EVL Reaper Tank Atomiser review by dw1986

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EVL Reaper Tank Atomiser

Designed by John Heywood, of EVL Tips fame, the EVL Reaper is a British designed Rebuildable Tank Atomiser that is manufactured from medical grade titanium and pyrex glass. It’s geared towards flavour chasers, and this tank is definitely one for the flavour purists rather than cloud chasers, with its relaxed mouth to lung draw purported by many users to offer the very best flavour from any tank yet. 

Much has been said about the groundbreaking performance of the EVL Reaper, that many have said not just bridges the gap between RTA and RDA, but actually overtakes many RDA's, and I finally got my hands on one recently, so is the EVL Reaper the Holy Grail when it comes to flavour?


  • 22mm diameter
  • 52mm length
  • Medical Grade High Purity Titanium and Pyrex Glass construction
  • Relaxed mouth to lung vape
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Adjustable 510 connection
  • 510 drip tip fitting
  • Adjustable juice flow control
  • Glass and Titanium tank sections available
  • Bottom filling

What’s in the Box?

You have two options available when purchasing the EVL Reaper, and the contents are determined by which option you select. You can purchase the atomiser only for £140, which consists of the EVL Reaper only with the glass tank option, and a spares bag containing o rings and screws. Spares are available for purchase separately at www.evlvapors.co.uk!

The Deluxe Edition is £170, I personally went for the Deluxe Edition, and it comes with the contents housed within a presentation tin, and this tin is absolutely loaded with content. There’s enough muji cotton stuffed into the tin for you to make a pillow out of, also inside there is the all important EVL Reaper atomiser with glass tank section, a spare Titanium tank section, a Stainless Steel atomiser stand, two titanium drip tips, EVL stickers along with spare o-rings and screws. That’s one fully loaded package!


One thing that really surprised me with the EVL Reaper was just how light it is, it’s constructed of Medical Grade High Purity Titanium along with a Pyrex glass tank as standard, and in hand it's incredibly light, yet extremely robust and well made. Machining is outstanding and threading is very smooth, everything comes apart and fits back together nicely, be careful not to overtighten anything though, especially not the glass tank section to avoid cracking it under stress! It’s 22mm width with a 52mm height, and there is also a drop kit available very shortly to reduce height even further.

The top of the tank is as flat as it can possibly be, and it features a standard 510 fitting to accommodate pretty much any drip tip. The Deluxe Edition features two titanium drip tips included in the package, both vase styled, one featuring a 4.2mm bore for intense flavour, and a ‘shorty’ vase tip with a 5mm bore. Both of these tips actually do have an effect on the flavour, I feel the 4.2mm bore tip offers more intense flavour and the ‘shorty’ tip offers more of a relaxed vape. Of course, you can use your own tips if you do not like metal drip tips.

You'll see ‘EVL’ engraved at the base, along with two airflow holes and juice flow is adjustable by rotating the base anti clockwise. You will be able to remove the tank section whilst the EVL Reaper is in use, so if you need to make any build adjustments on the fly you can do so without losing a tankful of juice. There is an adjustable 510 connector and two screws for adjusting airflow, as well as the serial number engraved underneath the base. The EVL Reaper is a bottom filling tank, you simply unscrew the tank section from the base and there is enough room to simply pour your juice in if you so wish! You should only fill to the top of the threading on the chimney to avoid overfilling.

Building the EVL Reaper

You have two posts positioned either side of a central airflow hole, and large juice channels at either side. It's a very easy deck to build on, and the post screws are a dream to work with, wrapping your coil legs around these and trapping them down is very simple. You can fit coils in with up to a 3mm diameter, and it's highly recommended you get as much cotton in as you can! Rolling the cotton up then threading it through the coil is recommended, you don't want it too tight within the coil, and fluffing either end of the cotton really helps with wicking. You can leave the juice channels free of cotton or poke cotton down into the juice channels, I have used both methods and both work just fine.

The following build guide found on the EVL Reaper website is a great reference point when building your EVL Reaper and well worth a look through if you need any inspiration, click here to have a read!


