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Vapesmarter Cranked DNA 75

The custom, one-of-a-kind, hand crafted DNA 75 mod by Vapesmarter

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Welcome to another Sacred POTV review and this time we have something rather special. Out on the market now there is a whole range of different products and mods from the small, the cheap, the mass produced to the top end mods. Here today however I have something that stands out on its own, I give to you the Vapesmarter Cranked DNA 75.

If you have been around on this site for as long as I have, then you know who Vapesmarter is. If not then you are in for a real treat. Vapesmarter sells DNA mods, at the going rates you would expect. However, what makes them a little bit extra special is that you get a custom one of a kind hand crafted DNA mod for your money rather than a device everyone else has. I told you it was special! Vapesmarter gave me the honour of trying out one of his test devices for the past couple of weeks so I wanted to share with you my thoughts and review of sorts of a stab-wood DNA 75 mod that he had lying about. Before we continue I must confess I am not a DNA Chip expert so I want to review it as myself, a brand new entrant into these range of devices. I want to share with you my thoughts, experiences and overall opinion of these devices, so without further ado, let’s begin.

In the box

So straight away we will start with the standard in the box section, but a little bit different this time around. I was sent was the following:

  • Vapesmarter Cranked DNA75 single 18650 box mod in a velvet pouch
  • USB cable
  • Little plastic things, I have no idea what they were to be honest.
  • Letter telling me all about the device and how to care for it
  • Picture of the Vapesmarter mascot
  • Hand crafted wooden chest to contain it all

So amazing little touches in the box. Next up, let’s talk about what the device actually is.

About the Vapesmarter Cranked

Let’s talk about the device. The mod I was allowed to use was a single 18650 battery device, combined with a DNA 75 chip set that powered all the way up to 75W. The device was a stab wood style device with custom battery tube and a lovely varnished finish. The device has a small round firing button on the side with a small full colour screen and usb port. The device comes fully compatible with Escribe, as you would expect. On the side also there are 3 navigation buttons with an up and down with a middle select button for the menu system. On top there is a lovely big 510 plate which can house tanks of up to around 30mm perhaps a little less but certainly bigger than your average 35mm. The battery tube is a screw out metal cover and finally on the bottom there is a trademark Vapesmarter logo.

Going into the device settings and the menu system comes with a very simplified screen with 5 clicks to take the lock off indicated by 5 stars. Once through, you are greeted by a full colour background with battery indicator, resistance, date, time and Evolve chip logo. Once you add a tank you get greeted with a new screen asking you to set resistance, vaping type and saving details. Very simple but once you hook the device up to Escribe then you get a whole range of options to fine tune the device as well as the replay mode to lock in the desired vape level.

Cranked DNA 75W finish

Cranked Pros

As always the first place to start with any device is the build quality and the Cranked looks and feels absolutely stunning. With the mix of dark and light woods with a varnished finish, it really stands out from anything else I have tried. The device with its wooden body feels solid and sturdy with a lovely glossed finish. The battery cap is secure when screwed into place and the fire button has a lovely soft clicky feeling to it with little back light as well. The curved design fits into your palm really well and the fire button is perfectly placed for comfortable use. The response time of the chip inside is excellent and extremely accurate as well, especially when combined with the Escribe software, which allows you to customise your vape right down to the second of firing, an incredible level of detail. The full colour screen is another nice touch and allows you to put whatever background you want on there, it's a really nice touch, and allows you to have your own personalised design. I love the little light on the mod when pressing the fire button, but then as you know I am a fan of any lights on a mod when done right!

The device is very light and the battery life can be around 4-5 hours on a single 18650, in my case a 25R, so again it matches/exceeds any other single battery device I have used. The battery tube is lovely and smooth as well, the battery glides in rather than drops which just feels satisfying when changing batteries. The fact it can house bigger atomisers on top is another big pro for me, again gives you that added option to use whatever you want without overhang, despite the profile not looking like it should let you. Finally the last pro for me is what you actually get when ordering. The hand crafted chest and the little extras inside. All lovely little touches and makes the whole thing seem personalised. Whilst I am on that front, the biggest pro of all is going to be the fact that these devices are custom and one-of-a-kind. Where else can you get a mod that is personalised to you and you alone? Fantastic!

Cranked Cons

So I guess it is time to find fault the device, but I am going to be very subjective here.I was using was a test device rather than a finished article so I will offer cons based on the little touches I would want from the fully finished version, rather than be critical about something for the sake of it. Make sense? Probably not but bear with me on that one.

So the first con for me with Cranked was the light not being around the button but underneath it. As much as I love it, I think it would have looked a little bit nicer being around the fire button to give that little touch in terms of illumination. The next con for me will be the screen not being bigger, which makes the front screen seems a little overcrowded. I mean sure, there isn’t much information on there to begin with, but because of the size the information is a little small. Personally, if I ordered one of these mods, I would want a bigger screen to make it easier to read.

There was one issue I found with this test version and that was the battery power flashing up low at only around 65%, so I was getting a lesser hit. Now I am sure that is easily fixed within Escribe, but from a general experience I found it to suit lower powered tanks over the full 75W. Being a DNA novice, I will chalk that up to user error and again to stress, this was not a finished product.


I have to be honest, I was blown away by the sheer quality of this mod. Just the care and design that has gone into it, even simply for a test device. The Cranked performed really well and gave the full DNA experience. These mods won’t be cheap to buy, but for the money, you get something breathtaking in terms of quality and care, not to mention unique. If you want to buy one of these then simply get in touch with Vapesmarter over on his website or through Planet of the Vapes, and I am sure he will be more than happy to help. In fact, go ahead and explore the mod making section on this forum to see some of the excellent mods he has crafted and how happy people are with the finished products.

In a market of mass production and popular products, Vapesmarter provides unique bespoke devices, custom fitted to your every need. That for me, is something truly special.

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