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Nevoks Veego

The Nevoks Veego is so smooth it’s like listening to Barry White whilst watching penguins glide across ice! I am getting a little worried about Tim's penguin obsession!

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Today for review we have the Nevoks Veego along with the RBA. This was provided to me by Nevoks themselves to whom I have no affiliation.

The following thoughts are all my own based on my personal experiences.

The packaging is nice and neat sturdy cardboard and when opened you have the device itself and a box containing all the extras:

  • Veego Pod Mod
  • Veego Pod (4.5ml/2ml TPD)
  • Dust Proof Cap
  • SPL 1.0 Ohm Regular Coil
  • SPL 0.6 Ohm Mesh Coil
  • Type C USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Nevoks Veego Kit contents

For the review I was sent the Space Black version but the Veego is also available in metallic orange, rainbow antarctica, sargin grey and glacier blue – some cool sounding names eh.

What are the specs I hear you cry, well if you are sitting comfortably then I will begin…..

  • Size – 99 x 30 x 18mm
  • Material – Zinc Alloy (Pod – PCTG)
  • Battery Capacity – 1100mAh
  • Output Wattage – 5W–30W
  • Output Voltage – 3.3V–4.2V
  • 0.42 OLED Screen

The coils supplied are:

  • SPL11 – 1.0Ohm regular coil (10-15W)
  • SPL11 – 0.6Ohm mesh coil (15-25W)

The device is powered by the Nevoks NX Chip and provides the following protections:  

  • overtime protection
  • short circuit protection 
  • overcharge protection 
  • over discharge protection 
  • over-temperature protection,
  • max power protection 
  • output over current protection 

They also have a “New Leak-Proof Design” and “Dust Proof Function”, both of which I will come on to later.

When I looked at the Veego in the box, I thought it looked nice enough but then I took it out and held it, oh it’s nice in the hand. It feels very comfortable and just feels right, like holding your favourite whisky glass, you like how it feels and wish you had a butler to keep refilling it when you desired. I like the design all over and the panel on the back gives a nice contrast to the rest of the device, it looks and feels classy. This is all subjective of course, but I was very taken with the Veego from the start. It has a decent weight to it but it never felt heavy, and it is clearly well made. There’s a nice clicky fire button on the front along with the screen, then on one side the +/- buttons which adjust the wattage in 0.5W increments and on the other side, the charging port. It’s well thought out and very ergonomic, though the +/- buttons remind me of the volume control I had on an old mobile phone.

Nevoks Veego Kit from all sides

Five clicks bring the device to life, and five to turn it back off again. The +/- buttons adjust the wattage, and if you press XXXXXX it locks the device as symbolised by a little padlock, press and hold them again to unlock

The screen itself is pretty standard but it shows you everything you really need – wattage, battery level indicator, puff counter, last puff length, coil ohm, and voltage output. I’m impressed that the screen is on the front of the device and not on the side like some other recent devices, it’s bright and easy to read although I would prefer it if manufacturers put battery percentages on the screens and not just the level indicator.

The Pod

Let’s get the “Dust Proof Function” out of the way first. It’s just a dust cap which clicks onto the top of the pod and seems like a good idea right? Well in practice, it just didn’t do it for me I’m afraid. The main question is when I take it off to vape, what do I do with it? Now if it could click onto the bottom of the device that would be a different matter, but it doesn’t so you have to hold it then pop it back on when you are done. This is easy to forget to do and yes, I forgot, and no, I still don’t know where it is. The other issue with this was that when I had the dust cap on, it either seemed to be way too loose and fall off, or on too tightly which meant that when I went to remove the dust cap, I pulled out the pod as well. Maybe I lost mine accidentally on purpose, only the devil knows those kind of details.
The rest of the pod is designed really well, it’s nice and sturdy, it’s clear (as pods should be!), the fill port bung removes easily and fits back in well, and there’s a visible “Min” line to indicate the lowest liquid level. You want more? Are you people never satisfied? Ok then, the pod mouthpiece is nice and feels good to draw through, the coils push and pull easily but with enough resistance to keep them in place, and there’s an airflow ring control on the bottom of the pod.

Nevoks Veego Kit pods

The coils themselves is where the “Leak-Proof Design” is. Nevoks have a very fancy way of putting this and talk about airflow pipelines which will prevent leaks and even condensation. If you look at the coil, you can see that they have quite a number of o-rings. Are they ribbed for more pleasure? You can see the airflow intake and, on the bottom, an indicator as to which way to fit them into the pod. Make sure that the indicator on the bottom is pointing to the side, push firmly, and voila. In the end, the design works really well and I have had no leaks whatsoever, a little condensation but certainly nothing that would cause any issues, and the whole system left me rather impressed.

Nevoks Veego Kit coils and fill port

Okay so, with the specs all covered, here Veego with the review.

