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Smokjoy Demon Hunter RDTA

Smokjoy are a Chinese company based in Shenzhen and you may actually remember the Talos Sub Ohm tank that they produced. This time they have turned their attention to RDTA’s and now bring us the Demon Hunter. This is a 25mm atomiser intended for dual coil builds only.

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Smokjoy Demon Hunter RDTA

Smokjoy are a Chinese company based in Shenzhen and you may actually remember the Talos Sub Ohm tank that they produced. This time they have turned their attention to RDTA’s and now bring us the Demon Hunter. This is a 25mm atomiser intended for dual coil builds only. The Demon Hunter holds 2.8ml of E-Liquid and uses the ever popular two post Velocity style deck which means it is simple and convenient to build.

Designed to offer excellent cloud production and flavour this RDTA sounds highly appealing, so let’s take a thorough look and see if it is something you will really want to add to your vape gear collection!

Smokjoy Demon Hunter RDTA features

  • 25mm Diameter
  • 2.8ml Capacity
  • 510 Threaded.
  • 18K Gold Plated Adjustable Pin
  • 47mm Height
  • Top Fill Design
  • Gold-Plated Velocity Style Two Post Deck
  • Dual Coil Only
  • Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction
  • Available in Gold, Black or Silver

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Demon Hunter RDTA
  • 1x Replacement Pyrex Glass Tank
  • Spares O-Rings and Screws
  • User Manual

Smokjoy Demon Hunter RDTA styling and build quality

Open opening the box I was very impressed by this atomizer because it just happened to be the gold plated version and I tend to really love shiny tanks and mods (does that make me fickle?). Regardless the overall looks are excellent and the design is both streamlined and elegant! It only has one laser etched logo on the outer sleeve which has the “DH” monogram on a black field in the centre and the words “Demon” above it and “Hunter” below it. As you might expect this does give this atomizer a very classy appearance and the 18K gold plated finish has not shown any signs of wear in the short time I have spent using it. All of the various colour options that are available use Stainless Steel construction and only this one has the additional outer gold plating but I do believe that all of them have a gold plated deck. The tank is constructed from fairly thick Pyrex glass and you do get a spare in the box should you ever accidentally break it.

Despite this RDTA being 25mm in diameter (be aware you may get slight overhang with some devices) it is not overly tall and only stands 47mm in height which means it is very suitable if you require a low profile atomizer.

The Demon Hunter is made up of several pieces; firstly at the bottom is the base with its gold plated 510 pin. Directly above that is the Pyrex glass tank and then the two post Velocity style deck. The positive post sits directly above a decent sized PEEK insulator and both posts have generously sized holes so should be able to accommodate most typical builds with ease! In my opinion the side tension grub screws were good and I had no issues with them stripping or cutting the wire.

The upper section of the RDTA features the main barrel which has two horizontal airflow slots cut out on opposite sides of the base. The top cap is easy to remove but also is very well held in place by good O-rings so it’s not going to come loose on you. Sadly the wide bore Delrin drip tip is machined as a one piece top cap so you will not be able to replace it with one of your own. However on the positive side of things it does feel very comfortable on the lips and keeps the heat to a manageable level when vaping at higher Wattage. In addition it is nicely tapered very much like the one on the Royal Hunter RDA. Furthermore the base of the drip tip has knurling and this makes it easy to grip when you want to adjust the airflow and keeps you from potentially burning your fingers on the hot main barrel so from that point of view I think it is a very intelligent design.

The interesting design aspects of this RDTA continue once you take a look at its very unique filling method. In most typical RDTA’s you usually have a simple fill hole with a removable plug but Smokejoy have decided to do something much more innovative. Between the two posts on the deck there is a raised tube and this is where you pour juice in to fill the tank. The tube is reasonably large in diameter so you shouldn’t have any major issues when using your juice bottle nozzles or droppers. What makes it even more unique is that when the main barrel and top cap is fitted it actually secures the fill hole. I found this idea to be excellent and certainly as a reviewer it brought a smile to my face to see a company try out a new and ingenious idea that actually worked!


As mentioned earlier the airflow is made up of two fairly large horizontal slots and the airflow comes in from the side before moving upwards through the deck to strike the coils from underneath. Just like all bottom airflow atomizers this really does help to maximise the quality of flavour that you get when vaping.

By turning the top cap drip tip you can close down the airflow to suit your taste but do keep in mind that there is no single coil option which is probably one of the few failings that the Demon Hunter has. At its most open you get a very airy direct lung inhale draw with an ever so slight amount of restriction.

As you close down the airflow this progressively becomes more restrictive but never to the point where I feel you could really enjoy it as a mouth to lung vape. You could really dial it down and give it a try if you like but I think the very wide bore drip tip still makes it a touch too airy and probably not as tight and restrictive as some MTL fans prefer.

Ease of use

The Demon Hunter RDTA is very easy to take apart and put back together so you are unlikely to have any issues. The deck is convenient and approachable even for newcomers. As I already mentioned the fill system is excellent and eliminates a lot of the mess you tend to get with some RDTA’s.

Setting up a build is very straightforward providing you have some experience of dual coils. Wicking is also a painless process and the holes in the deck are fairly generous. Typically I cut my wicks so they rest about half way down the glass tank section.

To some people the 2.8ml capacity might seem a bit limiting but I think this is really the concession that Smokejoy had to make in order to keep this 25mm atomizer quite low profile. Regardless it really doesn’t make that much difference because the filling system is arguably easier and faster than some of its competitors!

How does it vape?

I tried out several different juices in this RDTA and all of them made for a cracking vape! The first was some Grey Haze Custard and I got a truly delicious taste of vanilla that was rich and extremely enjoyable! I then moved on to some Manabush Coyote Coconut and I was not all disappointed because I got lovely flavour with a nice strong taste of coconut and I could definitely pick out the varied undertones of tobacco. 

Over the course of a day I tried out other juices such as Dinner Lady Lemon Tart, Suicide Bunny Mother’s Milk and also some Element Absinthe Tobacco. As someone who can be quite picky about the taste of their E-Liquid I found that I really enjoyed vaping the Demon Hunter and to be honest I couldn’t fault it!

Cloud fans will be happy because the Demon Hunter puts out some very dense vapour but thankfully it also has excellent flavour to go with its generous fog generating properties.

Occasionally you do get some spit back when the tank has been filled to capacity and in some respects this is probably due to the fact that the coils are positioned quite high up but it quickly tends to go away. As you might expect the tank can drain quickly depending on your build but this is easily countered to some extent by the convenient filling system.


In my opinion the Demon Hunter is an excellent RDTA that incorporates some very nice and unique features. As you would expect given its bottom airflow it really does deliver in the flavour department and it produces enough vapour that will certainly satisfy most folks!

The only real cons are the drip tip which you cannot replace and the dual coil only design of the airflow. One minor point for some might be the slight amount of spit back but you can get around this by not completely filling the tank to the top. All in all I think it’s a great RDTA that despite its large 25mm diameter looks highly stylish and relatively compact on most devices. Do check it out if you like the sound of it!

If your interested in giving one of these a go, we currently have two to give away in our latest competition!

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