There are two airflow holes at either side of the EVL Reaper, and these can be adjusted via two small screws found at the base of the tank. It has been designed like this so that the selected airflow stays in place once it has been set, and it cannot be adjusted accidentally. It’s actually a fairly open mouth to lung draw when fully open, however if you prefer a traditional tighter mouth to lung draw, simply adjust the screws at the base to your liking.

It’s described as a ‘relaxed’ mouth to lung vape, and initially I feared that it would be a little too tight for me, however upon my first puff on the EVL Reaper those fears were instantly allayed. It’s much airier and smoother than I expected it to be, and depending on your build a restricted lung hit is also achievable. I’ve not felt the need to adjust the airflow from fully open as the draw at that current setting is absolutely perfect for me. I’ve been taking long 5-6 second pulls off of it that really allow me to enjoy the full flavour profiles of my different juices.


There’s quite a fair amount of hype regarding the outstanding flavour produced by the EVL Reaper, and in my opinion it more than delivers on this front. In fact, it was even better than I expected it to be, I was absolutely astounded by the vape the EVL Reaper produces throughout the inhale and the exhale. I truly believe this is the most flavourful RTA around, and I have even found the vape more flavoursome than many RDA’s! It’s become the tank that is never out of my arms reach, I carry it around with me absolutely everywhere, as the flavour from this little beauty still never ceases to amaze me. The draw really suits my style as well, it’s been described as a ‘relaxed’ mouth to lung vape, and I can get a restricted lung hit with my current build, which is 8 wraps of 0.4mm Nichrome, with a 2.5mm internal diameter, which comes out at 0.75ohm. I run this build at 22-24 watts and the flavour is just on another level to anything else I have tried, with the draw suiting me perfectly.

Coming onto vapour production, and for a primarily mouth to lung atomiser, surprisingly the vapour is actually pretty impressive, even putting some direct lung hit atomisers to shame!  Vapour production is actually very impressive from the EVL Reaper, and I was pretty surprised as I wasn’t expecting much in the way of vapour here. 

You may notice the juice feed holes at the base of the chamber are tiny, I wouldn't let this put you off though, as there is some sorcery at play here. I've had up to 80VG wicking to perfection, with no dry hits to speak of, the EVL Reaper has some of the fastest wicking I've ever experienced. Juice flow is adjustable too by holding the base of the tank section and rotating counter clockwise, and lining up the ‘V’ on the ‘EVL’ logo around the base of the tank with the airflow hole maximizes wicking performance. It will keep up with you no matter what, and being able to rely on your tank to wick your juice consistently is arguably the most important part of an RTA. I was actually challenged by John at EVL to try and outpace the Reaper as he said it would keep up with me no matter what, and he wasn't wrong. It wouldn't give me a dry hit no matter what, just a solid and spectacular, consistent vape just chock full of flavour. Incredible!


Flavour machine is the best way for me to sum up the EVL Reaper, the flavour is just staggering, and this for me is the best flavour RTA I've ever come across. It's simply on another level to anything else out there in terms of sheer flavour performance, it really is quite something else, and if you are a flavour chaser this is the ultimate tank atomiser for you. There is a lot of hype around certain other atomisers, and whether they justify it or not is down to your own individual opinion, for me the EVL Reaper is an RTA that well and truly delivers, and it does it consistently every single time, which on its own justifies the price tag.

It’s much easier to obtain an EVL Reaper than it is with some other sought after RTA’s, rather than restricting availability to help create even more hype, you simply put your details down in the Google document list (link at the bottom of the page), you’ll then receive an email within a few days confirming when your batch will be, and production is always increasing with the EVL Reaper, which is vastly cutting down on your wait time. Communication with John is great as well, he is always there when you need him to offer tips and advice.

The EVL Reaper has been a labour of love for its creator, and the long hours of hard work have paid off with an atomiser that truly does leave everything else in its shade. The build quality is second to none, with the titanium making for a very light RTA, and the vape is absolutely spectacular. I’ve been so impressed with this spectacular RTA, that my name has already gone back on the list for a second one!

If you would like to register your interest in purchasing the EVL Reaper then you will need to add your details to the list via the Google document, found here.