Device all ready to go, I started with the 1.0Ohm coil in the pod filled with 50VG/50PG liquid. When I put it into the device, it read the coil at 1.02Ohms and set the wattage to 15W. I dialled it down to 10W to start with, opened up the airflow and off I went. Right from the off, the draw is really smooth. There’s a good amount of vapour producing a nice throat hit, and there is absolutely tons of flavour. The flavour on this 1.0Ohm coil is really, really good. For me, 13.5W was the pinnacle and how good this made my liquid taste took me a bit by surprise, like when Leicester City won the Premier League. However, the draw is just way too loose for me. It’s a very loose MTL draw, and even with the airflow fully closed off it’s still a loose MTL draw. The NX Chip does the job very well though, and the fire button kicks in instantly which fires up the device right away. 

Now onto the 0.6Ohm coil. I used 70VG/30PG with this one, and because of the loose airflow from the 1.0Ohm coil, I was expecting to be able to get a good RDL draw from this and I wasn’t wrong. Inserting the pod with the 0.6Ohm coil, it initially read this as 0.77Ohms, so I removed it and popped it back in and it read 0.73. A third attempt and it read 0.63 and then from there on it seemed to settle on 0.63Ohms every time. It set the wattage for me at 22W, and I started with the airflow fully open. On the first draw I was surprised at just how much air was getting through, it’s quite a wide open DL draw with some resistance but not that much. I played around with the airflow and the wattage and found that the sweet spot for me was 23.5W with the airflow about half open, giving me a nice balance between restriction and warmth. The flavour with the 0.6Ohm coil is very good, but it doesn’t have the wow factor that the 1.0Ohm coil had. Vapour production is good and, again, it’s a lovely smooth draw, so smooth it’s like listening to Barry White whilst watching penguins glide across ice. The airflow itself turns with some restriction to it, not so much that it’s difficult to turn but just enough so that it’s not going to get spun when the device is in your pocket. One other thing to note is that although the pod sits well in the device and the magnets are strong enough to keep it there, the pod does wiggle a little bit. It’s nothing major but something to be aware of as you can sometimes feel it move slightly when you press it against your lips (that’s what she said).
For MTL I was getting almost a full day out of the battery, but for RDL it wasn’t lasting me all day but it wasn’t too much of a problem as it supports vape while charging and I was able to charge the battery from flat to full in about 45 minutes. The only issue to be wary of with the battery is with the indicator, as soon as the indicator went down to 1 bar, it only took about five puffs before the battery was totally dead. The coils themselves both lasted me roughly 10 days in constant use.

Nevoks Veego Kit handcheck


The RBA comes in a little box and contains the RBA itself, a pre-made 0.6Ohm coil, screws, a little screwdriver, and a bag of cotton. Screw the top off the RBA and the first thing you notice is just how small the deck is, this thing is tiny, like I’ve just been in the freezing ocean on a cold day and everything has shrunk. If you have any eyesight problems or dexterity issues, then this is going to be very tricky for you to build on. I screwed in the loose screw from the packet to form the second post and inserted the supplied coil. There are two little sides I would call them, which stop the coil from just springing loose, and you wrap the coil legs around the screw and tighten them down. This in itself is very fiddly to get right, but once it’s screwed in I straightened the coil out and made sure it was directly over the airflow hole but not touching the base. You can check the coil is heating uniformly and is the correct ohms by inserting it into the pod without the top on and firing the device. As the pod is clear, you can see it glow and check the ohm reading.

Nevoks Veego Kit Rba and building
The wicking is also a little tricky as you don’t need much cotton at all, but all set and cotton nicely soaked with liquid, I screwed the top on, popped it into the pod, filled it up, let it soak, and then gave it a whirl. The draw itself is very similar to the 0.6Ohm stock coil and the flavour is just a touch better but not by much. Overall the RBA gives good flavour and still a nice smooth draw, however, the flavour isn’t vastly improved from the stock coils, and because the deck is so small it means that unless you have excellent eyesight and nimble fingers, it’s tricky to get right and overall I’m not sure it’s worth the effort. The other thing I noticed was that the RBA doesn’t fit as snugly as the stock coils, it seems to protrude from the bottom just a tad more than the stock coils. What this means is that the pod is somewhat more wobbly in the device than with the stock coils and this could mean an increase in the likelihood of it leaking in future.
Nevoks Veego Kit wicking


The Veego itself is a quality little thing that looks great and feels very nice in the hand. The pods and the entire system are well designed with superb build quality, and it’s a great size to slip into your pocket. I have to give a big hand to Nevoks for making this both adjustable wattage and adjustable airflow. The leak-proof design works very well, even to the point of me leaving this on one side for 24 hours with the airflow open and it didn’t leak. There are some small niggles, such as the wobbly pod and the battery level indicator, but these are pretty minor really.
The flavour from the 1.0Ohm coil is superb but it’s too loose for MTL. It’s such a shame as if they could tighten the airflow down to a tighter draw then this would be a real winner. Although the flavour from the 0.6Ohm coil isn’t quite as good, it does give a satisfying and pleasant vape. Overall it will be too loose for MTL vapers, but it’s a good solid device for someone looking for a DL/RDL vape on the go.

FM Out

Nevoks Veego Kit Classic!

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