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Introduction to the GP Heron V2

GP Heron. It's a name synonymous within the industry for looks and flavour performance, and the latest version of the GP Heron to roll off the stellar GP production line is the Heron V2, and the GP Heron V2 is also one of the most anticipated releases of all time.

The Heron atomiser was borne out of demand for GP to produce a larger version of the 16mm Spheroid to match popular 22/23mm diameter mods, and in August 2013 experimental versions of a 22/23mm GP Spheroid were produced that were for use with filler material and silica, and in January 2014 the first GP Heron units for use with cotton wicks began to become available. A filler material, known as GP fluff was required for use in the chamber as well as a cotton wick with microcoil. In May 2014 the GP Heron V1.5 made an appearance, featuring an adjustable AFC slot, two tone metal finish, double o-rings in the drip tip base to prevent wobble and a GPin base made from EU Certified 316 Stainless Steel to prevent oxidation along with an optional separate 510 connector. Since then, the Heron V1.5 was many a flavour chasers atomiser of choice, and there had been no further revisions since then, until now with the release of the Heron V2.

GP releases have a huge and loyal fan base for good reason- you know when you purchase an item from GP you are getting an item manufactured to the highest standards, and performance of the highest order. Not to mention the stellar customer service, rapid shipping via DHL and attentive after sales support you will receive to ensure you keep enjoying your GP product for years to come.

I've had my hands on the Heron V2 for a little while now, and upon its official release last Friday 4th December it sold out within 15 minutes, let's see if the Heron V2 lives up to the massive benchmarks set by its predecessors...

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The Heron Story

Taken from the Vapourart website:

GP® HERON is the name of the GP Spheroid 22/23 atomizer to honour the Heron of Alexandria. 

Hero (or Heron) of Alexandria (c. AD 10–70) was an ancient Hellene mathematician and engineer who was active in his native city of Alexandria, Roman Egypt. He is considered the greatest experimenter of antiquity and his work is representative of the Hellenistic scientific tradition.

He's best known for what we call Hero's turbine -- a steam-driven whirligig that worked a little like a modern jet engine. He did mechanics, astronomy, and math. It is almost certain that Heron taught at the Musaeum which included the famous Library of Alexandria, because most of his writings appear as lecture notes for courses in mathematics, mechanics, physics and pneumatics. Although the field was not formalised until the 20th century, it is thought that the work of Hero, his automated devices in particular, represents some of the first formal research into cybernetics.


You see, Hero invented feedback control devices. His self-filling wine bowl, for example, had a hidden float valve that automatically sensed the level of wine in a bowl. When guests ladled out wine, the bowl mysteriously refilled itself.

That's called a closed feedback loop. Egyptian inventors had been making gadgets like that for 300 years before Heron. They'd made feedback-controlled water-clocks and lamp-fillers.

By the time Heron lived, 2000 years ago, Rome had annexed Egypt, and intellectual freedom gave way to imperial authority. Heron was the end of an inventive age. Not until the 1600s was another feedback device invented. Feedback meant letting go of control -- letting a machine make its own decisions. Authoritarian minds don't like that. 

Heron had set up a do-loop for what we call an iterative solution. The same person who worked with feedback control loops now gives us a wonderful computer do-loop. In either case we start a process and then let it pass out of our hands.

Heron's story has a moral: we have no freedom without letting go of control.

Heron ... was the last breath of a Golden Age in North Africa. It'd be 1600 years before math, mechanics, and human affairs would catch up with that fragile inventive freedom we sell so easily for security -- that we sell to satisfy our need to stay in control.

Vapourart has used the symbol of the aeolipile as their trademark insignia from the beginning, because they are great admirers of this unique Hellene scientist.

After that history lesson let's get on to the GP Heron V2 atomiser itself!


  • 22mm width
  • 54g weight
  • 38mm height (with hybrid connection, 43mm with 510 connection)
  • 6mm airflow control
  • 3.5mm airflow
  • 5ml capacity
  • Brushed and polished two tone stainless steel finish
  • Smaller chamber over the Heron V1.5 for increased flavour and stronger throat hit
  • Mouth to lung or direct lung hit options
  • Removable Teflon drip tip
  • Interchangeable top caps
  • Easy two post build
  • Can be built with or without filler material
  • Quick refilling with no fill screw
  • Hybrid (with mods featuring compatible M20x1 threading) connection or 510 connection options
  • CNC logo engraving
  • Optional engraving available

What's in the box?

