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Vaporesso LUXE X2 Kit

Vaporesso have updated the classic LUXE, and Stephen got to try it out. Here's what he thought of the new Vaporesso LUXE X2

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Vaporesso have sent us the new LUXE X2 pod kit to test out, and it’s a good one. I’ve not had a Luxe pod kit since the original Luxe X kit was released in 2019, and I see they’ve released a couple of more iterations of it since, so it’s nice to be back to try out the latest version. 

I was sent two LUXE X2s, and my missus immediately stole the purple one as she’d left her pod kit at a mate’s house over the weekend then went to work and had a vapeless day. I’m a bit miffed as I like to try things out myself first then let her have a shot to give me another perspective. She filled it with a bar salt juice that she likes, left it about two minutes as she couldn’t wait any longer, puffed away like a manic for five minutes, then graciously let me have a go. Thanks lovely, you’re so kind!

The LUXE X2 is a pod kit with a 2000mAh internal battery and the Vaporesso Axon chip in it. This is the refillable pod only version, so you get two pods included, a 0.8ohm pod and a 0.6ohm one. The pods are marketed as having COREX 2.0 technology in them to deliver better flavour and they should be longer lasting. It is also compatible with the GTX coil pods so you can buy one of those to use in the device if you prefer that. There’s a USB type C slot on the bottom so that you can charge it up quickly with a 5v/1.5amp current. An airflow adjuster is on the side that lets you vape either RDL or MTL.

All of the marketing info tells us that the 2000mAh battery will last four days of use. I’m finding that a little unrealistic as I tend to RDL with these types of pod systems, but Vaporesso will be thinking that a 500mAh device, used for pure MTL, should last a day so I can see where they are coming from. The whole industry seems to be basing their predicted battery life on disposable marketing these days but that’s probably quite realistic for an average MTL vaper. I like the little LCD screen that shows how much battery is left, it shows a green Vaporesso symbol for 100-70%, blue for 70-30% and red for 30% and under. I found it went blue after a day, then red after another, but bear in mind that I do use a couple of kits at a time for different flavours, and I have been using this one RDL most of the time.

In the box you get:

  • LUXE X2 Device
  • 0.8ohm Pod (5ml/2ml TPD)
  • 0.6ohm Pod (installed) (5ml/2ml TPD)
  • USB to USB Type C Charging Cable
  • Instruction Manual/Warranty Card
  • Pod Types Insert

From a design perspective, the device looks the same as the other LUXE pod systems. It’s a reasonable size with a decent weight to it, as most Vaporesso devices do. The main colour runs around the top and drops down the middle at the front, where there’s a small screen to show the battery level, and there is a plastic leather type design underneath the button. The button turns the device on and fires the coils if you don’t want to use the auto draw function. On the back, there’s the colour at the top with the Vaporesso logo inscribed, and a plastic see through wrap around that lets you see into a silver casing, which goes iridescent where the Luxe branding is. The pictures will show all this better than I can clumsily describe, so have a good look. They have gone with a classy yet modern kind of look as opposed to the techy type of the original LUXE X.

The pods have been redesigned again with the COREX 2.0 technology, and the mouthpiece is a little thinner than previous versions, making it that little bit more comfortable. The pods also show how much juice is left, with just a wee bit under the casing so you can pretty much see how much juice is left without having to take the pod out. Watch out though, the thinner mouthpiece makes you think the thing’s almost empty quite quickly as the juice drains from it after a good few draws, but that’s deceptive as there’s still loads left.

Using the kit is easy. You take the little tab off of the bottom of the pod, put the pod back in, turn on the device, and vape away. That’s it, nice and simple, but don’t forget to fill it up with juice first! The filling port is on the bottom of the pod, which took me a minute to find as it blends in well. The silicone cover seems pretty durable so no worries about it ripping off easily, and the filling port is a decent size too.  

The LUXE X2 comes with the 0.6ohm pod installed and, as always with Vaporesso pods, I was surprised how much vapour came out of this little thing when I took my first draw. I’ve found over the years that they certainly know how to make a coil. Flavour is good as well. I started with using a creamy lime I’ve made, and the lime flavour shines through, while the cream aspect keeps up well with it. The pod kept up brilliantly with the 70/30 juice and although it’s marketed as a MTL kit, I was in RDL heaven with the airflow fully open. I daresay I could even use this as a main device should all of my mods and tanks suddenly spontaneously combust. With the airflow fully closed, you can also get a reasonably tight MTL draw, and the airflow slider works well to increase the looseness, but you do have to be quite gentle with it to stop it getting too loose.

The 0.8ohm pod is similar, it keeps up well with 70/30 juice as well as the usual MTL friendly 60/40 or 50/50, and the flavour is just as good as the 0.6ohm, it just has a little less vapour, what with it being higher resistance. If you leave it for a day or two, it does gurgle on a draw, but then so do most pods and coils I find. A wee flick of the wrist sorts it straight out though. 

Final Thoughts

If you want a device that you can just whack juice in to and puff away, then the Luxe X2 is an absolute stormer of a vape. The vapour production is very good, and the draw is really nice with the redesigned pods. I honestly can’t find a fault with it so far.

You can buy and use the GTX coil pods as well as any other LUXE X pods on the market, but I feel, with the battery’s max being 40W, that you’ll have to cut it off at the 0.4ohm coils. It’s not a DTL kit, but does RDL brilliantly as well as the MTL it’s designed for.

Thanks to Vaporesso for sending the LUXE X2 over to test out. The missus thanks you too.

  • Simple to use
  • Great vapour production and nice flavour
  • Allows for MTL and RDL vaping
  • None I can think of
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I was a very militant smoker for many years…why would I stop doing the only thing I had left that I liked doing?  Then I fell into vaping in 2017.  My wife bought a cheap kit off from Amazon that stopped working and I took it to a local vape shop to see what they could do with it.  An hour later and full of new knowledge about watts, ohms, and juice strength, I headed home with a new nautilus mini tank for her and raved to her about the helpful guy in the shop. I must have bored her with all my new found information.  I tried her vape that night, and a week later bought my own kit. Then I found POTV and the amazingly helpful and generous people on it. A month later I was making my own (disgusting) vape juice, and a month after that I was winding coils for my new RDA.  Six years on and I'm much better at making juice, and I now have no money but lots of shiny mods and tanks

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