Atmizoo VapeShell by Atmizone Review by Dan Willis

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Atmizoo VapeShell by Atmizone

The Atmizoo VapeShell by Atmizone is a new, uniquely designed rebuildable atomiser specifically designed for the Billet Box Rev4, fully engineered and manufactured in Athens, Greece.

It offers arguably the largest build deck seen on a Billet Box atomiser, and caters for direct lung and mouth to lung vaping. Airflow can be fine tuned for either option, with the included airflow pins as well as the adjustable airflow control ring. It's designed to be a versatile Billet Box atomiser, that offers ease of use as well as a great vape!


  • Designed for direct lung and mouth to lung vaping 
  • Four different airflow pins included
  • Adjustable airflow
  • 3.5ml Boro capacity once installed
  • Large single coil build deck
  • Two 2.5mm liquid intake holes
  • Designed to offer the ability to vape the Boro dry
  • Auxiliary 510 connector included for resistance testing and dry burning of builds
  • Designed and manufactured in Athens, Greece

What's in the Box?

  • Atmizoo VapeShell
  • Auxiliary 510 connector
  • 2mm/2.5mm/3mm/3.5mm airflow pins
  • Spare post screws
  • Airflow control ring
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Atmizoo sticker

Design and Build Quality

Fully manufactured and designed in Greece, the VapeShell is machined from high quality stainless steel, and I couldn't find a single flaw on it! Atmizone give each and every VapeShell an ultrasonic bath and sterilise each unit in hot steam, so there's no need to clean your VapeShell before first use. All you need to do is grab some e-liquid and lubricate the airflow control ring, airflow pins as well as the O-Rings on your Boro tank before first use!


It has a unique square shape, designed as such to offer a large build deck as well as a condensed chamber. This does make the VapeShell one of the largest Billet Box atomisers, and due to its size and shape it will actually reduce the capacity of the Boro tank down to 3.5ml.

As you can probably see from the images, the VapeShell splits into two parts, making it easy to insert into your Boro tank. The top half is slid in first, by placing it into the Boro tank and pushing it up through the top, before the bottom half is inserted into the Boro tank. Push the top part down to close the VapeShell up and push the connector through the bottom hole in your Boro tank.

Building the VapeShell

The VapeShell features the largest build deck seen on a rebuildable Billet Box atomiser, and it's been designed to accommodate a large range of builds. The post screws are placed diagonally opposite each other, meaning that after you have mounted your coil it should line up perfectly over the airhole, with each end of your coil pointing towards the juice flow holes.


Two 2.5mm juice flow holes are at opposing ends of the deck, and you simply rest your wick tails on top of these. If you push the wick into the juice flow holes, it will block off the juice flow resulting in dry hits, if the wick is too far above the juice flow holes you will get flooding and leaks. If the cotton rests on top, it will wick just about anything you can throw at it!


There's a whole ton of different airflow options to experiment with, and the VapeShell has the most customisable airflow I've experienced with a Billet Box atomiser offering mouth to lung and direct to lung hits. Four airflow pins are included in the kit, with 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm and 3.5mm sizes, these slot directly into the airflow hole on the deck. If you choose not to use one of the airflow pins, the stock airflow hole size is 4mm. An airflow control ring is also included in the kit which slots onto the base of the VapeShell, allowing you to fine tune the airflow even further.


Over the past month of testing the VapeShell out, I've been running various different builds through it to test out it's capabilities when mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping on it. 

My preferred way of vaping on my Billet Box is with restricted lung hits, and the VapeShell offers an excellent direct lung hit. There's a ton of flavour here, excelling with fruit and dessert liquids, and plenty of vapour too!

We Vape

The VapeShell offers the best true mouth to lung vape I've experienced with a Billet Box atomiser, making it a great choice for nicotine salt liquids. The vape is quiet and absolutely packed with flavour, picking up on all the subtle notes in my E-Liquids!

Whether mouth to lung vaping or direct to lung vaping, the VapeShell has wicked whatever I have thrown at it with ease. I've used everything from 50/50 PG/VG ratios right up to 85/15, and I've had zero wicking issues. I can vape my Boro completely clear of juice too, right down to the last drop, which I can't do with certain other Billet Box atomisers!


I've been using a Billet Box Rev4 daily for almost two years now, and over the past 12 months my main Billet Box atomiser of choice has been the Hellfire Exocet, as in my opinion that provides the perfect vape for my style of vaping on the Billet Box, which is a restricted lung hit. I have to say that the VapeShell runs the Exocet very, very close for direct to lung vaping, but I feel that the Exocet just pips it in terms of depth of flavour. Only just though, and the VapeShell offers a fantastically flavoursome direct lung vape! 

Where the VapeShell has a huge advantage over the Hellfire Exocet is that it is much more readily available. The Hellfire Exocet is no longer in production, and never again will be either, but the VapeShell is regularly released on the Atmizone website and also through selected third party resellers. It also offers a fantastic true mouth to lung vape, arguably the best I've experienced with a Billet Box atty, and that's something the Exocet doesn't offer. The build deck is much larger on the VapeShell too, and it easily matches the Exocet in terms of build quality. 

Cotton & Cable

With the points I've made above, I'd say if you have picked up a shiny new Billet Box, then the VapeShell should be your first port of call when searching for an atomiser to go with it. It's priced incredibly well for what it offers!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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