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VTX-25 Box Mod by Vape Cige

The VTX-25 is a compact and form friendly device manufactured by Vape Cige that offers 1.0-25W of power. It requires a single 18650 battery and also includes Temperature Control functionality.

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In my opinion this device is very well put together and it certainly functions without issues but it is still something of an oddity which might only ever appeal to a small amount of customers. The reason for this is the maximum Wattage which is woefully underpowered for a single 18650 device. I do appreciate that this device is marketed as a beginner box mod and it will be fine for anyone who vapes high resistance coils at low Wattage (Nautilus Mini users I am thinking of you) but in all honesty it heavily limits the user’s options and I do feel that a more flexible device would be the better option even if you never use the additional Wattage.

If this device offered a maximum of 50-60W I think I would be a little bit more optimistic about it but as it stands compared to what is available on the market at present a 25W device that only supports Kanthal and Ni200 wire types is very limiting. Perhaps if the device was also priced much lower than it is it would be more attractive but since it currently retails for about $59.98 on Gearbest it compares poorly to an 80W IPV D3 which you can pick up for $62.57. As such this device is a poor investment in my opinion. The fact that the 510 pin is not even spring-loaded is another weakness of this device and there is no guarantee that the tanks you actually own will fire.

To put a more positive spin on things for the most part the device has a decent enough form factor, feels solidly built and in Wattage mode it will certainly give you plenty of vape time out of an 18650 battery considering its limitations. At the end of the day if you have low Wattage requirements then you would do much better looking elsewhere since I wouldn’t part with money for this and neither should you! If some strange reason your heart is set on this because you like the design then do be aware of its many issues and consider that if you ever want to try out other atomizers and setups in the future you will be restricting yourself heavily.

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