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Smok RPM160

Want a pod system which has enough power to last all day? We take a look at the Smok RPM160 kit, a dual 18650 pod system kit

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Thanks to The Electronic Cigarette Company for supplying this kit for review.

Smok have been around for many years now, and have a large catalogue of devices and tanks to choose from. Despite having had some quality issues in the past, both with mods and more especially coils, Smok seem to have found their way again. The RPM range of coils have, so far, proved to be very consistent and good performers with both flavour and longevity. With the current trend for pod systems to move to external cells, it was inevitable that dual cell pods would appear, and Smok haven’t been shy about getting in quick. Read on to see how I got on with the Smok RPM160 pod kit.

In the box

Coming in the usual sleeve wrap, the box contains the RPM160 mod, 7.5ml pod, 2 x 0.15Ohm RPM160 mesh coils, a micro USB lead, and a user manual. The version I received was the black carbon finish, but it is available in red, rainbow, silver, blue and gold carbon. The kit I received was a TPD compliant version with a silicon insert in the pod. Fortunately, with the coil hole being so large to accommodate the RPM160 coils, it was less than a two minute job to remove and discard.


  • Size: 125.0×45.0x28.2mm
  • Battery: Dual external 18650
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 7.5ml (TPD Version 2.0ml)
  • Output Wattage: 5-160W
  • Display: 0.96 TFT colour screen
  • Suitable Resistance: 0.1Ω-2.5Ω
  • Airflow – Non adjustable dual slot airflow
  • Charging: Via micro usb with battery balancing or externally
  • Available colours: red | rainbow | black | silver | blue | gold


  • 1 x Smok RPM160 Device
  • 1 x 2ml RPM160 pod
  • 2 x 0.15Ohm RPM160 mesh coil
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x User manual

Smok RPM160 Pod Kit packaging and contents

RPM160 Pod kit

The RPM160 is a dual cell power unit that combines lightness with a degree of hand comfort. Inserting two 18650 cells adds some weight, but it still remains hand friendly if a little slippery. A high gloss paint finish coupled with the carbon stickers doesn’t help, but the shaping does provide a better grip. The battery door is a slide to open type and has no rattle or movement with batteries installed. So far, I haven’t had cells shooting out so it seems secure. The 0.96” screen is clear and simply laid, showing battery levels (A & B) at the top, and watts with volts and resistance below. There’s also a puff counter and time per puff at the bottom. Given this is a power only mod, there’s no need for anything else. The screen is bright enough to be read on a sunny day outdoors without being like a neon sign in the dark. Above the screen is a large fire button, and below is the +/- buttons for adjusting wattage. Five clicks on the fire button powers the mod on or turns it off. Three clicks locks/unlocks all the buttons, handy for when stowing away in a pocket/bag. Pressing +/- together locks the watts so avoids accidental power changes but it won’t prevent unwanted firing so, to my mind, it’s preferable to lock it via the fire button. The button action is clicky without being annoying, and the response time is extremely fast when firing. Wattage increases/decreases in 1W increments and it  round robins at min/max watts. Wattage range is 5-160W. Two large slots provide the airflow (front and back) above the screen, with a mini usb port below providing on board charging and possible updates.

The pod is a huge 7.5ml capacity with the fill port located on the rear, meaning it can be refilled without removing the pod from the mod. The fill hole is large enough to take most bottle nozzles and it allows air to vent when filling. The coil is a push fit into the base, fitting only one way to ensure the coils air inlet lines up with the mods air slots. The pod is held in place by four magnets, two in the pod and two in the mod, and two spring loaded pins provide the connection between coil and mod. The magnets are very strong and it easily passes the pick up test even with two batteries installed. Two coils are supplied with this kit, both 0.15Ohm. Currently there are no other compatible coils, so choice is non-existent (more on this later). With the coil primed and fitted, and the pod filled, it was time to see how this vapes.

The RPM160 coil is rated to 80W, but I started at 60W to gently break it in. Using my normal Butter 03 E-juice, it wasn’t until I got to around 75W that the flavours began to be produced. My feeling is that the non-adjustable airflow just washes out any flavour notes and, to my mind, this is the first issue. Pushing the watts above 85W, and a slight burning could be detected so I didn’t push it further. Once the pod was empty, I swapped over to the 2nd coil and used a simpler fruit based juice, but the lack of flavour still showed below 75W and burning around 85W so quite disappointing really. Reverting back to the original coil and juice, I experimented blocking the airflow and eventually found a decent compromise. Blocking around a third of the airflow improved flavour no end and allowed power to be kept around 75W. Set up like this, the coil life was around 10 days, but the second coil I only got 3-4 days with airflow open and 80W. As with most pod systems, the issue of leaking reared its head when left unused for a day or so, but condensation wasn’t a particular problem, given the size of the airflow, this was hardly surprising.

Smok RPM160 Pods


The Smok RPM160 kit seems to me to be a rushed job with little thought to the coil/pod/airflow. A second version has already been released that has the V9 pod which has adjustable airflow, a greater choice of coils, and an optional RDA pod. The V9 is compatible with the TFV8 mini range of coils. In the RPM160 guise, it’s difficult to recommend this as it’s limited to one coil. The mod itself works well, is decent quality and packs a punch.


  • Decent mod
  • Large juice capacity
  • Easy to fill


  • Only one coil available
  • Average flavour
  • No airflow adjustment unless you want to get the gaffer tape out
  • Leaks if left more than 24hrs

If the mod section is tempting you, get the V9 version as it will offer a more rounded kit and throw in the RDA pod to save spending too much on stock coils.

Thanks again to TECC for supplying this for review.

Smok RPM160 Pod Kit close ups

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