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SMOK Pozz Pro Kit

Tim takes a look at the SMOK Pozz Pro Kit. No spoilers, but it rocks!

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SMOK Pozz Pro Kit SMOK Pozz Pro Kit

SMOK Pozz Pro Kit 

Hello vapers! Today for review we have the SMOK Pozz Pro which was kindly supplied to me by TECC.

SMOK have been producing some great MTL devices recently, and so I was excited to test this one out. I have no idea why it is a Pro device and I’m still not sure what a Pozz is, it sounds vaguely like a character from one of my favourite TV shows from my childhood – Fraggle Rock. The question is though will my thoughts be less than complimentary, or will they be overwhelmingly Pozz-itive?

SMOK Pozz Pro Kit contents

Within the basic packaging you will find:

  • SMOK Pozz Pro Device
  • SMOK Pozz Pro Pod
  • 2x 0.9ohm LP1 coils (1 pre-installed)
  • USB-C charging cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

The kit is available in Silver Black Alloy, Silver Red Alloy, Green Blue Alloy, 7 Colour Alloy, Red Stabilizing Wood, Fluid Black Grey, Fluid 7-Colour and the one I was sent – Black Alloy.

SMOK Pozz Pro Kit upright

“Listen, everybody. I just read in my book of superstitions that it’s unlucky to tug your tail” – Boober Fraggle

SMOK have a habit of making their devices look like SMOK devices and this is no exception, if it didn’t say SMOK on it and you took a guess as to who made it, you’d guess SMOK. Design wise, I think it’s fine. The one I have is very inoffensive indeed though I wish they’d sent me the stab wood one. It’s a good size at 106.6mm x 29mm x 12.5mm which means it’s easy to use and slides nicely in your pocket for vaping out and about. It’s light at 57g, and the metallic panels front and back feel cool to the touch, and it just feels nice to use and hold. There’s minimal branding with just “SMOK” on the front at the top and “Pozz Pro” on the back towards the bottom. The device houses an 1100mAh battery and will fire between 5W– 25W.

On the front there’s a nicely cushioned fire button, and on the back the airflow slider. On one side there is just the USB-C port, then on the other, the screen and the + & - buttons. The airflow slider consists of three slots and when fully open it gives a loose MTL draw bordering on an RDL, when fully closed it’s a medium MTL draw bordering on tight-ish, but I wouldn’t call it a tight draw.

Now, the screen. It looks likes it come straight from the 80s. I half expected Matthew Broderick to turn up and use it to avoid nuclear war or for me to find snake hidden away on it. It’s the most basic of screens, but it holds all the information you need – the wattage, coil resistance, last puff length, puff counter, and battery percentage. I’ve seen a few of these kinds of screen over the years and I’ll say what I always do, it’s upside down. I don’t know if anyone else thinks this but as a right-handed thumb firer when I vape then move the device away to look at the screen, it’s the wrong way up.

In use it’s nice and easy to get to grips with, the fire button works well and the device fires instantly, the + & - buttons have a nice click to them and move the wattage up and down as you would expect. Pressing the + & - buttons together locks the wattage buttons and pressing the fire button three times locks the fire button, just do the same again to unlock. You can fire the device using the button or there’s auto-draw, the auto-draw works well, and I’ve had no issues with it not working or with any stuttering at all. One thing to note is that if you turn the device off (five clicks of the fire button), then it will reset the puff counter, it doesn’t bother me but it’s something to be aware of.

SMOK Pozz Pro Kit pod base, fitting and filling

“Fear has nothing to do with it! It’s grace and style we’re concerned with!” – Red Fraggle.

