Vape Dinner Lady Disposable Pod Device Range Review by Michelle (Purplefowler)

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Vape Dinner Lady Disposable Range

Vape Dinner Lady Disposable Pod Device Range

The Dinner Lady eliquid range has been around for a while now and have become a firm favourite for a lot of vapers. But sometimes it isn’t convenient or suitable to take your daily runner cloud chucking set up out with you, but never fear as Vape Dinner Lady has got your back and have released a range of prefilled disposable pod devices that are perfect for sticking in your pocket when you are on the go.

Each packet contains one stick, sealed in a foil sleeve with a bung in the mouthpiece and a seal  at the base. They contain 1.2ml 20mg nicotine which they claim is the equivalent of twenty cigarettes. Looking at it, this seemed a bit of a bold statement but I was very surprised how much use I got from each device. I got a day’s use but this was split up with a few sneaky puffs of my usual rig, but this was still surprisingly good and if you were going on a night out, one of these will easily last you the evening. I ran out of juice before I ran out of charge too, and the vape quality was consistent from start to finish. A blue light at the base shows when the auto draw is activated, and the it worked every time I inhaled. I did find the initial hits gurgled a little but this settled down quickly to provide a smooth and surprisingly tasty vape.

So far there are five different flavours in the range and I was very surprised that I really enjoyed all of them!

Vape Dinner Lady Disposable Full Range


Lemon Tart

“Lemon Tart with a butter biscuit crust; notes of Meringue”

The classic flavour that really made waves when Dinner Lady first hit the scene, this is a delicious sweet but slightly tart lemon with a biscuity base which gives it an almost cheesecake feel. It is a much deeper flavour than I expected from a pod device like this, and that carries across the range. This fits my flavour profile perfectly and if you like classic desert flavours, there is a lot to love here. The hype is definitely real with the Lemon Tart flavour 

Vape Dinner Lady Disposable Range Lemon Tart

Fresh Menthol

“it's refreshingly different”

It’s fresh and it’s menthol, it is exactly what it says on the box! If you are looking for a subtle minty vape, look elsewhere as this is full on, balls out, smack you in the gob menthol. If you have trouble waking up in the morning, have a few puffs on this and you’ll be ready for anything in no time. Very clean taste, this is exactly what you’d expect from a good Fresh Menthol flavour. 


Vape Dinner Lady Disposable Range Fresh Menthol

Smooth Tobacco

“Sweet tobacco with notes of cream”

This was the one I was least looking forward to as tobaccos aren’t really my thing but this isn’t a straight cigarette tobacco. In fact I get more cream and caramel with an almost coffee flavour that is rounded off with a hint of tobacco at the end. I could easily vape this all day. If you are looking for an authentic cigarette experience, you may be disappointed but if you don’t normally like this profile, maybe give it a try as you may be surprised. Out of all the range, this was probably the mildest tasting and I would have liked it to be a little stronger and it definitely benefits from taking a few primer puffs to get it going. But once it comes through, it is a very tasty Smooth Tobacco

Vape Dinner Lady Disposable Range Smooth Tobacco

Blue Menthol

“Blueberry & Currant flavoured e-liquid: With sweetener, mild anise and menthol”

We Vape

After the fresh one, I had to brace myself for the Blue Menthol, but there was no need as the balance of flavours is really good. The berry and currant mix perfectly with the more subtle anise which gives it a clean, smooth flavour. The menthol cuts through but seems to pull everything together. It doesn’t blow your head off and doesn’t hit too hard. It is sweet but not sickly. Another very easy to vape flavour.

Vape Dinner Lady Disposable Range Blue Menthol

Pink Berry

“Sweet citrus and mixed berries”

This is the sweetest of the bunch by a long way, but the flavour still really comes through. The citrus is a tangerine type flavour which works really well with the berry blend. I couldn’t say exactly which berries are in there although I did get a bit more raspberry in the mix. It is more a candy berry mix rather that authentic fruit but that is spot on in this kind of flavour. I have quite a sweet tooth so this definitely hit the spot. Thankfully the citrus keeps things in check though and adds depth to the flavour. Pink Berry is a winner.

Vape Dinner Lady Disposable Range Pink Berry

Pure Eliquids

Final thoughts

I really wasn’t expecting much from these disposables but I was very pleasantly surprised. Of course you won’t get the flavour or performance of mod and tank but then you wouldn’t expect to, and these tasted way better than I thought they would. Vapour production was also surprising especially as they give quite a cool vape. You won’t get massive clouds but there is definitely enough to give a satisfying experience. They are very much marketed as a starter kit but I would definitely use one if I was going out somewhere and didn’t want to worry about losing my regular set up. Priced at £5.99 for a single unit or £10.99 for a double pack, these are surprisingly good value when you think about how much twenty cigarettes costs these days. If you want to mix things up a bit, they also offer three for £14.99 or five for £24.99 and these come with the added bonus of being able to choose your flavours. 

Vape Dinner Lady Disposable Range Full Line up

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 Michelle (Purplefowler)
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