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As someone that generally makes my own coils and likes playing around with different builds, my interest was quickly peaked when I heard about the Revolver Coil Jig from Boom Boom, and Ash from Check&Vape kindly sent one through for me to play with and share my thoughts.

The Revolver is made by a company in China with a seriously awesome name: Shenzhen Boom Boom Good Time Vape Technology Co., Ltd, and to put it simply, helps you make coils of varying sizes from a number of different wire gauges up to and including 20awg (American Wire Gauge) which equates to 0.81mm, so pretty thick stuff!

What you get

The Revolver comes in a sturdy metal case about the size of a pack of playing cards that contains everything you need to get going. As well as the main body and head the pack includes 3 different sized centre pins (2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm respectively) as well as a small allen key to tighten the pin into the body of the jig. I thought the item was nicely packaged and everything has its place in the foam insert within the box to stop it rolling around and rattling as you walk and to stop you losing the centre posts.


How does it work?

The Revolver is very easy to use. You simply put in a centre pin from a choice of the 3 sizes, tighten it in and then work through the following six steps:

  1. Insert wire through hole on the side of the handle. Leave about 1/2" of the wire protruding from the hole. Hold the end of the wire against the handle so it won't pull through.
  2. Pull the loose end of the wire around the shaft.
  3. Slide the winder section over the shaft with the pin facing toward the handle.
  4. Turn the winder section so that it catches the wire and starts wrapping it around the shaft. Keep light pressure against handle while winding. Excessive pressure will force smaller gauge wire to wrap over itself.
  5. When finished, remove winder and straighten the wire end that protrudes from the hole in the handle.
  6. Push up on the wire to slide coil up. Carefully grab the coil at the bottom to slide it off the shaft.

Does it actually work?

Yes it does, and rather well! After a few initial disasters with applying too much pressure and having coils wrapping around other coils, I soon found that very little pressure creates pretty good coils in about 20 seconds. You’ll still need to fire them up and give them a squeeze to get the coil nice and tight but I have to do that anyway so in terms of turning out quick coils with no fuss this is a definitely proving to be a time saver.

The only little gripe I have is that one of the “coil legs” can be a little bent after the winding process but I’ve found this can be quickly remedied but putting the coil back on the jig and applying some gentle pressure. Results may vary depending on the thickness of your chosen wire.

The process of turning the coil is very easy and once you’ve got used to it you’ll find yourself with a pile of ready made coils on your desk looking for a good home. Unfortunately, in my case, this meant buying a few more RDAs to fit them in!

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Would I buy another one? Yes definitely! Whilst you’re not going to be building twisted-double-helix-bus-shelter-animal-magic-super-dooper-space-trooper mad coils on this (yes, I did make that up), you’ll find that on a day-to-day basis when building your standard “quick coils” this will immediately become a valuable tool in your arsenal. At only 100mm long and 15mm wide, which is about the same size as an eGo Twist, it can easily fit into your pocket or bag to provide a mini coiling solution on the move to deal with those unfortunate coil nightmares.

I think this could be extremely useful for those who have avoided rebuildables due to problems with the fiddlyness of coil building, although the user will still need to seat the coil in an RDA/RBA and thread the wick.

If you’d like to try one of these great little time-savers, they are available in 5 different colours from Check&Vape for the brilliant cost of £11.99!


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