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GeekVape H45/Aegis Hero 2 Kit

I need a hero, I'm holding out for a hero till the morning light. Luckily GeekVape have come to my rescue with the new Aegis Hero 2 kit (also known as the H45)

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Supplied by Sourcemore for review
$27.59 – Using discount code: H45K

GeekVape H45 (Aegis Hero 2) Kit boxed

A Hero’s Welcome

Geekvape have just released a new hero to their Aegis line-up with the all new H45 Pod Kit and it’s quite the pocket rocket with a super-hero punch for its compact size. We take a deeper look and see if we can find its superpowers or its kryptonite.

  • New tri-proof pod mod, small in size
  • Upgraded metallic shell
  • 1400mAh built-in battery
  • 4ml leak-proof pod with top airflow system
  • Resistant to shock and scratches
  • 45W max output
  • 0.96 inch TFT screen
  • Type-c charging port 5V/2A
  • All-time steady output system
  • Compatible with B series coil
  • 43.1mm x 28.6mm x 91.05mm

What do you call it when Batman skips church? Christian Bale

There’s a few decent features that stand out such as a 1400mAh built in battery, 2 amp fast charging, 4ml pod, large colour screen (for its size that is) and the compatibility with Geekvape’s B-Series coils which are widely available and superb, but there’s one thing missing that I was expecting: water-proof? It says ‘Triproof’ in the official bumf but only mentions scratch and dust, usually you see a water spattered image but not this time, so I don’t know if it’s waterproof or not.

Superhero Costume

The H45 Kit comes in Geekvape’s usual super high quality packaging, the two piece solidly constructed black box is so useful to store your vape bits-n-pieces and is way too good for bin-fodder, I have stacks of them upcycled for other purposes. The outer sleeve has Geekvape’s signature black and orange colour-scheme and displays a photo of your colour choice.

GeekVape H45 (Aegis Hero 2) Kit presentation
The H45 is held in a foam layer, underneath that is another box which holds the bits-n-bobs and the documentation. The pre-installed coil is 0.4ohm but you get a second coil (0.6ohm) included, as well as a little spanner and a good quality USB-C cable.

"I punched out Adolf Hitler 200 times." Captain America (Steve Rogers)

GeekVape H45 (Aegis Hero 2) Kit contents

Hero of the Hour

As soon as you open the box, you are greeted with the H45 pretty much ready to go, the pod and coil are fitted ready and there’s a decent charge in the battery. All you need to do is remove a sticker on the coil, fill her up and wait five minutes or so while the coil primes, which leaves you time to have a better look at the kit.

GeekVape H45 (Aegis Hero 2) Kit screen side

I can tell you one thing right off the bat; this little bugger feels superb quality and is really comfortable in the hand. The new styling is really interesting to look at, there’s something going on with every face and edge, and the now common Aegis Exoskeleton has a nice shiny contrast to the satin finish metal body.

"Cats come when they feel like it. Not when they're told." Catwoman (Patience Philips)

GeekVape H45 (Aegis Hero 2) Kit grip

The leather insert is pretty much standard now in all Aegis kits and, as always, the quality is spot on. There’s not a lot of rubber on view which also makes me think that the H45 may not be water-proof, and the exposed USB-C port also instills that suspicion.

GeekVape H45 (Aegis Hero 2) Kit all angles

I really like the metal body which has details pressed into it along with styling lines. The satin finish also makes it less of a fingerprint magnet, but the shiny exoskeleton does show them up quite a bit along with the screen. The control buttons are a big improvement as they are a matching satin metal finish and feel as near perfect a fit as you can get with a decent firm resistance.

No More Heroes Anymore

There’s an odd thing that Geekvape tend to do these days; there’s not a single mention of the kits' name anywhere on the H45. You have ‘GEEKVAPE’ stamped on each side and a ‘H’, but diddly squat else to tell you what is in your hand, this could prove awkward for new vapers going into shops and asking if they sell coils for “this” – Shop Assistant: “What is it?” – You: “I dunno, it’s a Geekvape” but the main thing you need to remember is ‘B-Series’ which are the Boost coils and widely available.

GeekVape H45 (Aegis Hero 2) Kit screen

X-ray Vision

Okay not quite, but the screen is superb, large, bright and colourful which is a far cry from the original Hero kit. Even with my older eyes, I could clearly see all the displayed figures, I was also able to read it in outdoor light though it would struggle in bright sunshine (as would most).

GeekVape H45 (Aegis Hero 2) Kit pod fitting

The pod is an instant winner for me, especially when compared to their old Boost pod which was a bit of a bugger for leaking and difficult to fill up without a handful of e-liquid. The H45 pod sorts all that out with top airflow and an easier access filling bung with more room inside to fill it up. The pod fitting is also better with a magnetic fit and zero wobble.

Why did Cheeseman choose to become a superhero? - For the grater good

GeekVape H45 (Aegis Hero 2) Kit coil removal

Though the B-Series coils are a press fit, they are a bit of a bugger to remove and the reason Geekvape provide you with a little spanner tool to lever the old coil out, it is possible to remove the coil without the tool but you need quite a grip and risk breaking a nail. There is a small hole on the end of the tool so I suggest you pop it onto your keyring.

GeekVape H45 (Aegis Hero 2) Kit pod parts

The drip-tip (mouthpiece) is a standard 510 fitting so you can use your own if preferred. The included one is purely for DL/RDL with its wide bore. The airflow adjuster is on the top of the pod and is easy to adjust on a ring stopper.

