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CoilArt Azeroth RDTA

Following on from the Mage RTA, the Azeroth is an RDTA produced and manufactured by ColiArt, with a Goon RDA styled deck featuring post clamps, a 4ml capacity which is side filled, your choice of two drip tips for cloud or flavour chasing, a huge amount of airflow, with a solid stainless steel and pyrex glass construction!

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Following on from the Mage RTA, the Azeroth is an RDTA produced and manufactured by ColiArt, with a Goon RDA styled deck featuring post clamps, a 4ml capacity which is side filled, your choice of two drip tips for cloud or flavour chasing, a huge amount of airflow, with a solid stainless steel and pyrex glass construction!


  • 24mm diameter
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Pyrex glass tank section
  • Available in silver or black finishes
  • Large Goon RDA styled build deck
  • Gold plated posts and clamps
  • Cutaway wicking holes
  • 4ml capacity
  • Side filled
  • PEEK Insulators
  • Large adjustable airflow
  • Two drip tips included, one 12mm wide bore delrin drip tip for flavour chasing and the other 8mm delrin drip tip for cloud chasing
  • 510 drip tip adaptor included
  • Gold plated 510 connector

What's in the box?

Inside the funky looking CoilArt Azeroth RDTA box you get the CoilArt Azeroth RDTA with the 12mm wide bore delrin drip tip pre fitted, a spare 8mm bore delrin drip tip for flavour chasing, a 510 drip tip adaptor, a spare pyrex glass tank section, Phillips head screwdriver, spare o-rings, spare post screws and two spare post clamps.

Design and build quality 

Sporting a 24mm width, which is becoming the norm for rebuildable dripping tank atomisers these days (and even many of the newer cloud chasing RDA’s), at a glance the CoilArt Azeroth bears more than a passing resemblance to the massively successful Limitless RDTA. It is manufactured from food grade 304 stainless steel, with silver and black finishes available, and a reinforced pyrex glass tank section is present with a spare included in the kit.

In hand, it feels surprisingly light, though construction has seemed sturdy so far. All the constituent parts fit together nicely, though I did notice a slight crunchiness in the threads when screwing the deck back into the top cap base, and all parts can be stripped down for maintenance and cleaning. The CoilArt logo is nicely engraved on the top cap, giving it a premium look, and there are three airflow slits on each side of the top cap.

The top cap slides on and off nicely, giving you quick and easy access to the build deck and fill port, which is a large hole located on the side of the tank. This accepts pretty much all types of nozzles, meaning the CoilArt Azeroth can be filled quickly and without fuss. A nice touch is the inclusion of two drip tips, a 12mm wide bore drip tip is fitted as standard for a more open draw, an 8mm bore drip tip is included in the spares that has a tighter and more condensed draw. There is a non standard 510 drip tip fitting, so a 510 drip tip adaptor is thoughtfully included for you to use your own drip tips. Finally, a gold plated adjustable 510 connector pin is also found at the base of the tank.


Airflow on the CoilArt Azeroth RDTA is comprised of three airflow slits on each side of the top cap, which can in effect be positioned anywhere you like on the deck, however the best place I have found is to have them directly behind the coils. Airflow is adjusted by rotating the delrin airflow adjustment at the top of the top cap, which allows you to adjust the airflow from wide open to surprisingly fairly tight. By changing the drip tips around, you can also customise the draw you get from the CoilArt Azeroth RDTA even further.

Building the CoilArt Azeroth RDTA

Sporting a deck designed on the best selling Goon RDA, with two gold plated posts featuring gold plated clamps for your coil legs, which in theory are supposed to provide a more stable fitting for your coils. Unfortunately the build deck also happens to be the most annoying aspect of the CoilArt Azeroth RDTA, as I actually had to remove the plates entirely to fit thick coil builds in, due to how short the screws are. In an ideal world, these do need to be longer! Once you do get a build in, the plates do hold you coil legs down securely, and I experienced no issues with my coil resistance.

To wick the CoilArt Azeroth RDTA, you can do this in two ways, depending on how much wick you would prefer to use. You can either poke the wick through the wicking cutaways, or you will need to remove the tank section from the top of the tank. This will unscrew, and you can pull your wick through the cutaways if you wish to use a longer wick.


Thanks to the vast amount of room on the deck, my favoured build on the Azeroth RDTA was a dual 0.5mm 316L stainless steel coil build, with a 3.5mm ID, that came out at 0.25ohm.This allowed me to fully test out the CoilArt Azeroth RDTA at a range of different wattages, from low to high. 

If you want to get great flavour from this RDTA, then you are going to want to use the smaller bore 8mm drip tip. It provides a far more condensed and flavoursome vape than when using the 12mm bore drip. You can get some awesome RDA level flavour from your e-liquids especially when using this tip, and it is consistent from low to high wattage. The wide bore drip tip still provides a good level of flavour, though it is far more muted than when using the smaller bore one.

Where the 12mm wide bore drip tip does come into play is when you are chasing those big clouds. You will get a far looser draw, and huge lungfuls of dense vapour. The Azeroth RDTA can absolutely chuck clouds with ease, and it can run just fine at three figure wattage too. It is a serious competitor in the RDTA market when it comes to vapour production, I didn’t think the airflow was all that large at first glance, but it is able to provide some huge vapour!


Building the CoilArt Azeroth RDTA aside, which unfortunately goes down as a negative in my book, the Azeroth RDTA is an excellent rebuildable to consider looking at. You have RDA level performance when it comes to flavour and clouds, with all the convenience of a 4ml tank capacity, and good quality manufacturing too. There are some very nice touches here, such as the two different drip tip options, and overall I was pretty impressed with the whole package!

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