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Wismec Reuleaux RX200

The Reuleaux RX200 is classed as the budget companion model to the Reuleaux DNA 200 I reviewed. Designed by JayBo and manufactured by Wismec the RX200 features the same excellent construction and the same unique triple 18650 battery design. The only difference is that this version does not include Evolv’s DNA 200 chip and instead uses an in-house chip. Nevertheless the RX200 is powerful and offers a maximum output of 200W and comes with advanced Temperature Control functionality including Titanium, Nickel and Stainless Steel modes. In addition this device is supported by frequent firmware updates and comes in a choice of two colour schemes.

  • Zinc Alloy and Stainless Steel Construction
  • Size: 50.0mm x 40.0mm x 84.0mm
  • Gold Plated Spring-Loaded 510 Connector
  • Requires 3x 18650 Batteries (Not included). Discharging current of your batteries should be above 25A.
  • Output mode: TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/VW mode
  • Output wattage: 1-200w
  • Temperature range: 100-300°C/200-600°F(TC mode)
  • Temperature Control Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS.
  • Variable Wattage Resistance Range: 0.1-3.5ohm
  • 0.69 inch OLED screen
  • Magnetic Battery Compartment Lid
  • Numerous Safety Features
  • On-board Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Upgradeable firmware

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Wismec Reuleaux RX200
  • 1x Micro-USB Cable.
  • 1x User Manual

Wismec RX200 styling and build quality

The overall shape, weight and size of the RX200 is exactly the same as the more expensive Reuleaux DNA 200 and despite this device being much lower in price the manufacturer has not compromised on quality!

You get exactly the same Zinc Alloy and Stainless Steel construction with the build feeling extremely solid! Once again the 510 pin is spring-loaded and Gold plated and every atomizer I tried fitted flush with this device. The RX200 is quite a short device but it does have a significant amount of width and depth but to be fair that is the price you pay for a mod that houses three 18650 batteries.


While the RX200 doesn’t feel that heavy initially, once you fit those batteries it has some serious weight to it. Just like the DNA 200 version I reviewed I don’t feel you would want to carry this device around with you, you certainly could but I feel that the weight makes it more practical to keep at home. Despite the weight the form factor is excellent for a triple 18650 device and it does feel good in the hand and comfortable to use. The buttons are exactly the same size and shape as the Reuleaux DNA 200 but do feel a little different and I would say the RX200’s are a little but more “clicky”.

The display is very similar being the same size and being both bright and clear with all typical information clearly conveyed: Wattage, Mode and Voltage are displayed. In addition the screen shows battery life and also temperature (when in that mode). While you cannot tweak the display to suit like with the Reuleaux DNA 200 I do actually wonder how many people will honestly care and I must state that the only thing I have ever changed on my own DNA 200 device display is to have the battery life show as a percentage.

The battery compartment is for the most part exactly the same. The contacts are Gold plated and there is a ribbon to assist you with battery removal. The correct battery orientation is clearly marked. The DNA 200 version of this device had a rounded lip that protruded from the battery contacts which made it a little tricky to fit and remove batteries but thankfully this does not feature on the RX200. Featuring four strong magnets the compartment lid is held very securely but it does require you to kind of dig your nails into the two recesses to remove it just like the DNA 200 version. I noticed absolutely no wobble with the compartment lid and the fit was excellent!

Venting is exactly the same as the Reuleaux DNA 200 and has three holes on each side and twenty holes in the base. One major change with the RX200 is that the mod comes in either full black which looks awesome and I’m sure Batman would approve or two tone teal and white which looks a lot like a bottle of toilet cleaner to me (totally joking because it just isn’t to my taste). The black version which was sent for review has an excellent finish.

The Micro-USB port is located sensibly on the front of the device but I suggest you only use it for firmware updates and don’t try to charge you batteries this way because it will take you forever. Wismec actually state that you should always charge batteries externally and this is good advice.


Ease of use

  • Power on/off: Press the fire button five times in quick succession.
  • Stealth Mode: With the device switched on hold down the fire button and the down/minus button simultaneously.
  • Adjustment Lock: While the device is on, simultaneously press the up/plus and down/minus buttons.
  • Resistance Lock Function: With the device switched on, hold down the fire button and the up/plus button to enable resistance lock (ensure your atomizer is as room temperature for accurate results). To disable simply repeat the procedure.
  • Screen Flip: With the device switched off, press the up/plus and down/minus buttons simultaneously to flip the screen orientation.
  • Variable Wattage/Temperature Control Mode: When the device is powered on press the fire button three times in quick succession to enter then menu then press the up/plus or down/minus buttons to cycle between VW (Variable Wattage), TC-Ni (Temperature Control Nickel), TC-Ti (Temperature Control Titanium) and TC-SS (Temperature Control Stainless Steel).
  • TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS Wattage Adjustment: While in Temperature Control Mode press the fire button four times to enter the menu. Press the up/plus or down/minus buttons to increase/decrease the Wattage.
  • Temperature Adjust: In TC Mode the temperature can be adjusted from 100-315°C or 200-600°F with the up/plus and down/minus buttons.
  • Variable Wattage Mode: Adjust the Wattage with the up/plus and down/minus buttons.

One major advantage of the RX200 compared to the Reuleaux DNA 200 is that it is far more user friendly. Due to this version featuring its own chip you won’t have to learn the DNA 200 EScribe software which value aside does have something of a learning curve. What I like about this device is that it is already set up to be compatible with all major wire types and you can use it straight out of the box! The RX200 is very intuitive and I really don’t see anyone having any issues with it since the manual is thorough and well written.

