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Introduction to the Epoch D1

Hot on the heels of the very popular Billow and Billow V2 comes the Ehpro Epoch D1, a dual coil rebuildable tank atomiser that promises rebuildable dripping atomiser levels of performance in terms of cloud and vapour production, along with an interesting innovative juice flow control whereby you can adjust the chimney height using the top cap depending on the VG content of your juice, enabling you to wick up to max VG with no problem, and top filling so you can easily fill your tank up on the move.

It’s great to see Ehpro looking to innovate on the rebuildable tank atomiser, but do these innovations equate to a great performing tank?

Epoch D1 Specs

  • Top filling
  • 2.5ml capacity
  • Innovative juice flow control
  • Dual offset airflow holes
  • Airflow control
  • T Style Centre post with 2 negative posts
  • Dual coil set up
  • Choice of top caps - delrin top cap included and delrin top cap with integrated drip tip
  • 22mm width

What's in the box?

  • 1x Ehpro Epoch D1 tank
  • 1x Delrin top cap
  • 1x Bag of O-Rings
  • 1x Screwdriver tool

Similar to the packaging found with the Billow (in fact it’s almost identical), you also get the same screwdriver tool included, which comes with a keychain attachment and a flat head at one end, cross head at the other. It’s a great little touch from Ehpro and far more practical than the usual blue screwdriver you get with most other rebuildables.

Epoch D1 Looks and Capacity

Each section of the Epoch D1 comes apart easily allowing you to wash the different tank sections, however this does come apart a little too easily for me, the glass tank section seems to sit a little loosely on the thin middle O-ring and on more than one occasion it came loose from the tank itself whilst I was trying to get to grips with the top cap juice flow control, and I lost a full tank of juice on more than one occasion.


It’s a 22mm width tank, so as you would expect it sits flush on most mods. It’s constructed of stainless steel with a pyrex glass tank section - you can see the entire capacity of the tank itself so you know exactly how much juice is left. Which is handy, because the Epoch D1 drinks up juice like there is no tomorrow. Top cap is made of delrin and is also used to control a very interesting new feature- juice flow control, whereby you can control the height of the chimney enabling you in practice to wick any juice mix ratio!

The innovative juice flow control is controlled via the top cap itself, and once you have got to grips with it, it works very well. Essentially, the height of the chimney is controlled by slight adjustments to the position of the top cap, the top cap itself can be turned by about a quarter, which in turn controls the height of the chimney. After playing about with this I have concluded that for any juice up to 70VG you only need a very slight turn in the top cap to raise the chimney slightly, about halfway along the juice flow control, having it fully open risks flooding the deck completely. For anything over 70VG I found I needed the juice flow control open to the maximum setting, as any less increased the frequency of dry hits. It’s a really impressive feature, and meant I could wick max VG juice comfortably which I successfully tried with the Suicide Bunny Cloud Company range, whereas I wouldn’t even dream of even attempting this with other tanks.

Capacity wise, put it this way - at 75w, I managed to drain a whole tank of juice in less than 15 minutes, so be prepared to refill often! At lower power I got longer use out of it, but chain vaping the Epoch D1 at high power will drain your juice fast, the wide juice channels and small tank capacity drink your juice up in no time. The small capacity of 2.5ml is down to the short chimney used, so you are trading juice capacity in favour of better flavour, but for those who would much prefer more juice capacity there is a 5ml extension kit that will shortly become available for the Epoch D1.

Refilling the Epoch D1 is done through the top of the tank, close off the airflow and juice flow control so you do not get any leaks, fill up, turn the atty upside down and back up again and wait for the air bubble to rise (this equalises the pressure) and off you go. It’s really simple to do and you do not need to even remove the tank from your mod.

Build Deck

Marketing blurb for the Epoch D1 states that it boasts an RDA style deck, and I’m inclined to agree. It’s one of the more unique RTA decks out there, you have 4 posts with big post holes, you can really get away with some crazy builds here with the generous amount of room provided. Interestingly, the airflow holes are slightly raised and offset from centre, and rather than having traditional juice channels there are round holes in the deck for juice to be drawn up from.


There is a generous amount of room to build, I went with a dual coil set up to begin with, and with the generous amount of room available I stuck in a quad twisted 30g kanthal build, 8 wraps with a 2.5mm internal diameter, and this fitted into the deck nicely. Coil legs slotted through the post holes without trouble, and post screws trapped down my coil legs nicely. Rather than centering my coils I had them slightly offset, as per the position of the airflow holes on the deck, so the airflow came from underneath and behind my coils to maximise flavour.

The real issue I encountered with the Epoch D1 was with wicking the thing! It took me many, many attempts to get the Epoch D1 wicked correctly. I tried packing the deck out with Cotton Bacon, then wicking it thinly, but the Epoch D1 kept leaking on me constantly through the airflow holes and giving me dry hits. I went through and rewicked the Epoch D1 numerous times and the method I finally settled on was to have the wick tails tapering down nice and thin, and having these sit in the juice channel holes. Eureka, I had done it, no more leaking and no more dry hits, superb flavour and lovely big clouds!

I will say however, once I finally got it wicking correctly, I did not have a single issue with the Epoch D1 from then on out, no dry hits and no further leaks and outstanding performance that I would say is on par with a lot of RDA’s, excellent flavour and vapour production, really outstanding from a rebuildable tank atomiser.

Epoch Airflow

I’ve heard it described as on par with a Lemo 2, and it isn’t far off that, the Lemo 2 has larger cyclops airflow slots, but the Epoch D1 has wider airflow holes, and like for like at the same power range the Epoch D1 offers very comparable vapour production to the Lemo 2, which produces some fantastic dense clouds of vapour. The Epoch D1 I can run at far higher power than my Lemo 2 can handle, and ramping it up and over the 50w mark on my IPV4 gives some outstanding clouds, on the same level as the Billow, so if you own one of those or have tried one you will know what I am talking about!

If you hadn’t already guessed, it’s another tank for the lung hitters!

The Electronic Cigarette Company


The Epoch D1 is very nearly the perfect rebuildable tank. If it wasn’t for the issues I experienced when wicking the Epoch D1, I would consider it the perfect rebuildable tank!

There are some great ideas in play here, the adjustable chimney height being a particular highlight- when you get to grips with how it works, get prepared to potentially lose a couple of tanks of juice in the process due to the glass section becoming fairly loose if you apply a bit of pressure to it. The flavour and clouds you get from the Epoch D1 are phenomenal, I would say on par with a lot of rebuildable dripping atomisers, it runs perfectly at high power when it has been wicked correctly, and by adjusting the chimney height on the fly you can wick max VG better than most tanks can!

When you have the Epoch D1 set up and wicked perfectly, it really is one of the best tanks out there, and the price is excellent! There aren’t many tanks around that offer the same level of performance and versatility that the Epoch D1 does, in the same price bracket. Performance wise, it is absolutely superb, bags of flavour and huge clouds in abundance!

This tank was provided for us to review by Angelfiremods and is priced at £27.99 but you can get 10% off this price with the code POTV10.

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 Dave Junglist
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