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Wismec AI Alexa Box Mod

With unique styling, and functionality we’ve never seen before, is the Wismec AI Mod a quality mod with bonus features, or an unnecessary gimmick?

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Wismec AI Alexa Box Mod

Wismec AI Alexa Box Mod

The Wismec AI Mod with built-in Alexa voice assistant is kindly supplied by Vapesourcing

With unique styling, and functionality I’ve never seen before, is the AI a quality mod with bonus features, or an unnecessary gimmick? This was the question I found myself pondering when the nicely packaged Wismec AI appeared on my doorstep.

Unboxing & Contents

The Wismec AI comes in a solid reinforced cardboard box with a viewing window to the front, allowing you to see the mod in all its glory. The box contains the following:

Wismec AI Alexa Box Mod boxed

  • QC USB Cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Warning Card

Pretty much everything you need from a mod! Note that the user manual is invaluable to help you connect this to your mobile device and reap the rewards of a voice assistant on the go.

The rounded edges and aesthetic design feel nice in the hand and the mod is surprisingly lithe given that it has a speaker, parts for the Bluetooth voice assistant, and dual 18650 batteries, measuring in at 53.5mm x 32.5mm x 87.3mm. Once the two 18650 batteries are inserted, it’s not the lightest of mods on the market, but personally, I quite like my mods to be a little weighty.

The colour options available are limited to three, but the colours are suitably varied to allow most people to find something they like.

Wismec AI Alexa Box Mod colours

The finish of the mod is exceptional, with a great metallic feel and solid clicky buttons, while the Avatar chip offers a well thought out menu system that is ridiculously easy to use. For the more adventurous, the mod supports a number of other modes besides the standard variable wattage, including TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS, and TCR (M1, M2, M3) and will fire builds from 0.05-1.5oHm in temperature control modes, 0.05-3.5oHm for VW and will soar up to a whopping 200W! 

The mod also supports a number of welcome safety features including: over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over 10S protection, short-circuit protection, and over-current protection. Battery vents are located in the magnetic battery cover, which fits the device well and doesn’t rattle when the mod is shaken (if that’s your thing!).

The AI has a sprung 510 thread that is located in the centre of the mod and will support tanks and drippers up to 30mm in diameter, meaning you won’t need to keep topping up that tiny tank.

Vaping Use

The question is, does the Wismec AI vape well? Actually, yes it does!

I have received solid and consistent performance from this mod. Ramp up time is great and wattages seem to be nice and accurate. The round aluminium fire button on the side is well placed and nicely grippy due to the brushed finish. The power +/- buttons are stiff without being overly difficult to push, meaning that you shouldn’t accidentally change power settings when removing it from your pocket. There’s nothing overly innovative or new with the vaping side of the device but it performs well, as you would expect from a brand like Wismec. Besides, with the addition of the Bluetooth voice assistant, who needs to reinvent the wheel when it comes to vape performance?

The Voice Assistant

I know why you’re here, it’s not for the vaping aspect: it’s for the voice assistant… Go on, tell me I’m wrong!

I initially laughed when I heard about this feature. Why on earth would you need Alexa on your mod? It turns out that, actually, it’s really quite useful! Seriously!

Connecting it to my phone wasn’t as painful as I expected. It connects like any Bluetooth enabled device. Once you have installed the Alexa app on your phone and run through the brief set-up wizard, it works surprisingly well. Rather than always listening, the mod features a prominent button with a microphone on it that when pressed, beeps to show it’s ready for your command. The actual functionality of the voice assistant basically does everything that the Alexa app can do: it’s simply a microphone and speaker connected to the app on your phone via Bluetooth! 

I had hours of fun ‘impressing’ my mates at the pub by giving them weather and traffic updates while vaping. The microphone seems surprisingly good and had no problem recognising my voice, even in moderately busy and loud environments, although I did need to hold it slightly closer to my mouth as the volume went up (common sense I guess!). Volume is easily changed via the two buttons marked + and - on the front section of the speaker and the controls are finished off by the addition of a power button so you don’t need to leave it connected at all times and waste your battery life.

Wismec AI Alexa Box Mod speaker and controls

Bluetooth Speaker

I didn’t really think about this when I first used the mod, but once it’s connected to your mobile it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker. The sound quality is surprisingly good and while lacking some of the bass response and volume of a dedicated speaker with a built-in subwoofer, it performs very well indeed for the size.

In addition to this, as the device has a built-in microphone, it can also be used as a hands-free system during calls. Wismec have pictured someone driving with it on the dashboard. Although in practice it tends to fall off pretty quickly, it does actually work and both parties can clearly hear the other. 

Battery life

I’ll admit, this one surprised me quite a bit. I naively assumed that the addition of the speaker and Bluetooth would see me reaching for the spare batteries in double-quick time, but that simply wasn’t the case. The ability to turn off the Bluetooth connection as well as the fact that the device isn’t always listening means that battery life is better than I expected. Of course, usage is not going to be as amazing as a standard mod but two decent 18650 batteries and moderate usage of the voice assistant will easily get you through a day.

It is worth mentioning, however, that if you use this as a Bluetooth speaker and leave it blaring away for a while, then yes, you will see the battery dying quite fast but, again, not as quickly as you might expect.


This mod took a while longer to review than I would have liked because I was having too much fun playing around with it! The voice assistant, which at first seemed like an eye-catching but ultimately useless gimmick, has turned a reasonably standard mod into something that is at once functional and useful but that also stands out from the crowd for the right reasons. Is it still a gimmick? Well, yes, but one that you may find yourself using a little more than you expected. Considering you can pick one up for around $40 (around £30 at the time of writing), it’s a fun piece of kit to own and definitely one that you will enjoy showing off to your mates or random passers-by who are wondering where you are blasting ‘Baby Shark’ from (you not me!).


  • Ergonomic
  • Quality metallic finish
  • Interesting colour options
  • Menu system is easy to use
  • Various vaping styles supported
  • Nice clicky buttons
  • Bright, easy to read screen
  • Feels great in the hand
  • It can tell you anything that the Alexa voice app can
  • It can talk to you and play music while you vape!


  • A little heavy
  • Heavy use of Bluetooth will see the battery life cut
  • Old tech Micro USB

I’ll admit, this little mod both surprised and delighted me. The features, while unusual and gimmicky, actually work very well and provide something fun and different in a market that can sometimes seem saturated with same-ish devices. What I expected to be a bit of a laugh has actually been an eye-opening experience and cemented a place in my heart for this little beauty. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Score 8/10 – Innovative, interesting and great as a cheap and useful vape device.

You can now buy one of these babies for only $41.99 from with discount code AIMod!

Thanks again to Vapesourcing for supplying this kit for the review.

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