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Rose3 RTA by Eden Mods

Since a couple of early teaser images were released on the Eden Mods Facebook group back in March, anticipation for the follow up to the incredible Rose V2 has been at absolute fever pitch, and when the release date of UK Vapefest 2016 was announced along with the name of the sequel, Rose3, many began squirrelling their pennies away ready for the release, arguably making the Rose3 the most hotly anticipated RTA to date.

There’s good reason why Eden Mods releases are so wildly popular. The performance is at the very top of what can be done with an atomiser, and the build quality is almost unparalleled. Andy and Lee from Eden Mods are very active vapers themselves, and they know what goes into an atomiser to make it amongst the best out there. Production is done in the UK and Eden Mods pride themselves on sourcing many of the parts within the UK too.

With the Rose V2 still being regarded by many as the king of flavour RTAs, an incredible feat considering as it has been out for the best part of two years now, the Rose3 has some incredibly big shoes to fill. Does it manage to topple the Rose V2? Let's find out...


  • 22mm width
  • 44.8mm height excluding 510 connector and drip tip
  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Produced and Manufactured within the United Kingdom
  • New fully adjustable airflow control system
  • Airflow control runs on a tension spring rather than an O-Ring for longevity and perfect resistance
  • PEEK Insulators
  • Fully adjustable true juice flow control
  • Postless deck system, improved over the Rose V2 for an easier build
  • Large deck space
  • Removable wick channels to give full access to deck space
  • Access to the deck when in use
  • Top refilling, can also be refilled from the bottom
  • 4ml capacity with PC1000 tank section
  • 5ml capacity with Stainless Steel tank section
  • 510 drip tip threading to use your own drip tips with a Rose atomiser for the first time
  • Adjustable 510 pin

What’s in the Box?

Much like the Rose V2-S and Snapdragon RDA, the Rose3 comes packaged in a cylindrical cardboard tube, coloured black this time and with an Eden Mods Rose3 sticker holding the two ends of the cardboard tube together. Inside is the Rose3 itself with PC1000 tank section pre installed, a Stainless Steel tank section and a spares kit featuring spare screws and o-ring seals. I didn’t get a hex key included with my Rose3 for the screws at the base of the deck (for reference you need a 1.5mm hex key), this has been the case with the first batch of Rose3s, however hex keys will be included for subsequent batches.

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Looks and Build Quality

Manufactured in the UK from 316 Stainless Steel with a PC1000 tank section as standard (or 316 SS tank section if you prefer) trademark world class Eden Mods build quality is on offer with the Rose3, you’ll really struggle to find any atomiser that is built better than this one. Looking over the Rose3 I found it to be completely flawless, with no manufacturing issues or sharp edges to be found anywhere, and rock solid build quality. It’s a real looker too, much like its predecessors, and matching this with my Hellfire Delrin Phantom has made for what is in my opinion one of the most visually stunning set ups out there.

For the first time with a Rose RTA you can use your own drip tip, as previous editions had a stainless steel drip tip fitted to the chimney whereas this time a removable white delrin drip tip is included, you do need to make sure that if you do decide to use your own drip tip it fits in tightly to the drip tip threading as this is still used to operate the juice flow control. 


The juice flow control is truly fully adjustable, it can be closed off completely or opened right up to suit any type of juice. You do also need to fully close the juice flow down when using the new top filling system, in order to avoid flooding the deck. The top fill is accessed by unscrewing the top cap which reveal plenty of fill holes, and replacing it once done. You can also bottom fill the Rose3 by unscrewing the top section and filling to the side of the chimney, however I have found the top fill system far quicker and less messy. By unscrewing the top section with the tank inverted you will also be able to access the build deck even with a full tank of juice. You have a 4ml capacity if you have the PC1000 tank section installed, or a 5ml capacity with the SS tank section installed.

At the base of the Rose3 is the Rose3 logo as well as an adjustable 510 connector, so you can adjust this to get a flush fit with your mod of choice. You are able to completely strip the Rose3 down to clean and maintain your Rose3, regular maintenance and cleaning of your Rose3 will ensure the best performance and a long lifespan from your Rose3.

Building the Rose3

One of the unique things about the Rose series of atomisers was that it was the first to use a postless deck system. This has been retained for the Rose3, however with a few fine adjustments the Rose3 has been made even easier to build upon. 

Looking down at the deck you will see the ceramic cup that was present with the earlier Roses has been done away with, and you have two holes for your coil legs to fit into along with an airflow hole placed centrally between the two holes for your coil legs. Crucially, whereas previously there were two wick slots present at either side of the deck which meant you needed to split your wick in two at either side (an area where many struggled at first with their Rose V2’s), there is now a single wide wick slot at either side making wicking painless. One of the best features however is that you can press down on either side of the bottom section and the deck will pop out, giving you a full, flat space to work on your build.

These adjustments have made the Rose3 one of the easiest RTA’s to build on and wick. You simply gauge how high you would like you coil to sit, bearing in mind that the higher your coil sits in relation to the airflow hole will increase the volume of throat hit from your juices, place the coil legs into the holes and trap them down using the hex screws underneath the deck. After that, wicking is a breeze, just make sure that you cut the wick tails flush with the wicking slots so that your wick doesn’t interfere with the juice flow control. You have so much space to build with that even exotic builds such as Clapton coils work perfectly, and thick coils fit easily in the 3mm holes. Temperature control fans will be pleased with the stable performance you will get from the Rose3 with TC wire builds and the ease of build offered by the Rose3. It’s one I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to newbie rebuilders and experienced rebuilders alike.  


