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VooPoo Argus GT II

VooPoo are back with a refresh on the classic Argus kit, cunningly called the Argus GT 2!

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Supplied by VooPoo for review
Price TBC

VooPoo have followed up the success of the Argus GT kit with a version two, this is far from a tweak of the old design but a whole new animal. I LOVED the original, but this thing is on another level of design.

I was sent the silver/wood version to review and it’s right up my street, I know shiny things are harder to keep clean but I do enjoy a good buff now and then. As always, Voopoo have a good selection of colours to choose from so you should find one to suit your own tastes.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit tinned

  • Crater design tank
  • Compatible with TPP-DM1,TPP-DM2,TPP-DM3,TPP-DM4 coils
  • Size: 142.8* 54* 29mm
  • Battery: Dual 18650 batteries(Excluded)
  • Output: 5-200W
  • Output Voltage: 0-12V
  • Capacity: 6.5ml
  • 200W Max Power Stable Output
  • IP68 Certificated Tri-proof
  • MAAT TANK NEW, unique volcano crater design
  • GENE TT 2.0 Chip
  • 3A Type-C Charging
  • 6.5ml Capacity

So a couple of things spring out; IP68 ‘Tri’ proofing (water, shock, dust) is a welcome move and the first VooPoo dual battery mod that I have seen this feature on, then there’s the new MAAT TANK NEW (odd name choice) which offers some interesting innovations and a large 6.5ml capacity, finally the 3 Amp charging is quite a pro, especially on a dual 18650 mod.


Back when the original Argus GT came out, Voopoo were innovative with their packaging and the kit came in a rather nifty plastic ammo type case, this time around VooPoo have packaged the version 2 in a tin.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit cool packaging

The presentation is excellent, opening up the tin impressed me with how it was laid out within a compact blown plastic tray, and the extras were stored in their own little box.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit unboxing

Top marks go to VooPoo as this gave a great first impression, and I could already tell the GT II was going to be that little bit special, the mod was worlds apart from the version 2, but it was the MAAT tank that caught my interest at first, but more on that later.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit contents

The bundle is as you would expect from a mod & tank kit: Argus GT II mod, MAAT tank, two different coils (0.15ohms and 0.2ohms), a type C charging cable, and the user manual. There was just one thing missing for me; no spare glass or straight option, which was a bit of a shame.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit first look

First Impressions

I was surprised just how different the Argus GT II was to the original version, it hardly shares any of the originals features and is a fair bit heavier. I’m struggling to think of anything that is from the GT 1, the similar indented fire button and control layout perhaps, but the screen is different and brighter with a huge wattage font.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit vs OG Argus

It appears that the Argus GT has eaten quite a few pies during the pandemic and has put on a few kilograms. One of the features of the original was that it was incredibly light weight, but this has been sacrificed as the new version has had a protection upgrade with weather proofing etc.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit heavyweight

The mod comes in at 164g without batteries, the MAAT tank is 68g which is heavier than the PnP tank, but it shouldn’t be compared as the MAAT is a proper tank assembly and is far better quality. By the time you’ve added the tank and 2 x 18650 batteries, it comes in at 324g total, add a few grams onto that for a coil and e-liquid.

The weight pleasing for me as I prefer that more solid feel with dual battery sub-ohm kits, but some users might find it a little on the heavy side, personally I don’t see it as a deal breaker and it’s a pro for me.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit charging port

One of the first new features that caught my eye was the charging port which is hidden under a sliding cover on the top of the mod, I really liked the position and the cover was pretty easy to open and close, although it was stiff from new, it soon loosened up enough.

The battery door is very secure and opens up fully (the original was a bit loose and didn’t open all the way), it is also well sealed and stays shut, I think it’s the best battery door I have tried in a VooPoo mod. The battery orientation markings are embossed on the gold contact and on the inside of the mod.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit screen side

The next all new feature is the physical locking switch underneath the adjustment buttons, this has been well implemented and is stiff enough to avoid accidental unlocking when stowed.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit back and lock switch

Got Wood?

The immediate design feature that I loved is the mock wood effect leather grip, I’ve never seen this on a vape mod before and until I picked it up, I actually thought it was real wood. It soon became apparent it was padded faux leather, and a closer look you can tell it is a fabric.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit not wood

Either way, it impressed me a lot, with the look of wood but the feel of leather, the embossed ARGUS GTII looked stylish too with a natty "A" logo to finish it off, I really like VooPoo’s recent subtle branding.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit all round look

The ‘exoskeleton’ style is looking more and more Aegis like, but I prefer it to the original as the deeper skeleton looks better to me and it also sits in your hand more comfortably. The body is mostly metal, but there’s rubber sealing within and top and bottom which is colour matched to your colour choice (silver grey on mine).

One of the problems with the Argus GT 1 was the width which struggled to accommodate larger tanks without overhang, VooPoo have been quite clever with the GT II as it’s a little wider and they have belled the base of the larger MAAT tank so it blends in better.

