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Vaporesso Osmall 2

The Vaporesso Osmall 2 really does live up to it's name, but could it be a giant killer? Read on to find out...

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Hello all, and today for review we have the Vaporesso Osmall 2 MTL pod kit which was kindly supplied to me for the purpose of review by Vaporesso themselves. The original Osmall was a popular little device, especially for new vapers and pod lovers, so can the same be said about the Osmall 2 electric vapouroo, let’s take a look…

Vaporesso Osmall 2 unboxing

This is clearly designed for new vapers and also to keep costs down whilst encouraging people to start vaping, and I applaud them for that. The packaging is as basic as it comes, you open up the box and there’s a plastic insert which houses the device, pod, and charging cable, and then there’s a user manual tucked behind it and, erm, that’s it. As simple and as basic as it comes really, but it raises an issue and it’s one that not only Vaporesso are guilty of but this is my note to all manufacturers really, please always include a second pod or coil. If someone is new to vaping, then they may not get everything right first time so if they make a mistake and burn the pod/coil out immediately, then they have no back up. Most people already have USB-C charging cables so maybe include a second pod instead of the cable, especially in this instance as it seems Vaporesso are attempting a world record for the shortest charging cable in the world, it’s short alright. Now then, onto the device, it’s O so Small, but will it pack a punch? Kind of reminds me of the song from the 80s film Labyrinth…

Vaporesso Osmall 2 ready to vape

“You remind me of the babe” – “What babe?” – “The babe with the power” – Jareth & Goblin – Labyrinth

This is a really simple device, no airflow adjustment, no power adjustment, no fire button, just inhale and vape to your hearts content. The name isn’t lying when it says it’s Osmall as it really is as it’s just 86.8mm x 26.5mm x 13.mm with the pod fitted, and it’s also very light indeed but feels like it would survive if I dropped it a few times. There’s a series of ridges in a wave pattern on either side and this not only looks good but it also helps with the grip as without them, it feels like it might slide out of your hand so it’s a great design choice as well as helping it look really nice. The device is available in Blue, Gold, Pink, Silver, Grey, Black and the one I was sent – Green. I’m glad they’ve kept the colours simple and not decided to graduate the colours or call them something like Midnight Sunrise Aurora Unicorn Poop like some do.

The device houses a 450mAh battery which is an improvement over the original but it still wasn’t lasting me a full day. I could get through a work day but it won’t last you all day. The charge port is located on the bottom of the device, and from flat to fully charged took about 45 minutes which seems quite a while for a small battery but you can vape while charging.

The only indicator on the device is a small white LED light on the front of the device which lights up when you vape and will flash a certain amount of times to warm you of the protections. It stays on while charging, and when fully charged it’ll go out. You can check the manual for the protections and what the lights flashing means but honestly, I barely noticed it was even there.

Vaporesso Osmall 2 pod

“Your mother is a fraggin’ aardvark!” – Goblin, Labyrinth

The pods are made of strong plastic and slide nicely into the top of the device. They are kept in place by two magnets, there’s a little bit of wobble but it’s not noticeable in use. The pods hold 2ml of liquid and contain a 1.2ohm coil but I can’t see the material listed anywhere. Filling is easy and is done via a strong rubber port on one side, just peel it back and there’s a decent sized fill port to use although you will struggle with any wide nozzled bottles. It’s on the sturdy side for a rubber bung so you shouldn’t have any issues with it breaking before the coil is done. The pods are slightly tinted so it’s difficult to see your liquid level in low light, but during the day it’s not an issue or you can just hold it up to any light source so it’s not an issue. The mouthpiece is an odd one as it doesn’t look like it will be comfortable at all as it’s a duck billed style, but with a rounded bit in the middle. Initially I wasn’t sure about it, and it seemed a little odd, but the more I used the device, the more I grew to really like it because it contours really nicely in your mouth, it seems so simple but it really works. One other thing to note is that the original Osmall pods are compatible with the Osmall 2.

Vaporesso Osmall 2 top and tail

“So, the labyrinth is a piece of cake, is it? Well, let’s see how you deal with this little slice…” – Jareth, Labyrinth

How does it fare in use though? Well, I loaded it with some Cherry Liquorice, left it for ten minutes, and off I vaped. As thoughts of pirouetting penguins swirled around my brain like an Antarctic ballet, I took a moment to gather my thoughts about all the different parts that make up a great vape experience. The flavour, the draw, the throat hit, the overall feel that you get from a vape and those tiny things that fire your neurons and decide whether or not you like something or not, and then your brain pieces it all together like a jigsaw of a painting you once saw that stuck with you on a deep emotional level even though you don’t really know what the painting is about. Anyway, the flavour is good, it really seems to bring out the sweetness in liquids which in the cherry liquorice was really rather pleasant. For a small device, it really rather packs quite a punch, I took a long draw and was pleasantly surprised by how much it hit the back of my throat. There’s a not loads of vapour by any means, but it gives a good hit which was a bonus in my book. Vaporesso have got the cig-like MTL draw spot on here, there’s a really nice resistance to it without it being too tight giving a really pleasant experience, and for anyone looking to transition from smoking, the draw will be very similar indeed and exactly what you are looking for, an excellent draw indeed.

Vaporesso Osmall 2 pod close up

“And you wouldn’t be so brave if you’d ever smelled the Bog of Eternal Stench. It’s, it’s…” – Sarah, Labyrinth

So the Osmall 2 is really rather small indeed. You know those small pockets on jeans that no one really knows what they are for? Well, plenty of people claim they know why they are there but they don’t really, they don’t even make them with them on, they just appear. Some believe that it’s where you store your broken dreams which you can then wash away when you wash the jeans, and some believe that every house has Borrowers and it’s a handy pocket to carry them out and about in, I wouldn’t put mine in there as they’d only complain, mine always are, they complain about anything and shouldn’t really be called Borrowers as they never return anything, thieves is what they are! I realise I’m off topic but my point is, this device fits perfectly in there so it’s an easy carry and sits in there snugly when I go to the pub, and it provides a really good stealth vape too.

The flavour is good, it’s supremely portable, the auto-draw works without issue, I’ve had no leaking and I’ve had this pod in for about nine days and it’s still going strong and providing that nice punch. The draw is fantastic, and it’s all round a very decent vape experience indeed. The design and build quality are excellent, and it’s just an all round tidy little thing to use.

However, the light on the device is almost useless as it just flashes on when you vape and let’s you know when the device is fully charged, but I would have liked to have seen some sort of indication about battery level as there’s no way to tell how much charge you have. Yes, the device is small but that means so is the battery, so it was not getting me through a full day, and at 0.5A charging, it takes longer to charge than it should really. The main point for me though is the lack of a second pod in the box, I realise this is to cut costs but surely one more pod can’t cost too much.

Overall this is a good little device and I’ve enjoyed using it. If I had a friend who was using disposables or was looking to transition from smoking to vaping, would I recommend it? Yes, I would, it’s not going to be your only device if you’ve been vaping for a while, but it’s a good "out and about" stealth option. Vaporesso have done a good job with the Osmall 2, and I hope it helps people to start their vaping journey.

FM Out.

Vaporesso Osmall 2 handcheck

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