The pod holds 2ml of e-liquid and comes fitted with a 0.9ohm mesh coil. It’s slightly smoked but I’ve not had any issues seeing the liquid level, and it snaps into the top of the device. There are no magnets with this one, there’s a slight ridge on the inside of the device and a slightly raised part on the pod, slide it into the top and it snaps into place. This actually works very well; there’s a satisfying click as you push it in and there’s no danger of it coming loose as it fits together tightly. One thing I really like, which I wish more devices did, is that the pod slides in and because of where it sits, the visible part of the pod starts just at the top of the wicking port. What this means is that there’s no need to remove the pod to see if you need to refill, as soon as your liquid isn’t visible it’s time to top up. It seems like such a simple thing, but it’s a fantastic touch.

The fill port is towards the bottom on the pod on one side and is a pretty standard rubber bung. Peel back the edge to reveal the fill port which is a decent size and will take most bottles except those with a wider nib. It’s sturdy and is easy to remove and replace with a little groove at the end aiding you to be able to get your nail underneath. The coils are push to fit and sit snugly in the base of the pod. One thing to really note is that because the pod is quite wide, it means that the mouthpiece is also on the wide side, it feels a bit like I’m trying to suck on the beak of a duck-billed platypus called Frank, and I just feel that if they made it a touch smaller it would be more comfortable and Frank wouldn’t be so traumatised.

SMOK Pozz Pro Kit screen

“You know, I’m not made of magic but I do the best I can” – Gobo Fraggle

As there’s only one coil resistance that comes with the pod, I just got straight on with it. The coil is a 0.9ohm mesh pod which they claim is best at 15W. Primed and filled with some Mango liquid, I started at 10W and worked my way up to 15W in 1W increments and fiddled about with the airflow. I eventually found that I liked it best at 13W and, surprisingly, with one of the airflow slows half open. I normally enjoy a tighter draw but this worked really well. As for the flavour, well, imagine you are a space penguin, you are in your spaceship on a voyage from your home planet of Fraggolious when you stumble across our solar system. You gradually make your way through until your scanners pick up life on Earth so you stop near the moon and see what you can find. You watch and listen in to our communications for a while until you feel like you have learned as much as you can about Earth and journey off to report back to your Emperor. On the way back you think about what you’ve seen and heard on Earth, you contemplate what the hell Bohemian Rhapsody is all about, what’s a Scaramouch? Why would you tell your Mum you killed a man? Why aren’t Galileo’s achievements mentioned? Then you take a vape of your Pozz Pro and like Archimedes in the bath, you shout Eureka! and realise you’ve discovered something superb. That’s what the flavour is from this little device, superb. The flavour floods the mouth, it's lovely and smooth with a nice amount of vapour, and it’s incredibly satisfying. I was not expecting that, and it’s a delightful surprise indeed. I’ve tried both coils with a variety of flavours from tobacco to fruit and always the same result, delightful full flavour. Each coil has lasted me 10 days at least and I’ve had absolutely no leaking at all, the smallest amount of condensation under the coil now and again but it’s really nothing to worry about as it’s so minute.
The only real issue when vaping is the position of the airflow slider, if you thumb fire then when you raise the device to your lips, you might find that your finger covers the airflow. It just takes a slight adjustment of your finger, but I’ve found myself covering the airflow on a number of occasions.

SMOK Pozz Pro Kit to be frank

“Dance your cares away, worries for another day” – Fraggle Rock Theme Song

What a great little device this is! The body is nice to hold and vape, it’s well made, and there’s some nice design touches like where the pod sits and little indent to help you remove the fill bung. The battery lasted me pretty much all day, it’s easy to use, and SMOK have nailed the flavour, it really is fantastic.

It’s not without its niggles, the mouthpiece is on the large side, and those that like a really tight draw won’t be able to achieve it.

Overall, I would thoroughly recommend the Smok Pozz Pro kit to anyone, it will particularly suit new vapers who want a device that is easy to use, has replaceable coils, and provides bags of flavour. SMOK have produced a real winner here, it’s become my go to MTL pod to stick in my pocket when I leave the house. I love it.

FM Out.

SMOK Pozz Pro Kit- Smok Rock


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