MAAT New Tank

The ‘NEW’ tank is very different to the MAAT original (from the Alpha Zipp) with ‘Volcano Crater Design’ which offers leak protection, DM1-4 coils, and rather fancy airflow adjustment.

I don’t usually ‘Copy-Paste’ manufacturer bumf but since the official page isn’t live yet, here’s the tanks introduction info:

Ingenious Volcano Crater Design, New leak proof experience
After 1,257 precise air flow adjustments, ARGUS GT II MAAT TANK NEW is designed in the unique volcano crater structure which drains the condensate down and isolates it at the bottom. So as to better prevent the condensate from seeping into the host under different holding angles during use; The two-way airway makes deep lung suction more labor-saving, so that the direct air flow rate can be increased by 60%, the vapor outbreak is faster and more direct, and the utilization rate of e-liquid can be effectively improved. The bottom electrode POGO PIN design can more effectively reduce the contact impedance. The crater shaped design creates a new oil leakage proof experience for users.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit new MAAT tank

The new styling is rather good and suits the mod as it is quite contemporary, that is until you get to the airflow adjustment. It has dual sided air inlets which look a little small even when wide open, but that’s deceptive as this tank is VERY airy fully open, a bit more on the airflow later, but it impressed me even before I vaped with it.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit MAAT tank parts

There’s a little design feature that nearly went unnoticed until I was photographing it; the base is contoured. It was only when I popped it back onto the mod that I saw that it was to blend into the bevelled edge of the mod. Had it been square, it could have looked odd on the mod, a nice touch I thought.

The tank strips down quite easily though I struggled with removing the glass. Since I didn’t have a spare and needed to review it, I didn’t risk the brute force required. I’m sure it will just push off once I break the seal. The top filling cap is a third of a turn counter-clockwise and stays put and seals, the base unscrews with minimum threading and is well machined. The coils are an easy press fit and are equally easy to remove.

The tank is compatible with TPP-DM1,TPP-DM2,TPP-DM3,TPP-DM4 coils which are widely available and are a bit larger than the PnP coils, so they support higher wattage vaping.

  • TPP-DM1 0.15ohm Coil - 60W - 80W
  • TPP-DM2 0.2ohm Coil - 40W - 60W
  • TPP-DM3 0.15ohm Coil - 80W - 100W - NEW
  • TPP-DM4 0.3ohm Coil - 32W - 40W – NEW

The included coils are the DM-2 and the DM-3, you might notice that the DM-3 is the same ohms as the DM-1 (0.15ohms) but allows a higher wattage range of up to 100watts. I have tried them both and the new DM-3 is a cracking high powered cloud chucker at 100watts and suits this dual battery setup better in my opinion, the DM-1 is better for single battery kits.


The 810 drip tip is just superb, the shape is well designed inside and out. It is finished off with a ringed metal base which adds style to the tank. It’s not that often we see mainstream manufacturers put this much effort into the drip-tip.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit filling

Filling the tank was hassle free, though you need to remove the top cap. I’m preferring this method to many of the sliding top caps which can be awkward as the drip tip gets in the way, with a removable top cap you can get your shortfill bottles in easier (especially the chubby ones). There’s a silicone bladder which kept it mess free, and a small breather hole to prevent air locks.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit airflow

The airflow adjuster is just excellent. It might look gimmicky, but in use it’s one of the best I’ve tried. The dial’s lever is so much easier to adjust, and the machining is spot on with a quality feel to it, a small thing perhaps but it feels so intuitive to adjust the airflow without needing to look.

The dual air inlets looked small to me at first, but the MAAT tank is surprisingly airy, so much so that I had to dial it down for my tastes.


The difference in the user interface makes the main controls a bit easier to navigate, especially if you only intend to use the included MAAT tank and coils. The default ‘SMART’ is pretty much all you will need and I cannot see any reason to delve into the settings other than to reset the puff counter if required.

The screen is bright and the wattage font is really big and looks good, though the rest of the info is quite small and my older eyes struggled to read details such as the resistance and battery levels, but the information on screen is spot on and includes two separate battery levels and percentage.

For DIY tank users, you can find the regular options such as ‘RBA and ‘TURBO’ where you can set your own wattage without restriction up to the 200 watts (SMART limits to 80 watts), you also get TC (Temperature Control) options including Ni, Ti and SS with the option of saving your pre-sets.

  • 5 x Fire = Turns device On/Off
  • Press & Hold Up & Down = Enters top menu
    • SETTING – Puff Counter only
    • ABOUT DEVICE – Version & Serial No
    • EXIT – Erm… exits!

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit screen

The locking is now a physical switch which is welcome, however there is no option to lock the adjustment buttons during use so there’s the risk of accidentally adjusting your wattage. Fortunately SMART mode will prevent you from exceeding the coils maximum, but there’s no protection in the other modes.

TC Modes offer a few more options and is fairly easy to dial in the desired temperature and wattage (3 x Fire to set wattage once in TC vaping), and you can easily save the settings by pressing Fire and Up buttons.

Overall the chipset offers enough for the majority of users and is reasonably easy to understand. DIY users may benefit from a quick read of the manual which is easy to follow and explains it all quite well.


