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VooPoo Vmate E

Voopoo keep up the high standards with their latest pod kit, the VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit. Blingtastic!

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VooPoo Vmate EVooPoo Vmate E

VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit

Sample Supplied by VooPoo for review

VooPoo have been busy this year and continuing to knock out more pods, this time we get to test something a bit posh, the VMATE E.

  VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit boxed

  • Material: Zinc Alloy, Leather
  • Output Power: Up to 20W
  • Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
  • Charging Current: TYPE-C 5V/1.2A
  • Pod: VMATE Cartridge V2 Capacity: 3.0ml
  • Resistance: 0.7Ω, 1.2Ω


The VMATE E kit comes in a textured black box with gold foil detailing, the outer box slides upwards to reveal the inner box and contents. On top is a black box holding the accessories.

VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit unboxing

The kit includes the VMATE E device with a preinstalled pod, a second pod, a charging cable, and a user manual.

VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit contents


Essentially the VMATE E is a basic auto-draw pod but in a rather classy body. From the first moment I picked it up, it impressed me and it oozes class with its highly polished metal body with one side covered in leather.

VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit high end pod

The most noticeable feature is the dust cap which is styled to suit the body and is perfect for storing without getting fluff or lint into the mouthpiece, it is a push fit and quite secure.

VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit mouthpiece cover

The pod is the new VMATE V2 and comes in two different ohms; 0.7Ω and 1.2Ω, and they are a press fit. The fit is very secure and there is no movement in it.

VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit disassembled

The mouthpiece is a ducks-bill shape, fairly narrow and clearly shaped for MTL users. The smoked plastic is still quite clear so you can easily see your juice level.

VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit break down

The finish of the metal is really impressive and has been highly polished, interestingly VooPoo state:

“The body is polished in 14 processes over 150 minutes to form the smoothness and gloss.”

And you can tell, the finish is more like jewellery, but the surprising thing is that it isn’t as much of a fingerprint magnet than you would expect.

VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit shiny

The 96g weight adds to the quality feel to the kit, not overly heavy but still feels substantial. I have been using it on a lanyard during testing and it feels fine.

VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit weight

The charging port is at the bottom and USB-C, it’s only 1.2 Amp charging but that’s plenty for the size without it overheating. There are four LEDs imbedded into the leather face which show the battery level.

VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit charging

I really like the way it has two looks depending on which side you view it from, rotating the dust cap also adds some contrast if you choose to.

VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit front and back

Filling the pod is achieved via a silicone bung at the base of the pod, the hole is large enough for a standard 10ml bottle tip and there is enough room around it to prevent airlocks, I found filling the pod to be easy and mess free.

VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit filling

As with all pods and coils, it’s best to fill it up and leave it standing for ten minutes to fully saturate the cotton.

VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit ready to rock

The VMATE E has an airflow adjustment slider on one side which is surprisingly effective, you get a loose MTL draw fully open and a proper cheek pulling tight draw when closed off. VooPoo really have nailed their airflow on recent releases, and this is one of the best I’ve tried.

VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit classy


It is not that often I am surprised with flavour these days as the standards are pretty high, but damn is this thing GOOD! The flavour is remarkable and fully saturated on both pod options.

VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit - the pod you've been looking for

The 0.7Ω pod offers the most flavour out of the two, almost a bit too much for my tastes as I soon demolished 3ml of e-liquid with this option, the 1.2Ω was my preferred pod as it consumed less juice and the battery life was much better.

By this point, I was well and truly won over with the VMATE E and it is one of the very best pods I’ve tested. This created a bit of a dilemma for me as my favourite pod ‘was’ the DRAG Nano 2, and then the ARGUS Pod came along which was a close call, but now it’s even harder to choose. I still prefer the Nano in style as it’s just a bit different and the chain lanyard is useful, but the VMATE E’s vape quality is just that bit better. Could this mean it’s time for the Drag Nano 2 to retire? At the moment I am thinking yes.

Voopoo drag pod fam

You may have noticed another pod in the line-up; VooPoo have also released the VMATE Infinity Edition which takes the new pods. I will be reviewing that next but I don’t see it being as impressive as the VMATE E as it has a fixed airflow.

New VooPoo


The VMATE E has really impressed me, the posh and shiny styling appeals to my tastes but the vape quality is the outstanding thing which means it vapes as good as it looks, I’m approaching the pros and cons but I already know I have zero cons.

VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit styling

At a push, a niggle would be the dust cap as all you can do when vaping is hold onto it which feels a bit odd, I have taken to only using the dust cap when storing it away in a pocket or bag, but I can’t class that as a con as it is better for having the dust cap than not.


  • Elegant styling
  • Impressive polished finish
  • Outstanding flavour
  • Perfect MTL airflow adjustment
  • Comfortable mouthpiece
  • 1200mAh battery
  • Leak-resistance


  • Not a single one!

Final Thoughts

VooPoo have come a long way with their MTL products over the past year or so and they have been my go-to choice for MTL pods due to their vastly improved flavour and coil lifespan, and the VMATE E is their best yet when it comes to MTL vape quality.

Score: 9/10 – A mate for life

VooPoo VMATE E Pod Kit ducking good

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