with no dry hits experienced no matter what E-Liquid I used.

Capacity is 5ml, however this does drain fairly quickly, which comes as no surprise given the size of the juice channels and the large amount of wick needed to fill them! Even with higher resistance builds used at lower wattages the Bellus V2 still drinks it’s way through juice, I found myself needing to refill it 2-3 times a day on average.


Personally, I feel that if you already own the Bellus V1 and are happy with it, there isn’t really anything to be found with the V2 to get you to part with your money, save for the new Velocity styled build deck. Aside from the new build deck, there are only very minor changes to be found, and I found the performance of the V1 and V2 to be nigh on identical.

However if you don’t already own a Bellus V1, then the V2 is a rebuildable tank that is well worth consideration. It is a well made RTA (save for the annoying build deck locking ring), with an easy to use build deck, that offers very good performance for sub ohm vapers and it’s available at a very good price too!

Many thanks to UD for sending the Bellus V2 in for review! UD have also kindly provided us with a Bellus V2 as well as the UD Zephyrus V3 to giveaway, if you would like to be in with a chance of winning then click here!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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