You'll receive an eye catching Vapourart presentation box, that features two smaller slide out cardboard boxes inside. In one box, you'll find the Heron V2 atomiser itself with a delrin drip tip, in the second box you will find a generous amount of spares such as an extra GPin pin, GPin spring, enough O-Rings to last you a lifetime and spare post screws. 


As standard, the Heron V2 comes with a GPin fitted at the base for Hybrid connection with the Paps series of mechanical mods or mods featuring compatible M20x1 calibrated threading. A 510 connector amongst other options for the Heron V2 such as different top caps can be purchased separately.


GP are known for producing absolute works of art and the Heron V2 is no exception to this rule. The manufacturing of the Heron V2 is a class apart right down to the perfect CNC engraving of the aeolipile logo on the brushed tank section and absolutely flawless threading is present. The domed top cap features a stunning polished 316 Stainless Steel finish and is also interchangeable with other top caps, the included white delrin drip tip is removable and interchangeable with other compatible drip tips. You can completely strip the Heron V2 right down to its bare bones for cleaning, and stripping the connector out of the bottom will reveal your unique serial number which can also be registered on the Vapourart website.

Capacity has received a bump from the 3.2ml on the Heron V1.5 to 5ml, however the width remains 22mm and incredibly it's actually smaller in height at 38mm in hybrid mode and 43mm when using the 510 connector. The shorter height means a smaller chamber is used to increase flavour and double the throat hit of the V1.5. Refilling is incredibly easy and you simply remove the top cap, invert the tank section and fill to the side of the chimney. There are no fill screws to mess around with, and no fill ports to squeeze bottle tops through. It's an incredibly simple process.


Airflow is controlled via a polished removeable stainless steel airflow control ring, the airflow itself is now a cyclops airflow slot that can be finely adjusted via the AFC ring, which feeds airflow to the 3.5mm airflow hole on the deck, and up and underneath the coil. At the base of the Heron V2 as standard you will find M20x1 threading and a GPin connector for hybrid (direct to battery) connection for maximum conductivity. A 510 connector can be purchased, at the point of order or separately, to allow you to use the Heron V2 with mods featuring a 510 connection.

Match the Heron V2 with the stunning GP Paps V4 in hybrid mode (also referred to as the GP H'n'P combo) and you have one of the most visually stunning combinations of all time. Not to mention one of the most outstanding combinations of all time when it comes to performance. To use the GP Paps in Hybrid mode, or in 510 mode, you will need to go through the exact same process as the Spheroid V4, and the Vapourart instructional video is found below:

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Like the GP Paps V4, custom engraving is available on the GP Heron V2, so if you want to give your GP Heron V2 that personal touch then the GP team will happily oblige you!

Quite simply, the Heron V2 the most stunning atomiser I've ever laid eyes on. The attention to detail and manufacturing quality of the highest standard is something to behold. The Heron V1.5 was one hell of a looker itself but the little refinements here, such as the polished domed top cap and shorter height, just give the Heron it's best facelift to date.

Building the Heron V2

The Heron V2 retains the same deck configuration as the Spheroid V4 with the added bonus that being 6mm wider you have got a whole lot more room to play with. And the Heron V2 is very easy to build on, featuring two posts close together next to a 3.5mm air hole for single coil builds. You remove the tank section, unscrew the exposed outer ring and pop off the cap on top containing the two wicking holes (known as a GP Topper), and the build deck is exposed. You trap your coil legs under the post screw heads, with a gap of around 1.5mm between the coil and airflow hole, ensure your coil sits centrally over the airflow hole, snip the excess wire off, wick, and away you go. You'll want to make sure the coil has a thickness of no more than 2.5mm. Post screws have very smooth threading and can trap thick wire down with no fuss at all. Beginners and newbies alike will love how easy and satisfying it is to build.


After you have installed your coil build, you need to install your preferred wicking material, lift the wick tails up (juicing the wick will make this easier) screw the outer ring back on, rest the wick tails on top then top the topper over the top of this, ensuring the wick tails are generously exposed through the holes and the topper is pressed down firmly. With this method, the Heron V2 doesn't leak and nor does it spot or gurgle. Juice is contained in the tank chamber and your wick tails are exposed through the two slots in the topper, meaning that your wick is constantly immersed in juice, much like the self filling wine bowl of yore.

