Geekvape Zeus SubOhm Mesh Tank Review by Adam Bolt

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Geekvape Zeus SubOhm Mesh Tank

Geekvape Zeus SubOhm Mesh Tank

I hear thunder…

The guys at Geekvape know what they are doing when it comes to making sub-ohm beasts. With the highly anticipated Zeus series, you can sub-ohm your heart out. Mix in a bit of the legend and bring on the power of the Zeus! 

Geekvape Zeus SubOhm Mesh Tank unboxing

Out of the Box

The tank comes in six different colours, black, stainless steel, blue, gold, rainbow and gunmetal, all beautifully finished and designed. The retail price is $35 or £29.99, a nice price for a decent tank.

The tank has a 5ml glass bubble with an extra spare glass which carries the standard TPD 2ml of juice.

There are loads of spare O-Rings along with two coils, a 0.4Ω MeshZ1 and a 0.2Ω MeshZ2, both KA1.

Vape Club

As always, at the bottom of the box is the user manuals along with a warranty card. My version came in an official sample for review box, which is a great idea and will hopefully stop people flipping their pre launch goodies.

Geekvape Zeus SubOhm Mesh Tank reviewers packaging

The Build

The top cap twists off so is the same method as the previous Zeus X. It’s nice and smooth, as is the airflow control ring which can be taken off to break the tank down for cleaning. You can easily disassemble the whole thing with no issues, and it is easy to change the coils at any point, just give it a pull and out it comes.

The tank size is nice and not too bulky. I did opt to change the drip tip to one better suited to dripping as I felt it would fit the bill nice and it did, no problem. It is not too bulky which is always good.

So I tried the tank in numerous stages:

Premier Ecigs

60W – I went big straight away with the high watts. It was great straight off the mark. The coil was well-saturated and kept up very well!

50W - I had to reduce it just so it didn’t get harsh after a week

40W - current situation is that it is still performing well on this wattage but I think it is clogging up

When priming the cotton, it took about five minutes before the flavour really came through fully. Something which I have found on previous mesh coils is that it does not too long before you can start vaping, however this one takes slightly longer, maybe because it was so compact. The coils are smooth but with the 0.4Ω coil, I did think that the performance dropped off towards the end of the first week. I had to alter the wattage down to give a better flavour and reduce the harshness on the back of the throat. Of course this will change depending on the recipe of your chosen juice, obviously sweeter ones will gunk things up faster.  

The airflow is great and really does enhance the flavour. It is loud, and I mean loud, as was the previous Zeus, but it has a nice airy feeling. The airflow when fully open is not too much, but I would advise having it slightly closed. This is a sub-ohm tank so you need high VG e-liquid.


Geekvape Zeus SubOhm Mesh Tank close up


  • Solid inside and out
  • Lovely finish
  • Zeus series
  • Top airflow is awesome
  • Amazing flavour and clouds
  • Plenty of room for your own 810 drip tip


  • Coils longevity
  • Drinks juice

Geekvape Zeus SubOhm Mesh Tank stripped down


I knew this was going to be released for a while, but I was told to keep hush and that it was in the making. That was all I knew though, but I heard good things about the R&D department at Geekvape and now it is here, it's wicked. It is simply a great tank to have in your kit pile.

I’ve used this tank for over two weeks now. The coils are great and I love the push fit. Now the coil lasted a good week before I had to crank it down to a much lower wattage so i didn’t get a burn. I’m torn whether it is the coils or the sugary liquid, who knows. The coils are great for both flavour and clouds, and I'd recommend anyone try them.

Now would I buy it? Yeah, I would. I’m a big fan of GeekVape products and have been for ages, they build quality and they really do put every effort in to the community so they can experience the true vaping industry. If you are in to the Zeus Series, this one is a must buy.

Equipment/Products Used

​Mod – VGOD Pro - Pro200 - BlackTank – GeekVape – Zeus SubOhm Mesh Tank - SS
E-liquid – Monsta Vape – Scremo Mango – 70/30 3mg
Coils – GV – MeshZ1 KA1 0.4Ω 60-70W
Batteries – Samsung 25r 18650s & Sony VTC5a

Geekvape Zeus SubOhm Mesh Tank final shot


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 Adam Bolt
Article by Adam Bolt
I started vaping back in 2014 using the old pen devices...really hard trying to stop smoking with them for me I was on 10 cigs a day from the age of 13 and now 29, I'm Cig free and have been for the last year... I started sub ohming back in 2016 but gave up due to various issues with the pen than last year I finally gave up the cigs and bought a new stick device SMOK V8. This was when my passion for vaping began... I did start to look at the different devices but was dubious due to the fact they were too big but the dreaded battery life hit me and I decide to look at buying a mod.
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