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We have been lucky enough to get hands on with the upcoming FEELM Air Pod kit which could be a bit of a game changer...

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Supplied by FEELM for review

We recently covered this innovative pod kit in our News section.
There’s some fascinating science going on in this pod kit, my mind was boggled going through it all. Then you see the size of this thing and you wonder how on earth they fitted it all into such a thin device.

FEELM Air kit black and green

We were sent a couple of SAMPLE pods to test and share our thoughts, the product hasn’t been launched yet but it’s pretty much ready to go. With it being a sample, I can’t cover the unboxing and kit details, but it looks like you buy the battery section and then the prefilled pods of your choice, there may be bundles available too.

FEELM Air kit body and pod

I will cover a bit about the innovations later, but for now I will run through the main things you need to know, such as the size, weight and how it works.

It is a closed pod system (CPS) which means that the pods come prefilled with e-liquid. Once the e-liquid runs out, the pod is disposable and a new one is required, but the battery section is rechargeable so obviously you keep that.

FEELM Air kit size

The FEELM pod kit is incredibly thin, 8mm to be exact! I don’t think I have tested any pod so thin, and that includes disposables. Length wise is less impressive at 111.5mm and the width is 21mm, but it feels even smaller as the body is oval. Throughout testing, the size, shape and weight kept me impressed, with the pod fitted it only weighs 21g – my mind's blown away with that considering it is made from metal and includes the chipset, rechargeable battery and a prefilled pod.

FEELM Air kit stacked

I wouldn’t quite go as far as to say it is wafer thin, but it was thinner than my wafer sandwich, the wafer sandwich was far less comfortable to hold too (not that it lasted much beyond the photo).

FEELM Air kit wafer thin

I have often referred to some pod devices as shirt pocket friendly, but this is the ultimate for me, due to the light weight and skinny body. The ergonomics also benefit from these factors as I often found myself vaping it with a two finger pinch grip (like a ciggie).

FEELM Air kit two kits

I was only sent a couple of prefilled pods which were mainly sent so that I could test the hardware in action and the ceramic coils performance, and I don’t know if these will be the final versions of the pods. At the moment there is no information on what flavours and nicotine content will be available upon launch, but I would expect there to be a decent selection.

FEELM Air kit pre filled pods

From what I can gather, the usual specs don’t quite translate to this device due to the innovative ceramic heating element. Take Ohms for example; though it will have an ohms resistance value, it won’t make much sense compared to wire or mesh. It also appears to require less power to heat up the ultra-thin materials used.

The FEELM Air is an auto-draw device. There are built in LEDs that are animated and flow as you vape. The draw is a proper ciggie-like MTL draw, and the airflow is fixed with two tiny holes down the sides.

FEELM Air kit finely balanced

Good Vibrations

So I had a bit of a surprise when I took my first vape on the FEELM Air; I'm pickin' up good vibrations, She's giving me excitations, Good, good, good, good vibrations…. (Yup that song's stuck in my head all day now). But the thing vibrates! And, as in the song, it’s a ‘good vibration’ as it’s really subtle but strangely soothing. It reminds me of that tactile haptics from touchscreens but much softer, strange and slightly useless, but I like it.

The vape itself is very satisfying, a slight warmth, a smooth instant draw, MTL airflow, and minimal vapour production which is on a par with something like a 9 watts pod. The skinny mouthpiece is one of my favourites as it is so comfortable and airtight. I can’t really comment too much on the flavours as I don’t know if these are the ones you will get when it’s released, but I found both a little dry for my tastes, the Polar Mint was my favourite though as that one I could use as an all day vape.

Battery life wise, I was unable to fully test it as I only had the one pod for each, one of which I did a top-up charge and the other lasted around the same time as the e-liquid lasted, but it did impress me considering the electronics involved and the tiny size.

FEELM Air kit charging

The quoted “10-minute Charge for 8-hour Vaping” I assume is for a fast charger, it look a little longer on the portable power bank I used so I couldn’t confirm it. I can say the full charge and the top up charge was minimal, and I hardly noticed the time go by.

FEELM Air kit cubed

FEELM were keen for us to highlight the innovations and features packed into this tiny pod, firstly:

  • World's thinnest ceramic coil vape pod solution
  • Equipped with ultra-slim bionic film ceramic coil

As mentioned earlier, it is super thin and I don’t doubt their claim for a minute. For the next bit, all I saw was ‘Bionic’ so all I could think about was the ‘6 Million Dollar Man’ or better still ‘The Bionic Woman’, but I was left confused by the word and had to look it up:

"The word bionic was coined by Jack E. Steele in August 1958, is a portmanteau from biology and electronics."

So I’m none the wiser there unless there’s some microscopic bio creature I am vaping?

They sent me some literature showing the innovative nano tech involved, fascinating stuff but very difficult for me to describe. It’s well worth a nose at FEELM’s official website to see why the FEELM Air is so special though.

But here’s the main highlights that FEELM are proud of:

3 Technological Innovations:

  1. Innovation on Bionic Material:The Industry’s First 7-layer Composite Heating Film, with Better Harm Reduction Performance and Higher Energy Efficiency
  2. Innovation on Nano Technique: Nanoscale Vacuumed Film-forming Technique, with more Authentic Flavor Reproduction
  3. Innovation on Microporous Structure: Better Ventilation and Leakage-proof Performance

7 Revolutionary Breakthroughs in Vaping Experience brought by FEELM Air:

  1. Breakthrough 1: Harm Reduction Performance Increased by 80%
  2. Breakthrough 2: Flavor Reproduction Improved by 33%
    Two Intellectual Properties: Flavor-Lock™ Technology and FEELM Taste Evaluation Model 0
  3. Breakthrough 3: Leakage-proof performance increased by 237%
    Powered by 2nd Generation of “Puzzle Leakage-proof” Technology
  4. Breakthrough 4: The world's Highest Energy Efficiency of 1.3mg/W
    Energy Efficiency increase by 13%
  5. Breakthrough 5: Brand-new "Shock-wave Mode"
    Equipped with the world’s Smallest Linear Motor
  6. Breakthrough 6: Industry’s 1st Super Power Management System TOPOWER™
    Doubled Charging Efficiency
    10-minute Charge for 8-hour Vaping
  7. Breakthrough 7: First to Adopt an Integrated MEMS (Micro-electro Mechanical System)
    Highly Reliable & Sensitive without Mis-Activation

That’s quite a lot to take in and it makes you appreciate the science and innovation that goes into research and development (R&D). To be honest, it’s far too much info that end users won't really need and is likely to be more valuable to the competition, but I’m impressed.


In a nutshell, the FEELM Air is a super skinny, lightweight closed pod system with an innovative alternative to wire or mesh coils. FEELM are excited and proud of this kit and so they should be, if they bring out the right e-liquid prefilled pods, then it should be a winner. I will be watching this one with interest…..

FEELM Air Pod Kit samples

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