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The original Valyrian tank was ahead of its time, a near mesh flavour using traditional wire and it was a hard hitter so we were keen to get our grubby paws on this V2 kit. We take an in depth look at the Uwell Valyrian 2 300W sub-ohm kit

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Purchased from Ecigone RRP = £84.99 – Current SALE price £59.99

Upon release I really liked the look of the chrome and white metallic version. I’m a big fan of the original Valyrian tank which was ahead of its time, a near mesh flavour using traditional wire and it was a hard hitter, so I was keen to get my grubby paws on this V2 kit.

In a Nutshell

Though the mod has limited features, it does everything I need and is perfect for the V2 tank. It is a three 18650 battery mod that hits hard and fast. It has stunning looks, is a very compact size, and the Valyrian 2 Tank is equally as stunning as the mod. It feels great in the hand, I simply love this kit and it jumps right up into my all-time favourite kits – highly recommended.

Unboxing and contents

The kit comes in one large box containing two separate boxes for the mod and tank. Each box is plastic and sturdy, I’m torn as I usually like to store my boxes intact with spares, but these boxes are quality and are really useful for other storage.
(Apologies, I forgot to photograph them)

Uwell Valryian 2 300W sub-ohm kit boxed

Straight away, once I had this mod in my hands, I was very impressed by its size. It fitted into my small hand easily and was very comfortable.

Uwell Valryian 2 300W sub-ohm kit blurb

Despite its bold TPD claims of containing nicotine, I couldn’t find it in any of the boxes? Trades Description Act breach!

The mod package simply contains the Valyrian mod, manual and Micro USB cable.

The Valyrian 2 Tank has more included:

  • 2ml Valyrian Tank Assembly
  • 0.32Ω UN2 Single Mesh Coil (Pre-Installed)
  • 0.14Ω UN2-2 Dual Mesh Coil
  • Spare Bubble Glass
  • Drip Tip Cover Cap
  • User Manual
  • O-Ring Spares Bag

Uwell Valryian 2 300W sub-ohm kit tank assembly

The tank assembly was a traditional five piece assembly; base, coil, glass, fill cap and 510 drip tip.

The coils are HUGE. Despite some websites claiming that they are plug fitted, they are in fact screw in. So I primed and popped in the 0.32Ω UN2 single mesh coil, filled the tank and let it sit for fifteen minutes.

The Valyrian 2 Mod

Firstly I will let the photos do the talking looks wise….

Uwell Valryian 2 300W sub-ohm kit screen

The battery door at first feels flimsy, but that’s typical on this press and slide fit doors. Once batteries are inserted, it is very solid with zero movement.

Uwell Valryian 2 300W sub-ohm kit battery bay

The screen is very bright, which is a pro for me, though there is no option to change this or a stealth mode (which I have never used on any sub-ohm mod). On screen display has wattage, volts, coil resistance (oHms), previous puff time and at the bottom are three battery status bars. The menu system is fairly limited with only three modes:

  • Power (wattage)
  • Temp (temperature mode)
  • TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance) for DIY coils

You can pretty much forget about TC & TCR as they are flawed and do not work with the included coils anyway. I tried an RDA with SS316L stainless steel coils and it actually allowed you to dry burn the coils which simply shouldn’t happen in TCR mode, and I do not have any SS904 coils which is the only option you have for TC mode. Perhaps UWELL will release a firmware update to solve this problem, but as of today there is nothing available.

So I am only going to cover POWER mode which is simply adjustable wattage only, no preheat settings, puff counter etc. To be fair, preheat settings aren’t required as this mod ramps up very fast with the mesh coils.

There are the obvious Up/Down keys to change the wattage (which round robins) which have no decimal point, which is a pro for high wattage but a con for me as I can’t vape at 66.6 watts - the number of the beast!

The only useful features are:

  • five clicks to turn On/Off the mod
  • hold fire and down keys to fully lock the mod – repeat to unlock
  • hold fire and up keys to lock the settings – repeat to unlock

That is all there is to it. The chipset is a high powered, fast firing design with few features. Consider this mod as a wattage only mod for sub-ohm vaping. If, like me, you will only be using the Valyrian V2 tank, then it is more than adequate.

There is a Micro USB port for charging and updating but I seriously suggest you do not charge your batteries in the mod, especially when keeping three cells perfectly balanced.

The 510 connection is slightly raised about 0.2mm to avoid atty rash which is a big thumbs up from me.

Branding on the chrome version is very subtle with VALYRIAN displayed above the screen and an oldy world kind of silhouette with UWELL logo on the top of the mod. Construction is very solid and not a single rattle from anywhere.

The Valyrian 2 Tank

This is the jewel in the crown, the design is contemporary and very slick. When mounted on the mod, the whole thing looks superb and brought a smile to my face. I hadn’t even vaped it yet, but I was already loving this kit.