If I was a superhero, I would be known as Typo Man. - I write all the wrongs

GeekVape H45 (Aegis Hero 2) Kit fill port

Filling the pod up was frustration free. The silicone bung is easy to grip and open, you can also swivel it out of the way. Access is a decent size and will take pretty much all shortfill e-liquid bottles. I had no airlocks (where the e-liquid sploshes back out), and I could see the inside quite well. All in all I found the pod to be excellent, well….. unless you want it for MTL that is. The airflow is far too loose for that and the drip-tip is too large. I’m fairly sure Geekvape had no intention for the H45 to be an MTL device and the coils provided confirm that.

Mind Controls

Perhaps this is the H45’s kryptonite for some users, the H45 is BASIC. You only get two power modes: POWER and BYPASS, and most users won’t need or want BYPASS mode so consider the H45 to be a simple variable wattage device. As it happens, this is totally fine for the B-Series coils as you really won’t need anything more than variable wattage, I’m all fine with that and the only time I would want for more is if there’s an RDTA pod for it with DIY wire.

  • 5 x Fire = Turns device On/Off
  • 3 x Fire = Mode select (Up/Down to cycle and Fire to confirm)
  • Press & Hold Up/Down = Locks adjustment buttons.
  • Press & Hold ALL Buttons = Turns screen On/Off
  • Fire & Up or Down = Adjusts brightness

That’s yer lot!

GeekVape H45 (Aegis Hero 2) Kit charging

Super Charging (I’m running out of ideas now so just shoving ‘Super’ in front of everything)

The charging screen is the only thing I thought was a bit shite with a basic battery bar animation and no percentage or time displayed. On the plus side, it has 2 Amp fast charging and I rarely found myself waiting for more than 45 minutes for a full charge, and top up charges gave me a decent boost while out and about.

GeekVape H45 (Aegis Hero 2) Kit shiny shiny

Super Performance (I told you I was running out)

The H45 (Hero 2) had pretty much impressed me so far but the performance truly won me over for RDL and a surprisingly decent full DL vape. This kit is never going to do MTL even with a higher ohm coil, and Geekvape make no claim to be an MTL device so I’m not going to factor that into the equation.

Starting off with the 0.4ohm coil (25-35W) at the lower end and working my way up, I found this coil worked great at the mid-range of 30W. It was never going to be a cloud-lobber, but the warmth and flavour gave me a really satisfying RDL draw with the airflow closed off to a 3rd. I tried it at 35W and the airflow wide open, and I was shocked how much air was getting through, it felt like a large tank with the airflow closed off to a 3rd if that makes sense? I mean it just didn’t feel like a pod vape and immediately won me over as my out and about vape where cloud production is frowned upon.

The 0.6ohm coil is absolutely perfect for RDL, the flavour the B-Series coil produces is some of the very best, and the lower power range made the H45 much more suited for a full days vape. It lasted me well into the evening at just 15watts and I was enjoying the vape a lot rather than thinking it was a compromise, the flavour, warmth and airflow felt good for such a low powered vape.

GeekVape fam

A Hero for the Aegis

I had been expecting the H45 to be a modern take on the Boost as it uses the same coils, but it far exceeded it in pretty much every way and certainly got rid of any cons that the Boost had. I mainly use my Boost with the RDTA so I had forgotten just how good the B-Series coils are, and the H45 is the perfect platform for them in my opinion. I will still use the Boost for MTL, but the H45 has rooted its way into my RDL out and about choice. The whole thing feels better quality and the larger battery helps make it last the day.

GeekVape life

Here it is next to its big brother; the Aegis L200, to give you an idea of how compact it is. Obviously the L200 is better for that higher powered cloud chucking DL vape, but the H45 gives a surprisingly good DL vape at 40 watts should you require it to.

Hero Worship (Conclusion)

The H45 (Hero 2) pod kit impressed me more than I expected it to, though there’s little to no innovation going on. It is one of those highly refined upgrades that eliminates previous cons such as leaking, pod awkwardness etc. Geekvape have obviously put a lot of effort into the H45 and the result is one of the best pocket-rocket RDL/DL vapes.

Part of its strength is down to the B-Series coil compatibility which still stands out as one of the best low power coils on the market. They have been around for over two years now, but I’m glad Geekvape are still supporting them as an ‘all new’ coil in this kit would have been a shame.

The only downside I can see is the lack of MTL support which won’t suit a portion of beginner vapers, though to be fair Geekvape make no claims that the H45 is an MTL kit.

Super Powers (Pros)

  • Compact and rugged
  • High quality
  • Well sculpted styling
  • Impressive screen for a kit this size
  • B-Series coils are superb
  • Flavour
  • Leak-proof
  • Faultless pod
  • RDL and DL

Kryptonite (Cons)

  • Rubbish charging screen

The basic charging screen is my only con, but the 2 Amp charging makes this less of an issue and it is certainly not a deal-breaker.

Final Thoughts

As previously mentioned, the H45 impressed me a lot more than I expected. On the face of it, the H45 is just another pod/mod kit with no innovation and basic controls, but with years of refinement, the result is a well-polished kit with faultless vape quality. Had it also done MTL, it would have been my ultimate Super Hero.

Score: 8.99/10 – Guitar Hero

GeekVape H45 (Aegis Hero 2) Kit colour options


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