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Vaporesso Target Mini Kit

We are taking a look at this new wave of ‘mini’ mods to hit the market, with reviews on the Artery Nugget, Council of Vapor Mini Volt 2 and the Smokjoy Air50 in the pipeline, today we are going to have a look at the Vaporesso Target Mini kit and its overall performance.

The Vaporesso Target Mini Kit comes in a range of seven different colours, and alongside the Vaporesso Target Mini mod you also get the Vaporesso Guardian tank as well. The Vaporesso Target Mini is a much slimmed down version of the Vaporesso Target mod, with a 1400mAh inbuilt battery, a 40W power output and an advanced board that supports Ni200, Titanium and Stainless Steel in temperature control as well as custom TCR input. The Vaporesso Guardian tank features a leak resistant design, a dual child locking mechanism, 2ml capacity, options for mouth to lung and direct lung inhaling, top filling and the Vaporesso cCell coil heads, that have a ceramic wick.

It’s a small all in one kit, but does it deliver on performance? Let’s have a look...


Vaporesso Target Mini Mod:

  • 36.5 x 24.2 x 58.1 mm dimensions
  • 93 g weight
  • Temperature control support for Ni200, Titanium, Stainless Steel and Custom TCR input
  • Temperature Range: 100℃-315℃/200F-600F
  • 5-40W output range
  • Resistance range 0.15Ω-5Ω / Temperature Control:0.1Ω-1.0Ω
  • Standby Current: ﹤30uA
  • Voltage range: 0-9V
  • Lithium 1400mAh built in battery
  • Zinc Alloy and Stainless Steel construction
  • 510 Threaded
  • 0.49” OLED screen display

Vaporesso Guardian:

  • 22mm width
  • 55mm height
  • 2ml capacity
  • Direct lung and mouth to lung vaping options
  • CCELL-GD SS 0.5Ω coil pre installed for direct lung vaping
  • CCELL-GD MTL 1.4Ω Coil included in box for mouth to lung vaping
  • Specific direct lung and mouth to lung drip tips included
  • Leak resistant design
  • Childproof locking system

What’s in the Vaporesso Target Mini Kit?

The Vaporesso Target Mini Kit features the Vaporesso Target Mini mod, and the Vaporesso Guardian tank with a CCELL-GD SS 0.5ohm ceramic coil pre-installed. In addition to this, there is also a USB charger included, a MTL drip tip and a CCELL-GD MTL 1.4ohm coil. A detailed instruction manual is also included.

Vaporesso Target Mini Mod

Measuring in at a compact 36.5mm x 24.2mm x 58.1mm, the Vaporesso Target Mini is a scaled down version of the Vaporesso Target, and like it’s bigger brother it sports a funky trigger styled design. It’s very light and comfortable to hold in hand, and although the buttons at a glance are small they are clicky and responsive. The large power button at the front is great, a perfect size for your forefinger, and you may notice there are three buttons below the OLED screen, a plus, minus and mode button.

It feels very well made, and aesthetically it is pretty pleasing as well. There's a nice carbon fibre wrap on the rear, the OLED screen is large and easy to read, offering information on output power, battery life, temperature limit (when in TC mode), resistance and output voltage. There is a USB port present that is used for charging the Vaporesso Target Mini, as far as I can see there is no option to upgrade the firmware.

Operating the Vaporesso Target Mini Mod

  • 5 clicks of the power button turn the Vaporesso Target Mini on and off
  • Wattage is adjusted in 0.1W increments, holding down plus or minus will cycle through wattage settings quicker
  • Hold down the mode button to switch between wattage, Ni200, Titanium and SS temperature control mode (temperature control denoted by VT on the Vaporesso Target Mini)
  • Press the mode button three times consecutively then use the plus or minus buttons to enter the TCR of a specific wire manually, quick press mode twice to exit TCR input mode
  • Pressing mode and plus simultaneously will lock the Vaporesso Target Mini
  • Pressing mode and minus simultaneously will lock in your resistance
  • Holding down plus and minus will rotate the screen display
  • The Vaporesso Target Mini display will automatically turn off after 20 seconds of inactivity
  • If the Vaporesso Target Mini is not used for three minutes, it will automatically enter standby mode
  • Short circuit, no atomiser, low voltage, 10 second cut off, overcharging protection and low battery protection are all built into the Vaporesso Target Mini Mod