One thing you really do need to keep in mind is to buy a brand new set of three good quality batteries to use in this device. Ideally if you plan to use this device a lot and you don’t have other mods to use while you charge the RX200’s batteries then buy at least six. I have been using three brand new Sony VTC5’s with this device and I have had absolutely no problems. Remember that once you use batteries in this device you have married them for life so don’t mix and match batteries or use them in other mods. Remember to always charge and discharge your batteries together.


The first atomizer I tried on this device was my GP Heron 1.5 which currently has a 1.4ohm Kanthal coil in it and I tend to vape it at about 12.8W (4.26V with this resistance). I enabled the resistance lock on the device right away and having used this device for a considerable amount of time I cannot honestly fault it. At all times I got a consistently smooth vape with absolutely no issues.

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I moved on to trying my Freemax Scylla which currently has a 0.2ohm Ni200 coil in it. I locked the resistance and then set the temperature to 260°C and went into the menu to set the Wattage to 38W. I certainly did not notice any problems when vaping and the Temperature Control function seemed to be working very well. If you were to ask how it compares with the DNA 200 version I would have to say it is not as good and the DNA 200 Reuleaux heats the coil much faster and more than likely far more efficiently (due to the more advanced chip) but unless you heavily use DNA 200 devices alongside other mods I doubt very much you would really notice the difference. The DNA 200 is definitely just that little bit smoother when vaping in TC Mode, maybe 15-20% better.

To be completely fair to the manufacturer you can’t really expect that kind of performance from the RX200 which is classed as a budget model. In no way is the Temperature Control Mode bad (in fact it is really good) but I would say it is extremely similar to the kind of vape you will get with the Sigelei 150W TC and the iPV4s but I do think that the resistance lock seems to do a much better job on the RX200.  At no point did I get any weird temperature spikes and I did not encounter any resistance fluctuation.

I assume that the Stainless Steel and Titanium Temperature Control Modes work just as well but I did not actually test them. Of course if there are any problems Wismec do provide frequent updates which should solve any issues you may encounter.

One strange occurrence that I must point out is that I noticed the front of the RX200 getting very hot and this was when using the device at 12.8W which seemed rather ridiculous. I opened the battery compartment but the batteries were not even warm. The heat build-up seemed to be located near the main display and I wondered whether it was just heat transference from my tank since the device is made entirely from metal. To be totally honest it did make me feel a little uneasy using it so I checked online to see if anyone else was having issues.

The first few pieces of information I found suggested much the same thing “heat transference” but I was not satisfied with that explanation. Further investigation suggested that the firmware should be upgraded so I went to Wismec’s website and downloaded the latest version. Keep in mind when upgrading the firmware on a device that you should remove the batteries before connecting it to your computer via the Micro-USB cable.

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I upgraded the firmware but the first time I tried it after reinserting the batteries led to the RX200 refusing to power on. I had another read and apparently this can happen and the solution is to once more reapply the firmware. So I went ahead and did this and this time it worked without issues. Since upgrading the firmware the front of the device no longer gets hot so I think it is fair to say that there was a definite issue there. The screen does get slightly warm but that is perfectly normal if you are continually using it.

If you purchase this device I would seriously recommend that you upgrade the firmware as soon as possible and you can download the latest version here. It may of course not be as serious as it sounds but I would rather people do it right away and remove the possibility of any potential safety concerns. I never had this issue with the Reuleaux DNA 200 so this problem seems entirely exclusive to the RX200 and to be fair it may even be just be a few select models but to Wismec’s credit it has clearly been fixed and they do provide frequent firmware updates so don’t let it unnecessarily worry you because this is an excellent device! Of course it goes without saying that you should always read as much as you can before purchasing any device so you can make an informed decision.

I heavily used my GP Heron 1.5 for about nine hours on the first day chain vaping heavily at 12.8W. The next day I continued using my Heron for another eight hours. I then swapped to my Freemax Scylla and so far I have been vaping that for about an hour at 38W in Temperature Control Mode. The battery indicator is currently showing just below 50% so I consider the battery life to be pretty good. I am not sure if it is as efficient as the DNA 200 version which is not really surprising since it incorporates a far more advanced chip but I don’t honestly see why anyone would be dissatisfied with the RX200’s battery life.

We all know that battery life is going to vary heavily depending on what mode you use, the Wattage you apply and how often you vape. Of course you could happily vape a little longer at 200W with the RX200 due to its triple batteries than if you were using a typical dual 18650 device but at that extreme of power you will certainly run the batteries down much faster.

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The RX200 is an excellent budget version of the Reuleaux that does not compromise at all on quality! While it does not feature a DNA 200 chip the device certainly performs extremely well and Wismec’s chip caters to all popular wire times and offers up to 200W of power. Even though the Reuleaux DNA 200 is a brilliant device it does rely on the user being seriously interested in tweaking values and assigning presets and for people who just want to vape it can be a lot of unnecessary complication.

For most typical users the RX200 is probably the much better buy out of the two due to the far more accessible price tag and while it is a little heavy it does have a great form factor with its major advantage being much longer battery life compared to other devices.

The RX200 can be purchased from a variety of UK vendors and is typically priced at a very competitive £49.99. Please note that if you do purchase this device make sure you upgrade the firmware to the most current version. Currently V3.00 at this moment in time.

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