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Geekvape B60 - Aegis Boost 2

The GeekVape Aegis Boost has been updated all round. Si checks out the revamped GeekVape B60 AKA the Aegis Boost 2!

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Supplied by TECC for review
£38.99 with 2 free e-liquids

GeekVape B60 – Aegis Boost 2 boxed

The original Boost pod kit came out in 2019 and I was a big fan, there have been a few variations on it since, such as the Plus and the Pro, but this time around the original gets a V2 upgrade and GeekVape have gone to town on it with pretty much everything upgraded.

  • IP68 provides water, dust and shock resistance
  • Larger 0.96inch LED colour screen
  • A-lock physical locking switch
  • USB-C fast charging
  • Top airflow and leak resistance
  • Pod capacity - 2ml
  • Coil resistance - 0.2ohm / 0.6ohm
  • Battery capacity - 2000mAh
  • Max Voltage - 7.5V
  • Wattage range - 5-60W
  • Dimensions - 71.6mm x 25.9mm
  • Weight 152g

Pretty impressive for its size and the flaws the original had have been eradicated, I really cannot see how the Boost 2 (B60) will fail to impress but let’s get stuck in to the bundle.


I always harp on about GeekVapes' top quality packaging and how useful their solid boxes are for storing other stuff, and the Boost 2 comes in the usual two piece plain black box with a detailed outer sleeve.

GeekVape B60 – Aegis Boost 2 unboxing

On the top layer you get the device held in a foam inset, a little detail that impressed me was a little tab was fitted to help you remove the foam layer to access the docs and accessories underneath.

GeekVape B60 – Aegis Boost 2 contents

The kit includes the B60 device with a preinstalled coil, a second coil, a coil removal spanner thingy, a spare seal for what looks like the mouthpiece, a USB-C fast charge cable which is excellent quality and a usable length, the user manual and a warranty registration card but be warned; there is also a warning card warning you about something or other – you’ve been warned!

First impressions and Overview

If I’m being honest, I wasn’t expecting to be impressed with the B60 having recently reviewed the H45 from GeekVape as on paper the Boost 2 looked pretty much the same, but I was wrong in so many ways. Picking up the B60 for the first time, you can’t help but be impressed as it looks and feels the best quality I’ve seen from GeekVape in their Aegis line.

GeekVape B60 – Aegis Boost 2 logo

The construction has a more obvious metal bias and that nasty fluff magnet rubber has gone except for on the very bottom, that classic exoskeleton has also been beefed up and fully wraps the body now and provides that rugged protection we’ve come to expect from the Aegis range.

GeekVape B60 – Aegis Boost 2 grip

GeekVape were the first to use the much copied leather padding and they have continued to use it here, although I’m a little bored with it, I still welcome it on the Aegis range and I would have been disappointed if they hadn’t used it. The quality has improved throughout the years and you can tell on the B60 compared to the Boost 40W, I mentioned that rubber base earlier and it’s a detail I love on most of the Aegis range but especially so on the B60 as is a bit beefier and you can pretty much slam the mod down on any surface without damaging the mod (or the surface).

GeekVape B60 – Aegis Boost 2 montage

GeekVape have refined the whole ‘pod/mod’ thing to the point that the B60 no longer looks like a ‘pod’ but more a proper vape kit and I would class this as an AIO (All In One). I will let the photos do the work of describing the style but a few details I really like are; the ergonomics as I think this is the most comfortable kit GeekVape have produced, the screen is a real ‘boost’ too as it looks just right and the groovy animated infinity symbol is just mesmerising. Then there’s the ‘A-Lock’ locking switch on the side which is not new as such but I will never tire of seeing this feature included (they missed it out on the H45).

GeekVape B60 – Aegis Boost 2 pod and mod

Another detail that hasn’t gone unnoticed is the innovative ring magnets on the pod and the mod housing, I’m not sure what the purpose is but I like it, and the strong connection really keeps the pod in place when stored in your pocket/bag.

GeekVape B60 – Aegis Boost 2 coil removal thingy

GeekVape are still going with their spanner/lever tool to help change the coil. Although it’s a slight pain in the ass, I do appreciate the reason why as they make their coils fit super tight to avoid any accidents and leaks, I have one on my keyring as I own multiple devices with the B-Series coils.