Vaporesso Guardian Tank

The Vaporesso Guardian Tank is a 2ml capacity tank manufactured from stainless steel with a large glass tank section. The Vaporesso Guardian tank is top filling, and this also features a childproof locking system safety feature. It’s quite a sleek looking tank, and it suits the Vaporesso Target Mini perfectly.

Interestingly, with the Vaporesso Guardian Tank there are two dedicated options to cater to both direct lung inhalers and mouth to lung inhalers. Pre-installed with the Vaporesso Guardian Tank is the CCELL-GD SS 0.5ohm ceramic coil, a coil head that has a ceramic wick and a stainless steel coil, designed for use by direct lung inhalers in the range of 20-35W. The pre fitted drip tip is a wide bore drip tip designed for direct lung inhaling, and there is a spare in the tank that can be used in conjunction with the CCELL-GD MTL 1.4ohm coil for mouth to lung vaping.

Airflow is controlled via the airflow control ring located at the top of the Vaporesso Guardian tank. It’s a smooth airflow control ring that has a fully adjustable cyclops airflow slot for direct lung inhaling, and a much smaller airflow hole for mouth to lung vaping.

Vaporesso Target Mini Kit Performance

The Vaporesso Target Mini has plenty of power for the supplied Vaporesso Guardian tank, with 5-40W available, and as it is able to fire resistances down to 0.2ohm in wattage mode you can swap out the Guardian tank if you fancy using something that requires even more power! You do have temperature control available, which you will need to use a different atomiser for, with options for Ni200, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils as well as a custom TCR. Temperature control performance is actually quite impressive, with stable performance and no fluctuations experienced during use.

I was pretty impressed with the Vaporesso Guardian tank. You have the CCELL-GD SS 0.5ohm ceramic coil pre installed, which I found to offer pretty decent flavour and a respectable amount of vapour as well. The airflow offers a restricted lung hit when the cyclops airflow slot is under half open, which was my preferred setting due to obtaining more intense flavour results, and when it is wide open it offers a pretty airy lung hit with lots of vapour. Coil longevity is great too, with these coils having a ceramic wick you can expect a much longer lifespan over traditional cotton wicked coils. If mouth to lung vaping is your preference, then install the CCELL-GD MTL 1.4ohm coil and switch over the drip tip for the narrower bore one. You can still use the cyclops airflow slot, however it’s a pretty flavourless experience! Set the airflow to the single airflow hole and the watts to 12-15w and there is a tight mouth to lung draw with more concentrated flavour!

Battery life is one of the best out there when it comes to mini mods. The Vaporesso Target Mini has a 1400 mAh in built Lithium battery that when used in combination with the Vaporesso Guardian tank and its respective coils, you will get around 2-4 hours of battery life, so for short trips out or car journeys for instance, it is ideal for those purposes. It charges back up pretty rapidly too, just make sure you use a safe USB charging source!


The Vaporesso Target Mini Kit is a solid and consistent little performer, that offers one of the most feature packed chipsets out of any mini mod found to date, and the small trigger style form factor is ideal! The Vaporesso Guardian tank is pretty impressive when it comes to flavour, and jointly appeals to both direct lung and mouth to lung inhalers.

The Vaporesso Target Mini Kit is a great little kit that is worth picking up as a back up to your main set ups, or for taking on holiday with you for example. It definitely punches above it’s weight when it comes to performance, and it’s available at a decent price as well!  You can get this kit from Smoke Purer here - the kit is priced at £44.99 but POTV readers can get a 10% discount on all of their stock using the code POTV. Smoke Purer have also given us one of these kits to give away - just enter the competition here.

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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