Smok Stick G15 Kit Review by Diane Wagerfield

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Smok Stick G15 Kit

SMOK Stick G15 Pod Kit

I was sent in this G15 Pod kit to review from TECC. I have not reviewed many Smok kits and was not especially keen to review this but as I’m a pod reviewer, it was only fair I gave this a go. SMOK is known worldwide and is loved by many but they also have a lot of negativity around their coils. So how did this Starter kit stack-up against others on the market? Lets find out!

What do you get

  • Smok Stick G15 Device
  • 2 x G15 2ml Refillable Pods
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual

Smok Stick G15 Kit contents

Specs and Features

  • 700mAh device
  • 15 Watts
  • Weight: 37g
  • Height: 124.1mm x 17mm
  • USB-C Charging
  • 2ml Pod capacity
  • 0.8ohm DC built in coil
  • Auto Draw only
  • MTL Device
  • 7 colours

The Device

The Smok Stick G15 kit is a simple stick starter kit but I like the design, it is very comfortable in tyour hand. They specify it has an aluminium alloy shell which is treated with an advanced sandblasting oxidation process, which means it feels more textured and it's not a fingerprint magnet, and I have to agree that it makes a difference. It's light but not so light that it feels cheap, it's sturdy and has stood the handbag test. I’ve dropped it a couple of times too and it still has not scratched or marked. There is some Smok branding down the front but it is not in your face. In the middle you have the LED light which is purely there to show battery level. Using the usual traffic light colours (Green 70% up, Orange 70-30% and Red less than 30%). It comes with some protections

Smok Stick G15 Kit Protections

The battery lasts all day no problem. It has two tiny air holes on either side. There are no settings or buttons on this, just fill, vape, and go.


The Pod

The pod is on the darker side so you do need to hold it up to the light to check your liquid level. It has a normal size fill hole for this type of kit. The drip tip is a lovely size and is great for MTL use. The fill bung feels really sturdy and it's clearly labelled with an arrow so you can open it correctly. The base of the pod has two strong magnets, and the device slots in only one way. You can easily tell by looking at it which way it goes, and it fits nice and snug with no movement. The drip tip does come away from the pod for cleaning but it will not fit a standard 510 drip tip, I have seen on other sites that you could use the Innokin EQ-FLTR tips or the Aspire Vilter tips ideal for complete newbies.

Smok Stick G15 Kit pod montage

Ok so how does it vape?

I filled the pod with 10mg Juice Head Peach and Pear, let it wick for around ten mins, and off I went, there are no settings or buttons so you just inhale. It took a few hours to break in the coil. It gives a good throat hit with the 15 watts which I liked, and the auto draw worked fine with no spluttering or gurgling. The flavour wasn’t amazing, especially compared to other starter kits on the market. So I was a little disappointed if I’m honest. Saying that, I am a big flavour chaser so whilst it's not my cup of tea, I can see a new vaper benefitting from this. It's definitely a MTL kit, and I would score this a 2 on the DD-DRAWOMETER (with 10 being super loose and 1 being super tight).

What I like

  • The design, old skool yes, but built well especially for the price
  • True MTL
  • Decent battery life
  • Easy and hassle free
  • USB-C charging
  • Quick, reactive auto draw

Not I'm so keen on

  • Flavour which for me is a big issue, I really like everything else but the flavour just wasn’t there for
  • Closed pods – not environmentally friendly

DeeDee's Overall Score 7/10

I would still recommend this but only to a complete newbie. I just wish the flavour was better. The Smok Stick G15 kit is priced at around £16 and includes two pods. A pack of three replacement pods costs £7.99.


Thanks again to TECC for sending this in.

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 Diane Wagerfield
My vaping journey started around 2017, I smoked & vaped (mainly subohm stock coils) on & off for around 2 years.