If you’re bored of reading by now then ‘In A Nutshell’ the ARGUS GT II is the best DL vape that VooPoo have produced so far. Although the coils aren’t new, they deliver so well in the new MAAT tank with the airflow design really squeezing extra performance from the DM coils, especially the DM-3 0.15ohm at higher wattage.

Both coils performed well and the vape was quite similar in flavour, the DM-2 0.2ohm (40-60watts) was the better option for lower powered with a cooler vape and you get a better battery life, but it was the newer DM-3 0.15ohm coil that impressed me more. Starting off at 80watts, it was okay but as you crept up to the maximum 100watts, it stood out more with a warm, full bodied flavour and large vapour production. For the physical coil size, it felt like it was punching above its weight.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit robot love

Smarting about Smart

There was a snag with the DM-3 coil (80-100W) though, the default ‘SMART’ option would not let you go above 80W which makes sense for the DM-1 (60-80W) but did not take into account the higher range of the newer DM-3. The way to get around this was to switch to either ‘RBA’ or ‘TURBO’ mode and set your own wattage, but this negates the ‘SMART’ function and means newer vapers need to delve into the menu to get the most from this coil. It’s not a deal-breaker as such because the coil still delivers a decent vape at 80W, and the coil should last a bit longer than if you were to vape at 100W.

This didn’t bother me and I ended up preferring ‘TURBO’ mode at 90W, and I was really enjoying the vape, warm but not to warm. The flavour was superb and the vapour production was fairly high though not what I would call silly, but cloud chasers might prefer it at 100W.


I don’t usually talk about airflow separately but it’s worth doing on the MAAT New Tank as it was noticeably good. Not only was it very airy, it was smooth and I noticed zero turbulence. It was never going to be quiet, but the noise was even with no annoying whistles. The adjustment method stood out as possibly my favourite of any tank I have tried, it was easy to grip and turn without looking, and I was able to set it while drawing air through the tank, it felt innovative to me.

Leak-proof wise; so far so good and not so much as a dribble from the coil base. Looking at the base of the tank on the inside, I’m not quite sure how VooPoo have achieved this, there’s a little lip that I would consider the ‘crater’ that should catch a small amount of e-liquid and suck it back up, but even this was dry. Usually tanks like to ‘wet the bed’ after being left unused for a couple of days or so, and I can’t see this method preventing that, but in normal vaping use I would say the leak-proofing works well.

Using the mod was a pleasing experience, the padded grip was comfortable and the fire button was well positioned. I really liked how it felt in the hand and the weight felt like you had a substantial high quality bit of kit, and the looks of it matched that feeling. It was one of those kits where you find yourself admiring it between vapes. The downside of my shiny fetish was the fingerprints on the chrome finished exoskeleton, but the rest of it remained smear free including the screen surprisingly, it appears to have that new-fangled smear resistant plastic.

The final pleasant surprise was the charging; the ARGUS GTII has balanced 3 Amp charging. The charging screen was well illustrated with an animation and shows the percentage, sadly there was no estimated time, but the speed made up for that. It really took me by surprise that I missed the time it took, it’s one of those mods where I won’t mind top-up charging rather than waiting for it to fully drain which makes it handy for longer days.


There’s just something about VooPoo’s products that rarely fails to impress, and the ARGUS GT II still managed to raise the bar with more than just an update to the original ARGUS GT, this is just so much better and different with the tri-proof features; to the point I feel it deserves its own new name as it’s unlike any other VooPoo kits.

The MAAT New Tank is so much better than the PnP pod on the previous version; not only is it a ‘proper’ tank, it is also very well designed and is innovative which translates into a better overall vape (especially with the newer DM-3 coil), it looks and feels high quality and is much better than the original MAAT tank.

Niggles or cons? I had to think hard on this, there is nothing at all that is close to a deal-breaker, and personally I don’t have a single con. A niggle for me is there’s a bit of button rattle. The only thing I would point out to new users is the ‘SMART’ mode doesn’t cater for the newer DM-3 coil so new users using the default setup won’t get the most out of it unless they use other modes (RBA or TURBO).


  • MAAT New Tank is the cherry on the icing
  • Weather/shock/dust proof
  • Quality look and feel
  • Attention to detail
  • Physical locking switch
  • Easy navigation chipset
  • Bright screen with large wattage font
  • Flavour
  • Innovative airflow


  • SMART limits the DM-3 coil
  • No adjustment button lock (switch locks all or nothing)
  • Fire button rattle

Final Thoughts

The ARGUS GT II has impressed me a LOT, VooPoo’s design team and their quality have pushed the boat out on this one and plenty of new things have been introduced. There’s a couple of niggles, but nothing anywhere close to being a deal-breaker, and there are far more reasons to buy it rather than not.

This is clearly my favourite DL dual battery kit that VooPoo have produced, a superb mod, a superb tank, and a vape that compliments it perfectly.

Score: 9/10 – Like VooPoo? Like DL? You’ll love this.

VooPoo Argus GT II Kit robot

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