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Hugo Vapor Boxer AIOHugo Vapor Boxer AIO 

Healthcabin got in touch recently and asked me to take a look at the Hugo Vapor Boxer AIO, a 40 watt pod kit. This is available in five funky colour options, I was sent the green “power gym” variant which has  a graffiti style finish.

Hugo Vapor Boxer AIO Power Gym


  • Size 105 x 26.5mm
  • 125 grams
  • 1500mAh internal battery
  • Output 0.5~4.2 volts / 1~40 watts
  • Resistance range 0.15~3.0Ohm
  • 3.5ml PCTG pod
  • Adjustable airflow

Hugo Vapor Boxer AIO specs and contents

This comes in a small box with your colour choice indicated on a label at the back. Also in the kit is a spare coil (with one already pre installed in the pod) and a usb-C charge cable.

Hugo Vapor are probably better known for their plastic box mods so I was expecting this to be a bit “plastic fantastic”, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s actually metal, possibly aluminium judging by the weight. The quality control could be a bit better though as I found a stray piece of metal/wire and traces of what appear to be glue in the pod recess whilst taking photos! Other than this, the build quality seems to be pretty reasonable with a soft finish coating and a small but reasonably bright screen nestled between the power and up/down buttons and zero button rattle.


Hugo Vapor Boxer AIO details

The pod is held in place with six magnets and this easily passes the shake test, no low flying pods here. One of the selling points is that this has adjustable airflow, simply twist the pod to the desired setting on the two cyclops style inlets on the main body and this works particularly well even if it is a little difficult to see at times. The fact that the pod is completely covered by the chassis also means you can’t see your e-liquid levels either.

The board is a fairly simple affair with only wattage being available, the only other options being “power lock” (hold + and -), “rotate screen” (power and up) and “clear puffs” (power and down). It seems snappy enough though with no discernible delay in firing and it has the usual safety protections.

Hugo Vapor claims 1 amp fast charging with a full charge in under 90 minutes via the usb-C port on the bottom, but this seemed far from reality in my test achieving just 0.78 Amps and taking a whopping 2 hours 11 minutes to charge. On the plus side, I did record a final capacity of 1563 mah and vape whilst charging is also supported.

Hugo Vapor Boxer AIO pod and filling


The 3.5ml PCTG pod uses coils which are press fit from the bottom and has a generous sized fill hole so filling isn’t an issue. I did occasionally find it tricky to get the fill bung back in place though. Two coils are included and these are both 0.4Ohm BX Mesh coils, 0.3 and 1.0Ohm coils are also supposed to be available but I haven’t been able to find these anywhere, and coil material isn’t stated.

The coils looked very familiar, and they are in fact identical to SMOK RPM coils so you can use those if you have a favourite. I believe RPM coils are made of stainless steel so the BX Mesh coils are likely to be the same. This also means that you should be able to find the coils virtually everywhere.

I haven’t used any RPM coils for a while and I’d forgotten just how restricted they are compared to a lot of the more recent pods which have an almost “sub ohm tank” draw to them! This gave quite a satisfactory vape though with plenty of flavour, and this was further enhanced by closing the airflow down to around the halfway mark which is something you can’t do on a lot of the older Smok kits.


  • Compatible with SMOK RPM coils
  • Adjustable airflow


  • QC could be improved
  • Only one type of coil included in the kit
  • Slow charging


The Hugo Vapor Boxer AIO is a decent budget alternative to the aging SMOK RPM line with the added benefit of adjustable airflow. The build quality is pretty good although the quality control could be improved, I wasn’t impressed to find a stray bit of metal in the bottom of the pod recess. Having said that, it’s all worked flawlessly so I can’t complain too much on that point.

Many thanks to Healthcabin for sending the Hugo Vapor Boxer AIO out for review. They asked me to mention that it’s available from them at just $19.65 and that you need to be logged into your Healthcabin account to see the lowest prices.

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 Antony Lord
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