GeekVape B60 – Aegis Boost 2 pod and coils

The pod is where I feel the B60 starts to lose its shine, firstly the mouthpiece is proprietary so you cannot use your own and it’s very much DL/RDL size which limits its appeal for MTL vapers, considering the B-Series coils include high ohm, I found this an odd choice.

The included coils are:

  • B-Series 0.2ohm Ni80 - 50-58W
  • B-Series 0.6ohm – Ka1 - 15-25W

GeekVape do state that their 0.6ohm coil is suitable for MTL which is borderline, 0.8ohms is normally the lowest I go down to and on average I use 1.2ohm boost coils for MTL, but we will see when we get to testing. The 0.2ohm however is clearly aimed at DL vaping and high wattage which is towards the top-end of the B60’s limit.

GeekVape B60 – Aegis Boost 2 filling

Filling the original Boost’s pod was a total pain as the bung was difficult to access and you often had airlocks which spurted your e-liquid back out which was quite a frustratingly messy affair, GeekVape have made this much better with an easier access and larger hole fill port, but attack of the clowns TPD ruined this as the silicone filled pod allows zero juice visibility, to the point I found it ridiculous. I had to check myself to see if I was missing something but no, there is a small ‘viewing window’ directly underneath the bung but it’s dark and you really cannot see a drop so I had to guess fill and look through the fill port to see if it was near the top. I get that GeekVape have to shove silicone inside to restrict t to 2ml, but surely they have enough TPD suffering customers that they could come up with something better than this? The dark plastic didn’t help, I’m in danger of going off on a rantfest so I will leave it there (for now).

There were a couple of things that the pod had going for it, the top airflow has been implemented better on the B60 over the original and should be far better for preventing leaks (the old one leaked more than my gran with a UTI), the other thing is the airflow adjustment lever which is just better. As much as I liked the innovative dial style on the original, it was just a pain in the ass to see and often found myself accidentally adjusting it during use, this dial is just better and, more importantly, the seal makes it very accurate.


Generally the B60 is super easy to control and change settings, and there are plenty of DIY options such as TC modes which I’m praying is a hint of things to come such as a RDTA pod which GeekVape produced for the original, but for stock coils there’s not much you will need to adjust.

  • 5 x Fire = Turns device On/Off
  • 3 x Fire = Enables mode selection (Up/Down to navigate and Fire to confirm)
    • SMART – Automatically sets the wattage to the coils mid-range (you can still adjust up/down within the coils limits)
    • POWER – Regular adjustable wattage mode (you can exceed the coils wattage range)
    • BOOSTING – Sets a high power curve to the coil (can affect coil lifespan)
    • TC Ni
    • TC SS
    • TC Ti
    • TCR
    • VPC – Customisable power curve
  • Press Fire and Up or Down together = Increase/Decrease screen brightness
  • Press and Hold all buttons = Stealth mode which turns the screen off, locks the adjustments but you can still fire the mod (unless you lock it with the A-Lock switch)
  • Once in ‘Mode Selection’ Press and hold Up/Down buttons together to cycle through screen colour schemes.
  • Once in ‘Mode Selection’ Press Fire to scroll down to ‘C’ to reset Puff Counter (Up or Down button to change and Fire to confirm))

In reality, I can’t see many users needing most of the functions, I’m a fan of SMART cos I’m thick and I’m a fan of anything that prevents accidental dry hits and generally SMART does a great job, I tend to trust mid-range as it prolongs the coils lifespan, but if you really want full wattage control then POWER mode will suit you.

GeekVape B60 – Aegis Boost 2 screen

The screen superb and is very well laid out, one of the few I don’t need reading glasses for. The brightness indoor at 100% is just right but there’s no chance of seeing it in the sunshine. The animation of the ‘infinity’ symbol in Smart mode is a nice touch and is mesmerising, it might sound silly but I appreciate that it animates in without pressing fire, which means you get to watch it between vaping, most mods with animations are during firing and you don’t actually see the screen. There is also an animation in Boost mode but that’s less eye catching.

GeekVape B60 – Aegis Boost 2 side on


For anyone familiar with B-Series coils, there are no surprises as the vape quality is just superb in the entire range. For those new to the B-Series, you can be happy that you will make a good choice, for such a small coil they certainly punch above their weight.

