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Lost Vape Lyra

The Lost Vape Lyra doesn’t offer anything game changing but it does offer a great quality device that delivers superb flavour

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Lost Vape Quest Lyra AIO with box

Lost Vape Quest Lyra AIO / Pod review

Supplied by Vape Sourcing for review purposes:

RRP = $32.99 (UK sites around £25) but Vapesourcing offer it at only $19.99 (around £18) = STEAL!

In A Nutshell

The Lyra, on the face of it, doesn’t offer anything game changing, but it does offer a great quality device that delivers superb flavour, and it looks and feels expensive despite its reasonable price. The build quality and styling is amongst the best I’ve seen – Highly recommended.

Overall Rating 8/10 – Class.

Specs & Info

Lost Vape Quest Lyra AIO specs

What’s In The Box

Lost Vape Quest Lyra AIO unboxed

  • 1×Lyra device
  • 1×0.6Ω mesh coil for DL vaping
  • 1×1.2Ω regular coil for MTL vaping
  • 1×USB cable
  • 1×Warranty card
  • 1×User Manual
  • 1×Lyra Lanyard

Unboxing is a pleasant experience as it is the first time you experience the superb quality and nice weight of this kit. The included lanyard with it's tiny screw in hook has an understated classy look to it which is actually very useful. The tiny USB cable is a joke though, I really don’t understand why they skimped on such an inexpensive thing?

The instructions are very well written and illustrated. Normally I avoid RTFM (Read The F**king Manual) but I did find myself having to refer to it for the power level lights which are confusing – defeat for me!

So after unboxing I set about charging it (with a longer cable) and priming up the coil.

Lost Vape Quest Lyra AIO from every angle

Colour Options

Lost Vape Quest Lyra AIO colour options

(Image Courtesy of Vape Sourcing)

User Experience

There is little to do with the battery pack section other than charge, turn on/off the device and change the power levels. The design is flawless, it is ergonomic with a nice tactile protruding fire button which has never accidently ‘pocket fired’ but is easy to use in multiple hand positions. It features battery venting slots at the base, a micro USB port, 2 airflow slots and a lanyard mounting thread.

Just holding this device in your hand feels great, it is very tactile and I often find myself fiddling around with it in my hand and feeling around the shape and nice contours. Even the normally cheap looking plastic pod you see on other devices is very high quality on the Lyra so it’s very easy to love this device.


The device will charge showing the following status leds, once charging is complete the GREEN light will remain lit.
GREEN = 65 – 100% (>3.9v)
BLUE = 15 – 65% (3.7v – 3.9v)
RED = 0 – 15% (3.7v) NOT RECOMMENDED TO USE – Recharge time

When in use, you can see your battery status as you press the fire button.

Power Adjustment (this is where I got defeated and had to resort to the manual).
Pressing the button 3 times in 2 seconds will allow you to cycle through three different power levels:

GREEN = High
BLUE = Medium
RED = Low

This felt counter intuitive as you would think RED is high and took a few attempts to get used to it.

Turning the device on and off is achieved by clicking the fire button 5 times in 2 seconds.

The Cartridge & Coil section

Lost Vape Quest Lyra AIO pod
The ‘Pod’ section comes in four parts: the main body, silicone refill bungs, coil & mouthpiece. To insert a coil, you need to remove the mouthpiece by squeezing two tabs on the side and pulling the mouthpiece off. This is quite stiff for the first few times but it soon gets easier. Changing the coil is a screw out/screw in affair, and there is some nice knurling on top to help with the grip. Filling the pod is done by unplugging the two bungs at the top (one to fill and the other to let air in), which is perfect with no overspill or airlocks, then press fit the mouthpiece into place. This system works well as you can change the coil without emptying the tank as it is top inserted so that is a definite pro there.

The pod is very easy to remove and refit with it's magnetic base. It is also very secure when in place. Almost all of the pod is visible allowing you to easily see your juice level. It has slightly darkened plastic but is still very easy to see through which is another pro.

The airflow enters from 2 slots in the body and then up through more slots at the base of the cartridge. This is not adjustable which is always a con in my opinion, however I found the airflow works really well with each coil type, not too tight or loose, and you can MTL or DTL with the appropriate coils.

Battery life is very surprising. I forever seem to be juggling pods on charge but the Lyra lasts longer than most others with the same 1,000 mAh cells and easily lasts the 2ml capacity.

The mouthpiece is very comfortable with it's duck bill style and narrow bore.


