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Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod

Tesla Mods has been borne out of a collaboration between China based industry stalwarts Teslacigs, as well as UK heavyweights SMKD and DNA Vapes. SMKD actually secured full distribution exclusivity on Teslacigs products, and merged with DNA Vapes shortly after securing the deal. The end goal is to set an industry standard and ensure that Teslacigs top quality products are accessible to everyone in the UK market.

At present, four top quality mods are available through the Tesla Mods UK website, one of these is the Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod, which is the lightest dual 18650 mod ever produced, weighing only 65g! Manufactured with a lightweight hard wearing ABS and Polycarbonate frame, the WYE 200W Box Mod has a choice of six different attractive finishes available, all with a paint splatter effect. It also has the distinction of being crowned the best regulated mod in show at the recent Vape Findr London convention!

A feature rich firmware upgradeable chip is found within the WYE 200W, which is not only capable of outputting 200W but also caters to temperature control fans with support for Ni200, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils, as well as a custom TCR input. A unique on board charging feature ensures that your batteries are balanced charged up to 4.2V each when the USB port is used for charging your batteries.


  • Dimensions- 82mm x 42mm x 39mm
  • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PC (Polycarbonate) construction
  • Takes two high amp 18650 batteries
  • 64.5g weight
  • Kanthal, Ni200, Titanium, SS316 and TCR output modes
  • 7-200W output wattage, adjustable in 0.5W increments
  • 8.4V max output voltage
  • 45A max output current 
  • USB:5V/1.5A charging
  • Normal/Soft/Hard/User taste mode settings
  • Three memory mode slots
  • Resistance range- 0.1-3.0ohm KA (wattage) mode
  • Resistance range- 0.05-1.0ohm for Ti/Ni 200/SS316 mode
  • Temperature Control Range- 100-300℃/200-600℉

What's in the box?

The Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod comes packaged in a very smart white presentation box, containing the WYE 200W Box Mod, a USB cable used for charging the WYE 200W Box Mod and updating the firmware, and a detailed instruction manual.

Design and build quality

One of the biggest selling points of the WYE 200W Box Mod is the fact that it is the lightest dual 18650 mod that has been released to date, weighing only 64.5g without batteries! When I first took it out of the box, I couldn't believe how light it felt in hand, even when I inserted batteries into the device. It's been designed with ergonomics in mind as well, with no sharp edges, and measuring in at 82mm x 42mm x 39mm it's lovely to hold as well as being pocket friendly as well.

Manufactured from a combination of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PC (Polycarbonate), these materials were chosen for their durability and heat resistant elements, whilst providing a lightweight frame. Multiple venting holes are found around the frame of the mod, which also help keep it cool, I've never experienced any heat coming off of this mod during any type of usage. I can definitely attest to the durability of the ABS and PC construction, as whilst having breakfast I managed to knock the WYE 200W box mod off of my table onto a hard stone floor, and the frame survived intact! It's also managed to survive other impacts unscathed, which is really impressive for such a lightweight device.

Six different finishes are available for the WYE 200W, and each of these has a stylish paint splattered design. Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Black colours are all available for you to choose from. The front of the WYE 200W has a large fire button with an up and down button beneath the large OLED screen, which is large and easy to read. This displays information such as the current power output, temperature limit (if in TC mode), resistance, resistance lock on/off, voltage output, current taste mode, output mode, battery life and memory mode. A USB port is found at the base, which is used for charging the batteries and updating the software.

A magnetic battery door cover is found at the rear of the WYE 200W Box Mod, which gives you quick access to the battery compartment, where two high amp 18650 batteries need to be inserted in a series configuration. At the top of the mod, a spring loaded 510 connector means that your atty sits flush with no gaps, and you won't get any overhang even with 25mm width RDAs!

