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Vaporesso Revenger

Vaporesso's most powerful device to date is the Revenger, which is the first device they produced which pushed through the 200W barrier providing direct competition to the most popular 200W+ mods on the market!

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Vaporesso's most powerful device to date is the Revenger, which is the first device they produced which pushed through the 200W barrier providing direct competition to the most popular 200W+ mods on the market!

Powered by Vaporesso's new and enhanced OMNI Board 2.0, which Vaporesso state is their most advanced chipset to date. This offers a wattage range of 5-220W, and is able to fire resistances from 0.05-5ohm, with temperature control support for Ni200, Titanium, SS and a custom TCR input mode. The Vaporesso Revenger is powered by two high amp 18650 batteries.

An ergonomic design is featured with a metal fire button, and an environmentally friendly In Mould Labelling injection coating provides extra durability as well as a clearer screen. This promises to provide greater wear resistance to keep your Revenger scratch free!


  • 89mm x 45mm x 28mm dimensions
  • 138g weight
  • Aluminium Alloy construction
  • In Mould Labelling injection system used for greater wear resistance and screen graphics quality
  • 0.96" OLED screen display
  • Spring loaded centrally mounted 510 connector
  • Powered by two high amp 18650 batteries
  • Magnetic battery door cover
  • New OMNI Board 2.0, Vaporesso's most advanced chipset to date
  • 5-220W wattage range
  • 0-9V voltage range
  • 50A maximum output current
  • Modes: VT (Ni200/SS/Titanium), TCR (M1/M2), RCT/CCW/CCT/BYPASS
  • 100C-300C/200F-600F temperature control range
  • 7 different colour finishes available
  • Can be purchased with the Vaporesso NRG Tank as part of the Vaporesso Revenger Kit
  • 2.5A fast balanced charging via USB
  • Remaining charging time displayed on screen
  • Real Time Clock display

What's in the box?

The Vaporesso Revenger comes in a black presentation box which features the Vaporesso Revenger mod, a USB quick charge cable, user manual, warranty card and safety information card.

Design and Build Quality

I've got to say that I absolutely love the look of the Vaporesso Revenger, it has got a real eye catching futuristic appearance about it, and when I held it for the first time I was enamoured with how it felt in hand, it is a very comfortable mod to hold and it's ergonomic design means that it is not only comfortable but easy to operate as well. With measurements of 89mm x 45mm x 28mm it's pretty damn small for a dual 18650 battery mod, I've held and used bigger single 18650 battery devices for sure!

The body is crafted from aluminium alloy, which makes it feel quite light in hand, and an In Mould Labelling (IML) injection coating provides extra durability plus a clearer screen. The OLED screen on the Vaporesso Revenger measures in at 0.96 inches, and is very clear and easy to read. On screen, you can clearly see which mode you are in, the current wattage setting, temperature limit (if in temperature control), resistance, a battery indicator for each individual battery, voltage output, output mode, SMART mode (if enabled) as well as vaping time.

A large metallic firing button is found on the side of the mod, which feels very responsive when pushed, and the up, down and mode buttons are found on the front of the Revenger, just underneath the OLED screen. These are positioned very well, and are easy to reach and operate with one hand. A USB port is also found here, you can charge your batteries using the USB port if need be with Vaporesso's Quick Charge System (more on that later), and the firmware can also be upgraded as well.  

Normally, I'm not a fan of having the 510 connector located on the top centre of the mod, however I've had no issue with this on the Vaporesso Revenger. It just feels right, giving you a few different ways of comfortably holding and firing the mod, and the spring loaded 510 connector allows for a flush fit between mod and atomiser. The 28mm width means that pretty much anything you screw on top of the Revenger will look great with no overhang present. 

As I've mentioned, the Vaporesso Revenger takes two 18650 batteries and a magnetic battery door cover gives access to the battery sled. It is a bit of a tight fit when getting your batteries in, so take care not to tear your battery wraps. The magnets which hold the battery door on are impressively strong, meaning you don't have to worry about the battery door coming off. Large venting holes are found at the base of the Vaporesso Revenger.

I must say that although the Vaporesso Revenger has a beautiful finish once taken out of the box, it doesn't take much for this to start chipping off. I noticed a chip in the red paint on my Revenger after the first day I used it, even though it had been carried around in my pocket most of the day with nothing else in my pocket, and it has picked up a few more small nicks since then. The shiny screen is also a fingerprint magnet, and it picks up scratches easily as well. I'd take great care when handling the Revenger if you wish to keep it in pristine order!