  • 1×0.6Ω mesh coil for DL vaping
  • 1×1.2Ω regular coil for MTL vaping

The 0.6Ω coil is clearly for DTL. I did try it at low power as MTL but it soon got a little hot. As a DTL mesh coil it performs really well, the flavour, draw and clouds produced are all really good although I had to reduce my nicotine level and use 6mg juice which worked for me. I also tried 70/30 VG/PG juice which was fine, though by the time I had finished swapping juices, the coil life was dropping away.

The 1.2Ω regular coil, which is traditional wrapped wire, is best for MTL, nic salts or high nicotine 50/50 juices. This was my favourite out of the two coils despite having fixed airflow. I still found it a pleasing MTL draw with a warm flavour even at the lowest power setting.

My first two coils didn’t last too long as I played around with the power levels, swapping juices and the juice thickness so I ordered myself some more MTL coils and stuck at the lowest power (RED) and it is lasting well. I am into week two of the new coil with nic salts.

The Lanyard

Lanyards can be a love/hate extra. I’m somewhere in the middle as they certainly have their use at times, especially when I am on my Vespa and want a sneaky vape at the traffic lights! The lanyard that comes with the Lyra is discreetly classy with no brash branding, and it is the perfect length (mid chest) which is also good to slip into a shirt pocket, making it easier to whip it out (that’s what she said!). It’s one of the few pods I keep with the lanyard permanently attached.

Lost Vape Quest Lyra AIO

I was initially very sceptical of it's strength as the included screw in eyelet is seriously tiny, I mean it is miniature with one of the smallest threads I've ever seen! I really thought this would break under stress but it is solid. I’ve been wearing it for weeks with no issues at all, it has never come loose or caused any problems. I assume they have used a strong metal for this piece.

The design means you can remove the lanyard quickly with it's lobster claw quick release catch.

Compared to

Always a tricky part, I can’t obviously compare it to the 13,727 and counting other Pods/AIO’s out there, but I chose a few that are perhaps in the same class.

Smok Trinity Alpha
Though the Trinity Alpha is vastly let down by the airflow being too wide, the features and quality are comparable and the NORD coils deliver superb flavour. But the Lyra edges it with the ergonomics, simplicity and draw. Winner = Lyra

Artery Pal II
Though this AIO is far less comfortable, has less features and no power adjustment, it’s a strong contender due to its incredible flavour & adjustable airflow. Winner = Undecided/draw

Zeltu X
Similar to the Pal II, this lacks features but favour is on par. The Pal II is better overall so easier to decide the winner this time. Winner = Lyra

Smoant Pasito
This is where the battle gets tougher. The Smoant Pasito is by far the best AIO on the market in my opinion, and will take something amazing to beat it. It has all the same features plus adjustable airflow and the game changing RBA. Winner = Pasito

Lost Vape Quest Lyra AIO top of the pods

The results are mixed, but it comes out strong and in a worthy contender in Top of the Pods.


The Lyra could easily get lost in the quagmire of the ridiculous amount of POD/AIO systems out there. It offers little innovation and lacks airflow adjustment. This would normally be a loser and nothing special, but Lost Vape have designed a thing of beauty and function that you can’t help admire. Everything it does, it does well and delivers flavour to back it up. There is a touch of elegance and class which makes it look and feel posh and expensive, yet Lost Vape have come in strong with it's high value for money pricing, and it is even better with the discounts you can find such as Vape Sourcing’s mad $19.99 price!

So would I replace this if it broke?
I would be a lyra if I said no – I am already resisting buying another!


  • STYLE – it’s pretty!
  • Adjustable power levels
  • Feels fantastic in the hand
  • Lanyard is actually useful and subtle
  • Easy mess free filling
  • Full view juice level
  • Well balanced airflow
  • Very high quality construction including the pod
  • Comfortable mouthpiece
  • Value for money
  • Great flavour
  • Easy pod removal
  • Battery life


  • Tiny USB cable
  • No adjustable airflow
  • Coil life isn’t great at higher power level
  • Lanyard mount? Time will tell but it’s holding on nicely

Final thoughts

Little to say that I haven’t already covered but it has been a treat and pleasure to review the Lyra. It’s a no brainer purchase for pod/aio enthusiasts.


Build Quality – 9/10
Flavour – 8/10
Features – 6/10
Styling – 9/10
Ergonomics – 9/10
Value for money – 9/10
Overall Rating 8/10 – Class

Thanks and credit to Vape Sourcing

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