Using the Tesla Mods WYE 200W Box Mod

One aspect I really love about the WYE200W Box Mod is that there is no confusing menu system to navigate, everything can be configured easily from the home screen. 5 clicks of the power button will turn the device on, and a further five clicks will lock it. Operating the device is as follows-

  • When screwing an atomiser onto the WYE 200W Box Mod, you'll be prompted to enter whether it is a new coil, or the same resistance as it was previously.
  • Holding the fire and down buttons down simultaneously will lock the wattage setting, or temperature limit if in TC mode.
  • Pressing the up or down buttons will adjust the wattage in .5W increments, holding either button will enable you to scroll through the wattage quicker.
  • Three clicks of the power button will allow you to navigate the home screen and adjust settings.
  • Clicking on the resistance will enable you to edit the resistance reading with a range of plus or minus 0.05ohm.
  • The lock icon will enable you to lock or unlock the current resistance. Locking the resistance should be carried out at room temperature, especially with a TC coil
  • Clicking on 'NORM' will open up the 'Taste Mode' sub menu, which allows you to access preheat settings. You can choose from normal, soft, hard or user customised settings.
  • User customised setting in Taste Mode allows you to finely customise your vape for up to 10 seconds, you can customise this in one second increments with different wattage settings. You can then test it out, reset it, or select OK if you are happy with it. This can only be used in wattage mode.
  • Output mode allows you to select between kanthal (wattage), SS316, Ni200 and Titanium settings. A TCR Mode is also available where you can input the coefficient of your chosen coil to use in temperature control mode.
  • Memory mode allows you to save the current setting into one of three available memory slots for quick access


Powered by two high amp 18650 batteries, the Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod is capable of a maximum wattage output of 200W and can fire resistances down to 0.1ohm, providing more than enough power for pretty much any atomiser out there. Resistance is read accurately, I didn't get any resistance variations between the WYE 200W, my ohms reader and a DNA75 mod higher than 0.03ohm. The taste mode settings are a great option too, allowing you to customise your vape further using these preheat settings, and the user customisable option is great to play around with as well!

Temperature control is well catered for, with stable and accurate performance, and support for the most popular temperature control coil types in the form of Ni200, Titanium and SS316. For those that enjoy using NiFe and other types of wire in TC, the TCR mode allows you to input the relevant coefficients of these wires into the WYE 200W Box Mod and use them in TC mode.

When using the WYE 200W Box Mod with my Eden Mods Trillium with a 0.5ohm coil in the 35-40W range, I'll get over a days worth of battery life from two Sony VTC5 batteries. When I have used the Goon 1.5 or the Geek Vape Medusa Reborn, both with 0.2ohm builds at wattages up to 150W, I'll get half a day or less depending on how frequently I use that particular combination. Accessing the battery compartment is very quick and easy however, taking no time at all to remove the batteries and charge/replace them. You can charge your batteries inside the mod by using the supplied USB charger and connecting it to a suitable power output, as a unique on board balance charge feature is built in which actually charges the batteries up to 4.2V, before discharging them down to 4.1V then back up again to 4.2V, ensuring they are balanced.

Plenty of safety features are built into the WYE 200W Box Mod, you have a 10 second cut off, low voltage protection, no atomizer protection, atomiser short protection, reverse polarity protection, automatic power adjustment protection, overheat protection as well as temperature protection in TC mode.


The more I have used the WYE 200W Box Mod, the more I have come to absolutely love it. Although lightweight, I have found it to be very robust and durable, I think it looks great and its very comfortable to hold as well, being small in size for a dual 18650 mod and practical to use as well. I still also cannot believe just how light it is too!

It packs plenty of power for even the hardiest cloud chaser with a maximum output of 200W, and its feature rich board caters to temperature control coil users too. The WYE 200W is very easy to use, and offers plenty for you to play around with as well. At a price point of £49.99, I would highly recommend having a look at this if you are in the market for a new dual 18650 battery mod!

For wholesale information please see the details below.  We have also been given three of these units to give away to our readers!  Check out the competition here to be in with a chance of winning.

Many thanks to Abdul at SMKD and Tesla Mods for sending the Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod over to review, I'd highly recommend checking this and Tesla Mods other devices out at www.teslamods.co.uk. Wholesale enquiries can be submitted to the following contacts:

Luke - Tel: 07970689106, Email: Luke@smkd.com
Richard - Tel: 07970318356, Email: Richard@smkd.com
Lukas - Tel: 07989418408, Lukas@smkd.com
Charlotte - Tel: 07773043192, Email: Charlotte@smkd.com