I myself have rebuilt the Heron V2 a number of times to test different builds out, from microcoils using 0.3mm kanthal, coils made from 0.4mm nichrome, and both Ni200 and Titanium wire materials. My preferred builds so far have been 7 wraps of 0.3mm kanthal with a 2.5mm coil internal diameter for 1.4ohm, and 8 wraps of 0.4mm Nichrome with a 2.5mm internal diameter, for 0.75ohm. I find those builds heat up especially quickly, nichrome especially, and have provided outstanding flavour results. That's not to say the temperature control builds have not performed, because they have performed outstandingly well on flavour, and have provided possibly the only outstanding temperature control coil builds that I have experienced yet.

There's no need for fancy Clapton/twisted etc coil builds here, as a standard coil will do just fine to produce some truly wonderful flavour results. 

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Heron V2 Performance

I'll say it right now - I've been lucky enough to try and own Atomisers that produce some truly excellent flavour, but nothing has matched up to the flavourful experience I get from the Heron V2. It's simply in a class all of its own.

The flavour is simply the best I have experienced yet from any atomiser, complex juices such as Manabush or House of Liquid absolutely shine in the Heron V2 and complex flavour notes become easily identifiable. Juices such as South Coast Vapes Callicustard take on a whole new form, becoming even smoother and creamier, and it's almost like vaping a while new juice. The difference between the Heron V2 and other Atomisers is total night and day- there's definitely some magic at work in the GP design studio! There's a clean crispness to the flavour and it's amazingly consistent too, performing spectacularly well with any type of flavour profile. Performance wise, it's now my atomiser of choice for any type of juice. 

The Heron V2 also copes with any ratio of juice with ease, I've used right up to 90VG and it hasn't struggled with it, wicking has kept up admirably well. It doesn't leak either, carrying it around in my pocket or leaving it on its side hasn't produced a single leak. For temperature control, it's the only atomiser that I have achieved a truly amazing vape when using my own Ni200 or Titanium coil build, that I'm really satisfied with and would come back to time and time again.

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Lung hitters are also catered for here, whereas the Heron V1.5 had a fairly restricted mouth to lung vape even on its most wide open setting. Incredibly I use the Heron V2 at its most wide open airflow setting to achieve a lung hit and discern no noticeable loss of flavour over closing the airflow down and mouth to lung hitting. It seems to give an incredibly consistent vape no matter what airflow setting with the only difference being the vapour production.

Vapour is at its most voluminous compared to previous Heron releases, with the Heron V2 producing most impressive vapour production. It's not intended as a cloud chasing option, as it's a flavour-centric atomiser, however you can blow some thick and satisfying clouds with the airflow slot open. It's really quite impressive and shows just how far the Heron has come with this iteration.


The phrase 'game changer' is bandied around far too often within the vaping industry, but if there is anyone who can truly produce a game changing bit of kit, it's the GP team at Vapourart. And they have produced one hell of a game changer here in the Heron V2, not only does this set a new standard in the looks department, but it really raises the bar when it comes to flavour. And looks wise, it's just absolutely stunning, the combination of brushed and polished stainless steel with the trademark engraved aeolipile on the outside is just simply gorgeous to look at.

All the excellent features that made the Heron V1 and V1.5 such a world class atomiser have been upgraded and refined here, opening up the airflow has made the Heron V2 more accessible to lung hitters, and at the same time with no loss of flavour. Of course, if mouth to lung is your preference, you can still mouth to lung hit the Heron V2. The two holes in the topper for your wick tails to come out make dry hits a thing of the past, and also enable the Heron V2 to wick any juice ratio quickly, meaning it keeps up perfectly when chain vaping heavily. It's a breeze to build coils on and an atomiser anyone can get to grips with quickly. You have a bump in capacity to 5ml however somehow the Heron V2 is shorter, whilst still retaining a 22mm width, and that shorter chimney combined with the condensed chamber just makes all the difference. The Heron V1.5 was an outstanding atomiser but all the little refinements and upgrades the GP team have made to the Heron have just made for arguably the greatest atomiser of all time.

In my opinion it's not only the most flavourful rebuildable tank atomiser around, but the most flavourful atomiser I've ever tried. And yes, I'm counting RDAs in that as well! The Heron V2 is right up there in the pantheon of the most flavourful Atomisers out there, with the likes of the Rose V2 and Snapdragon RDA, and for me the Heron V2 really is top dog in the flavour stakes. A truly exceptional flavour machine and yet another outstanding release from the GP team.

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Behold the new king of flavour- the GP Heron V2...

I purchased the Heron V2 from where it is available on selected Vapourdays each month, and you can presently place a pre order for a Heron V2 - be quick as these sought after Atomisers do not stay available for long!

If you are a manufacturer, distributor or vendor and have an item that you would like reviewed by our team please contact us here.

 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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