You may be forgiven for looking at the Rose3 and thinking that the airflow control has been lifted right off of the Snapdragon V1.5 RDA, as it’s very nearly exactly the same. There are three holes found on either side of the Rose3, which offer airflow of 3.5mm in total, and you have the option of being able to adjust airflow on both sides or cutting one side of the airflow off entirely. The airflow is incredibly versatile, more so than pretty much anything else out there, as there are an incredible amount of options. 

You can fine tune the airflow right down to the absolute tightest mouth to lung draw, or open it right up on both sides for a really airy mouth to lung hit and plenty of vapour to match, the end result being pretty much any vaping style is catered for. If you want to blow huge clouds, you can, if you want an immensely tight draw and incredibly intense flavour, you can get that too. Airflow is a dream to adjust as well with the airflow control ring being incredibly smooth and tactile.


Rather than the airflow control ring being operated on o-rings, a small tension spring is used that slots into the groove cut around the base of the airflow slots, this can be removed and easily re-inserted when cleaning your Rose3. Ingenious, and practical too, as it means you have a smooth as silk airflow control ring that offers the perfect resistance when you select your airflow setting, and it will outlast traditional airflow control systems that tend to operate on a o-ring based system, that can swell and wear away over time. However you really do not want to lose the tension spring as this is a key component of the AFC, without it your AFC will spin freely, if you do lose it then contact Eden Mods directly to arrange a replacement.


When it comes to performance, the Rose3 is simply breathtaking. When it comes to flavour, it’s a class above anything else I’ve tried, and it raises the bar far above anything else. It just performs reliably each and every time, with exceptional wicking no matter the mix ratio of your juice, no dry hits, gurgling or spitback. The juice flow control comes into play allowing you to adjust juice flow to suit the mix ratio of your juice, however I have never needed to open the juice flow control more than a couple of turns. If you do find your Rose3 struggling with a particular type of juice, simply adjust the juice flow control to suit.

High or low wattage, mouth to lung or direct lung hit, you get best in class performance from the Rose3. With the finely adjustable airflow, you will find an airflow setting that suits your vaping style to perfection, and it’s great fun experimenting with different airflow settings to get the best from your juices. Wide open it’s a very airy atomiser and also allows you to take the Rose3 to high wattages previous versions of the Rose couldn’t handle, and it never seems to get too hot either. Best of all, even with the airflow wide open you still get full, rich flavour.


Alongside a consistent performance, the Rose3 delivers flavour to your palate just so incredibly smoothly, and I can’t think of anything else out there that delivers flavour as smoothly as this does. It’s very intense too, and will have you discovering flavour notes in juices that you didn’t even realise were there before. All types of juices just absolutely shine in the Rose3, it truly is something incredibly special that I would even go as far as saying it outperforms even the top RDA’s on the market to date.

My own preferred build after experimenting with a few different builds has been 6 wraps of 0.4mm 316L Stainless Steel wire, with a 3mm ID for 0.75ohm, wicked with Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition. At 23-30W the flavour is just phenomenal and really allows me to enjoy the full scope of what each and every juice I put through the Rose3. I’ve not had a single disappointing result from this truly exceptional atomiser yet, just consistently smooth and exceptional performance each and every single time.


Now the first thing many will wonder is ‘does the Rose3 outperform the Rose V2?’. And in my opinion, yes, it absolutely does. But then again, in my opinion, the Rose3 outperforms everything else out there. The main reason being is that it does everything the Rose V2 can do, and then some. Incredibly, flavour performance is even more rich and smooth than it was on the Rose V2, and most notably every vaping style is catered for here from the tightest mouth to lung hit to airy direct to lung draws, many other atomisers struggle to truly cater to all styles of vaping but the Rose3 pulls it off with aplomb. I really would be surprised if someone picked up a Rose3 and found that it didn't suit their draw, such is the versatility of this exceptional RTA. It feels like Andy and Lee have thought of everything and covered every base with the Rose3. 

As you would expect build quality is flawless, which matches the exceptional performance of a ground breaking atomiser, you will expect to get many years of use from your investment, much like many have with the Rose V2. A bonus is that as the Rose3 caters for any style, if your vaping style changes you have no need to shell out on another atomiser to suit you, as you simply adapt your build and airflow setting to match. It truly is a jack of all trades in the vaping world. For a high end atomiser, the Rose3 also goes against convention, there are no lists to wait on, no F5 wars to battle it out with, Eden Mods have worked extremely hard to ensure plenty of stock is available with numerous retailers around the world as well as directly through their own website to make sure eager consumers aren’t left disappointed.

I can’t stress enough just how the Rose3 blew me away, and this is an atomiser you really need to get out and experience yourself. Forget the rest, when it comes to flavour the Rose3 is the very best atty out there, and by some stretch too. And I wouldn't be surprised if it remained that way until Eden Mods release the next iteration of the Rose series...

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 Dan Willis
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