Uwell Valryian 2 300W sub-ohm kit tank specs

Some of the features I like are; the spring loaded top fill release button, it is a joy to use and flips the lid open to reveal the two fill ports. There is also a reservoir underneath the coil to capture any leaking juice which is sucked back up into the coil as you vape which means there is little chance of this tank leaking. The 510 wide bore drip tip might be a con for some, but it’s perfect in my opinion as the draw feels just right and comfortable with its tapered form. It also matches the tank nicely with its matching ring at its base.

Uwell Valryian 2 300W sub-ohm kit tank filling and close up

The rest is pretty standard. The airflow control is nothing to shout about, just a simple 2 port ring, and there is no straight glass option which is understandable due to its large coil size.


  • Weight: 71g
  • Height: 5.4cm (2.1")
  • Diameter: 2.7cm (1.1")

It looks quite tall due to its juice trap feature, but it is actually pretty much the standard sub ohm mesh tank size such as the Freemax Mesh Pro and Smok Prince. The base tapers down to 26mm which is the biggest size you can fit onto the mod without overhang.


There are two included coils but two other coils are also available, this is the range:

  • UN2 – 0.32Ω, single mesh 90-100W (Included)
  • UN2-2 – 0.14Ω, dual mesh 80-90W (Included)
  • UN2-3 – 0.16Ω, triple mesh 90-100W
  • 0.15Ω Quad mesh coil 100-120W

As you can see, they are all high wattage coils and a narrow band of performance. In fact the higher end is pretty much the sweet spot on the two coils I have tried.

Uwell Valryian 2 300W sub-ohm kit coils

As you can see from the photos, the mesh style are very different and, despite sharing similar wattage ratings, they both perform differently. If you prefer your clouds, then the single bore UN2 – 0.32Ω, single mesh 90-100W is ideal. Uwell went the extra mile to make this coil conical at the top which gives such a smooth draw, but if you are a flavour before clouds user like myself then the UN2-2 – 0.14Ω, dual mesh 80-90W is heaven.


Uwell Valryian 2 300W sub-ohm kit from all angles
So the first coil I tried was the UN2 single mesh. I am in the habit of breaking in coils at a lower wattage and slowly increasing after a few draws so naturally I wasn’t overly impressed at first, but at 100 Watts this tank and coil come alive for flavour and clouds. The mod is crazy fast firing, producing an instant pull power hit. I really enjoyed this vape and it was only going to get better. The UN2-2 Dual mesh was good even at lower wattage, but again as I got to the 90 Watts I was loving this coil. The flavour is flawless and smooth, this is my coil of choice and as much as I like my Valyrian original tank, it is now confined to history.

At first I was like “what’s the point in a 300 watts mod when Uwell coils peak at 120 watts?” but I get it now, the mod delivers such consistent and instant power with great battery life. With its compact size, it’s small enough for my coat pockets so I have been taking it out a fair bit. With the concealed top cap button, it has never accidentally opened either (unlike my Freemax Mesh Pro).

The leakproof design seems to be quite effective, I have had no leaks yet. At worst, I get a bit of spit-back if I have left it a day or two.

To give you an idea of its size, the only three battery mod I still own is the Smok T-Priv 3. The Valyrian is smaller in every dimension.

Uwell Valryian 2 300W sub-ohm kit comparison


Despite its lack of features, I am really impressed with this Valyrian V2 kit. Yes the TC (or lack of it) sucks, but since I am loving the tank I don’t intend to use anything but the new Uwell coils so this does the job perfectly. I have no accurate way of measuring it, but the speed is astonishing. From sleep to full power, the vape is instant and the fastest I have experienced.

With the dual mesh coil, I am really torn to choose which is my favourite VW mod. Its in my top three at least, and I doubt the novelty factor will wear off. I simply love how classy this mod looks and performs, perhaps this sounds over the top but I am proud to own it.


  • One of the smallest three battery mods available
  • Very comfortable and ergonomic
  • Classy styling on mod & tank
  • Lightning fast firing
  • 3 Battery status bars
  • Very simple to operate and navigate
  • High quality construction
  • No atty rash
  • Tank flip lid is excellent
  • Leak resistant base reservoir
  • Flavourful warm intense vape
  • Quality packaging
  • Paint finish
  • Zero rattles
  • Good coil life
  • Three batteries last longer


  • TC & TCR modes simply don’t work
  • Limited functions
  • 510 drip tip might be off putting for some (not me)
  • Coils are more expensive than the competition. (currently around £4 each)

Final Thoughts

Amongst the cons, the only one which affects me is the coil price but so far my current dual coil has lasted me three weeks and is showing no signs of dying so hopefully the coil life will offset the price. You can see by their construction that they are more expensive to produce, but for the performance they give, it won’t put me off buying coils. This is a superb kit if you enjoy a simple high powered triple battery mod with a great tank – highly recommended.


Mod: 7/10 Due to its TCR issues

Tank: 8/10 Which would be a solid 9 but for the coil price

Uwell Valryian 2 300W sub-ohm kit power

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