The 0.4ohm Ni80 coil is surprisingly well suited for the B60 with a range of 50-58 watts, the flavour is superb and produces impressive vapour production. The airflow fully open will give you a restricted direct lung (RDL) but it's not too tight, it’s somewhere in the middle of RDL/DL but you can tighten it up if you prefer. The mouthpiece is about right for this style of vape. At 55watts, the battery life wasn’t too shabby, I would get around 5-6 hours of regular use, you can get a bit longer if you use ‘Stealth Mode’ as the screen won’t drain your power.

As for the 0.6ohm Ka1 coil, in my ‘First Impressions’ section I pretty much dismissed it for MTL due to the gob-piece but I thought I would give it a go anyway. Using 20mg nic salts with the airflow closed off fully and the power at 20watts (SMART mode selected), I got a surprisingly decent MTL draw from it, the flavour and vape quality were always going to be good from the B-Series coil but the airflow was reasonably tight to class as MTL. Had it been a fixed airflow MTL pod, I would have said “yeah this is proper MTL”, but the mouthpiece didn’t quite suit it. I carried on using it as MTL to fully test the coil and I got used to it in the end, but an optional included narrow drip-tip would have been welcome, or better still a 510 drip-tip hole so you could use your own.

Battery life will be relative to your style of vaping and coil choice, but it stood out as very good in regular use conditions. With the 0.6ohm coil I was getting over a full day surprisingly.

GeekVape B60 – Aegis Boost 2 vs OG Aegis Boost

Here it is next to the original Boost (but with the RDTA pod), and the old Boost looks very outdated compared to the B60. With all the modern updates, you’re getting much more from your money all round, just about everything is better so my long term love affair with the original has been seriously knocked with the B60. Now if they bring out a similar RDTA, then the Boost is going to be dumped, sorry Boost OG; it’s not you it’s me.

GeekVape fam(Left to right = L200, S100, B60, H45 and AP2)

Here’s some of the latest Aegis range and I think it’s the best looking, it was close with the S100 but the ergonomics and pocketability of the B60 won, the H45 is simply redundant now.

GeekVape latest

So for now at least, the B60 is the top of the pile for me as a 'lob in your pocket' vape, but with the exception of the redundant H45, the rest still have their uses and advantages over a pod/mod. So with what started out as a possible ‘meh’ ended up becoming an instant favourite.


Sure I had a couple of niggles, but once I got stuck into the proper use, these soon faded and I have to say I love the B60, it feels so good in the hand, is attractive to admire between vaping, provides fantastic vape quality, and the coils last a decent amount of time. Also the handy A-Lock never gets old and I made using it a habit.

The Boost 2 B60 is definitely my all-time favourite in the Aegis range and I usually prefer proper mod/tank kits. It won’t give that cloud chucking punch that I get from the Legend 200, but in general use this was one I grabbed first as it was handier and the vape quality was so good that I found that I didn’t miss the big clouds.

If you like the looks and you can get over the pods' shortfalls (which I did), then I think you’re going to love the Aegis B60 (Boost 2) as much as I do, I over-use this term a lot but it really is a pocket rocket.


  • Build quality
  • Stylish and modern design
  • IP68 Proofing
  • A-Lock
  • Superb screen and layout
  • Smart mode is beginner friendly
  • The most ergonomic Aegis
  • Makes the original look pants
  • B-Series coils for flavour and vape quality
  • Top airflow, leak resistant
  • Stealth mode


  • Filling and e-liquid visibility
  • Proprietary mouth-piece

Though the e-liquid flaw can be corrected with the non TPD version of the pod, it’s still a shame that GeekVape neglected the finishing touches for us TPD sufferers when they have put so much effort into the rest of the kit. Hopefully we might see an updated pod?

Final Thoughts

Often we see ‘V2’ etc. can be ‘Emperors New Clothes’,but the B60 really deserves the V2 title and is far more than a basic upgrades, and the result is one of the Aegis ranges' strongest products. The original Boost is now an old Aegis pensioner.

Score: 8.5/10 – Hi B60! – Off ya pop OG

GeekVape B60 – Aegis Boost 2, not a dinosaur

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