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VINCI Pod Royal Edition

Voopoo have brought out a new MTL pod kit in the shape of the VooPoo Vinci Royal Edition. Will they beat the competition? No sweat!

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Supplied by VooPoo for review

VooPoo have brought out some special editions of the popular Vinci pods. Better still, it accepts the superb Drag Nano 2 pods, looks great, vapes great……
The End.

Perhaps I should expand...
So the Vinci Royal Edition is a simple auto draw device with replaceable pods in a very compact and elegant body. Rather than the same old thing with a lick of paint, VooPoo have come up with some rather interesting textures and designs.

VooPoo Vinci Royal Edition colours

I was sent the White Leaf version which looks superb, but there’s a choice of six variants.

VooPoo Vinci Royal Edition box


The packaging is minimal but snazzy in a glitter print box with a window showing the actual device. Inside is a blown plastic casing with the charging cable, a spare pod, and the documents underneath.

VooPoo Vinci Royal Edition unboxing

There are no surprises in the bundle but there’s everything you need, other than e-liquid, to get vaping which makes it a great choice for new vapers.

VooPoo Vinci Royal Edition contents

You get two different pods included, a 0.8ohm pre-installed and a spare 1.2ohm. You need to remove the plastic film from the pre-installed pod before use.

VooPoo Vinci Royal Edition with 2 pods

The pod fits into the battery section by a friction fit, no magnets, just a snug press fit. Push it all the way down to ensure it connects, remove it by pulling it back out, it doesn’t get much simpler than that.

VooPoo Vinci Royal Edition pod fitting

Ignoring the fancy pattern for now, the design is near faultless. The shape and size feel perfect, and the fully visible juice pod makes judging your e-liquid level easy. The mouthpiece is also a good shape and is comfortable to use.

VooPoo Vinci Royal Edition close up

To tick another box, the Vinci has adjustable airflow on the one side which is really effective, and the shape makes it easy to grip to slide. The airflow on this thing is proper MTL and is one of the best draws of any pod I’ve tried. VooPoo have nailed the MTL draw, if it’s too tight for you then you have the option to slide the airflow fully open.

VooPoo Vinci Royal Edition slider

The build quality for such a simple device is impressive. Made from aluminium alloy, it has a nice quality weight to it, and the little contour details down the sides add to the tactile feel of it.

At the bottom of the faceplate are four tiny holes for the LED light, the USB-C port is on the bottom.

VooPoo Vinci Royal Edition all angles

The special part of the ‘Royal Edition’ is the faceplate, it just looks so posh. It is completely unique and is something I haven’t seen on other pods. The range is varied enough for most tastes too.

I am not quite sure of the ‘Royal’ connection as there’s nothing regal in the patterns, the only connection I can make is that it doesn’t sweat.

VooPoo Vinci Royal Edition face plate

Photos don’t do it justice, rotating it in the light shows it off better. The raised ‘VINCI’ is polished alloy and even the bevel around the panel is polished.

Filling the pod is quite convenient, you need to push over the mouthpiece with your thumb to lever it off, it takes a bit of effort but becomes easy with practice. This reveals the silicone bung which pops off easily and takes 10ml bottle tips with enough room to prevent airlocks. Fill it up, pop the bung back on and slide the mouthpiece, leave it 5-10 minutes to prime/saturate the coil and it’s ready to vape.

VooPoo Vinci Royal Edition fill port


It’s rare that I can’t fault MTL pods, there’s always something not quite right, but the Vinci is simply faultless. The draw is perfect, the warmth is just right and the flavour is superb. The new pods are pretty leakproof and the battery life is good, it looks great, feels great and there’s simply NOTHING wrong with it. The 800mAh battery is just right with a reasonable charging time. VooPoo have really refined this and made sure no niggles reach the customer.

The pods last well and they give you plenty of notice when they start to drop off flavour, and I’ve not had a dry hit from it. My pod lasted four extra days at a push (plenty of time to buy new ones).

The difference between the two pods will be down to your taste, the 0.8ohm is a bit warmer and intense but drains the battery sooner, the 1.2ohm pod suited me more. I barely noticed any difference in flavour, and the longer battery life sealed the deal for me.

If I ran a vape shop and a customer came in looking to quit smoking, I would hand them one of these and a bottle of e-liquid, show them how to fill it – job done, no vape knowledge required as there’s no controls or buttons.

Is this VooPoo’s finest MTL device so far? Had you asked me a couple of months ago, I would have said absolutely! But prior to this I had the pleasure of testing the Drag Nano 2 which is the most impressive MTL pod I own.

VooPoo Vinci Royal Edition vs Voopoo Drag Nano 2

But since they both use the same pods, then the vape quality is the same, but you can tweak it a little more on the Nano 2 with three power settings. It can also be worn on a lanyard which I prefer, but for pure simplicity the Vinci wins. It’s no bad thing when VooPoo’s strongest contender is themselves.


  • Pure MTL
  • Superb flavour
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Elegant unique styling
  • Compact and comfortable
  • Simplicity
  • Leak resistant
  • Full eliquid visibility


Nope, I can’t find any, not a sausage, sweet FA, nada.

Final Thoughts

If you like pods and MTL vaping then you WILL like this, well that’s assuming you like the looks but I can’t see anyone finding them unappealing. I was already a Nano 2 pod regular buyer, and this gives me another reason to stock up.

Score: 9/10 – Royalty (Prince Andrew excluded)
It would have been higher had it not been for the Drag Nano 2

VooPoo Vinci Royal Edition Vini Vidi vici

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