Using the Vaporesso Revenger

The Vaporesso Revenger uses Vaporesso's new OMNI Board 2.0, which Vaporesso say is the most advanced and accurate chipset they have developed to date. It is packed full of features, and it is operated as follows-

  • 5 clicks of the power button will turn the Vaporesso Revenger on and off
  • If the device is unused for 10 seconds, the screen will change to the Real Time Clock display
  • When a new atomiser is screwed in the resistance will be automatically read, and the Revenger can even automatically detect the coil type as well
  • Holding the mode and plus buttons down simultaneously for two seconds will lock the plus and minus buttons
  • Holding the plus and minus buttons down simultaneously for two seconds will rotate the screen display 180 degrees
  • Holding the mode button down for three seconds will allow you to switch between VW (variable wattage) with Hard, Normal and Soft power output settings, VT (temperature control mode) with Ni200, SS, Titanium and TCR settings, Bypass (mechanical mod mode), CCW and CCT modes.
  • The full menu can be accessed by holding the power and minus buttons down
  • CCW mode will allow you to customise your ramp up time as well as when different wattage settings kick in at diffferent times during your vape
  • CCT mode will allow you to customise the ramp up time as well as when different temperature settings kick in when using a TC coil
  • Time set allows you to set the time and date, which is displayed on the screen if the device isn't used for 10 seconds, and this can either be a numbered display or pointer display. Frustratingly, when you remove your batteries, the time and date setting is lost and needs to be reset each time you put your batteries back in, I gave up doing this after it happened for the third time!
  • Default will reset all settings back to factory defaults
  • SMART on/off will turn SMART Mode on or off, this mode automatically sets a power output and setting for you based on the resistance of your coil
  • Screen timeout allows you to change when the clock is displayed on screen


With a maximum output of 220W and the ability to read resistance down to 0.05ohm, the Revenger is right up there with the most popular 200W+ mods on the market to date. Thanks to the OMNI Board 2.0, power is delivered consistently and resistance is read very accurately, and it's a great fit for just about any type of atty and build. It's very responsive, there is no discernible delay between pressing the fire button and your atty firing up.

A great feature with the device is SMART mode, which means that you can simply screw on an atty and the Revenger will not only automatically read the resistance but it will also select a recommended wattage setting for you, and it has been spot on with a great vape every time I have used this feature. You can still adjust the wattage and power output setting further if you still aren't happy with the setting. If you want to customise your vape even further, then CCW mode allows you to customise your ramp up time and set different wattages to kick in each second. If you would like the Revenger to perform like a mechanical mod, then Bypass mode is a great option to have.

Temperature control is well catered for, Ni200, Titanium and Stainless Steel each have their own preset settings, and the Revenger can detect these coil types are being used automatically and switch to the correct setting for you straight away. Two TCR memory slots are included, allowing you to set and save the coefficients of other wire types and use them in TC. CCT Mode means you can customise your TC vape even further, by setting your own ramp up times and increases/decreases in temperature control limits to kick in consecutively.

Battery life was surprisingly a little weaker than I expected, which may be down to the demands of the OMNI Board 2.0, and my batteries didn't last as long as I expected them to. For example, when using my Eden Mods Trillium with a 0.5ohm coil head at 40W, I would struggle to get a full day's use out of the Revenger, whereas I would get a day and a half using the same batteries, atty, coil head and wattage setting out of other dual 18650 mods such as the Tesla WYE200W or Wismec Predator. The Revenger does feature a quick charge system, where you can very quickly balance charge your batteries via the USB port at up to 2.5A and the charging time will be displayed onscreen, however I would only advise doing this in an emergency as the stress this puts on your batteries will drastically reduce their total lifespan.


Vaporesso have developed a real competitor in the Revenger, it is a mod which pretty much has it all- great looks, awesome functionality and plenty of power as well. I love the compact size of it, even though it is a dual 18650 mod it is compact enough to be pocket friendly and very comfortable to use in hand as well. I've been using it an awful lot since I received it, as it has paired off superbly well with whichever atomiser I have used on it.

Admittedly I was a little disappointed in the finish becoming chipped and scratched fairly quickly, as I really do love the look of this mod and wasn't too happy to see those good looks tarnished. If you are considering buying a Revenger and wish to keep it looking great, I'd highly advise that you take extra care when handling and using it. Performance wise it is hard to find fault with the Revenger, aside from the slightly shorter than expected battery life, and it is a great purchase for the price!  You can get the Revenger kit from Best Vaping for £54.99 here - POTV readers can get 10% off using the code POTV10. Discount codes on this page are not to be used for the purchase of unlicensed nicotine containing products or their components.

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