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Smok Treebox 75W TC

Introducing the Treebox by Smok. A 75W wooden box mod with a beautiful finish. In addition this smart little device has temperature control functionality and supports several wire types. Check out our review to find out more.

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Smok Treebox

Have you ever felt like getting a wooden mod but have been put off by the price? Well you’re in luck because Smok have brought you the Treebox, a 75W device with included temperature control functionality. This smart looking device is made from real Brazilian Zebrawood and offers the beauty of a wooden mod at a very accessible price.

Smok Treebox features

  • Size: 92x40x28mm.
  • Weight: 80g.
  • Material: Zebrawood.
  • Output Power: 1W-75W.
  • Output Voltage: 0.8V-9.00V.
  • Resistance Range: 0.06ohm-2.00ohm (Temperature Control Mode). 0.10ohm-3.00ohm (Wattage Mode).
  • Requires one 18650 battery (not included).
  • Supports Kanthal, Nickel (Ni200) and Stainless Steel wire types.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Smok Treebox 75W box mod.
  • Warning card regarding battery safety.
  • A card regarding Wood Mod care.
  • Authenticity card.
  • User manual.

Special mention must be made of the superb wooden box that the mod is packaged in and it really adds a nice feeling of luxury to this item. The included manual is very detailed so users should get to grips with this device quickly.

Smok Treebox looks and build quality

What you will certainly notice about this device is how incredibly light it is even when an 18650 battery has been fitted! I must admit I had no idea what Zebrawood actually was but after reading up I learnt that it is a wood that has come from several different trees. This is what gives the wood its striped “Zebra” pattern. It is also a very durable type of wood so despite the overall light weight this mod has been built to last.

The 510 pin is made from brass and is spring loaded so you can be sure that all of your atomizers will sit flush. The device has three buttons and while the feel of them is decent enough they do tend to rattle. In fact it isn’t as if I have tried to purposefully make them rattle since they tend to do it the moment you pick up the device. It is of course something you can live with and they do work very well but the perfectionist in me wishes they had been tightened up.

The display is bright and clear but it is quite small and takes up very little space on the mod. It features all of the essential information that you might want: coil resistance, voltage, wattage etc. As well as battery life and temperature (when using that mode).

The base of the device features twelve holes to provide venting for the battery. Please note that the Treebox does not feature a Micro USB port so this device relies entirely on external batteries and that means that you will never be able to upgrade the firmware. To some this may be a deal breaker but in terms of actual operation I have not encountered any problems at all. To be fair the Sigelei 150W TC is a larger and more expensive device and that doesn’t feature a Micro USB port either.

The battery compartment lid is also made of Zebrawood and it is held on securely by four magnets. The interior of the battery compartment has a ribbon to assist with removal of the battery. The fit of the lid itself is excellent and does not wobble in the slightest.

The overall finish of this device is quite lovely and the wood has been stained and varnished giving it a reddish hue. It feels very good in the hand and the device has a nice smooth finish to it. The almost non-existent weight makes it extremely desirable for someone who doesn’t like heavy mods. As an experiment I fitted one of my Titanium Mods atomizers to the Treebox. Now as you might know Titanium is very light and when I combined this with the device the overall weight felt little more than holding a single 18650 battery.

Operating procedure

For anyone who has ever used a Kooper Mini the Smok Treebox is to all intents and purposes almost exactly the same to use. The real difference with this device is that it can go up to 75W as opposed to 60W on the Kooper. In addition the Treebox also includes Stainless Steel coil support.

The menu layout is identical to the Kooper so I assume the Treebox uses a modified version of that board. One difference I have noticed is that when cycling through the menu and selecting various options the Treebox does allow you longer to choose your selection unlike the Kooper that expects you to make a decision immediately before the menu times out.

The various functions are fully detailed in the manual so I will only briefly cover them here.

  • Five clicks of the fire button locks/unlocks the device.
  • Three clicks of the fire button activates the menu.
  • Cycle through the menu options by pressing the plus and minus buttons before confirming an option with the fire button.
  • The menu is divided into the following options:
  • Firstly there is Mode (Wattage, Temperature control). Second is wire type (Nickel, Stainless Steel, and Titanium). In addition you can select whether you are using a single or dual coil.
  • Next up is the Soft, Medium and Hard option which works as a boost or reduction in power for your initial vape.
  • The next option is screen display time. After that you have a Puff Counter option. Next is screen orientation and following that is the Temperature Coefficient setting.
  • The final options cover initial Ohm adjustment and the power off function.

It sounds like a lot of options but the truth is you will never need to use a lot of them. What will be awkward to new users is that all the options have a symbol representing them and you will need to learn them. Anyone who already has a Kooper Mini will know exactly what I am talking about. Don’t be worried if you haven’t because all the symbols are fully explained in the manual.

Thankfully this mod has a lock function and it can be fully powered off if desired. It will of course go into standby if you leave it for sufficient time and will ask you to confirm if the atomizer has been changed when you press the fire button.

Please keep in mind that the wattage cannot be changing while in temperature control. What you will need to do is select your desired wattage first then switch into temperature control.

Smok Treebox performance

In wattage mod the Treebox does everything you would expect a 75W to do. I had no problems with the way the device performed and everything I used gave me a very pleasant vape.

To test the temperature control functionality I used the Sense Hydra that I had been sent for review. I set the wattage to 40W first before switching into temperature control. I typically find that 40W/J is perfectly adequate if the temperature is set to 240°C. I was using Manabush’s Powwow Sauce in the Hydra and this setting on the Treebox gave me a delicious, warm and very flavoursome vape.

I did check the Temperature Coefficient setting to make sure it was right and I am happy to report that it was. It has been default set to 0.0060 which is correct for Ni200 coils.

Battery life is typically what you would expect from a single 18650 device with power draining faster depending on what wattage you select and how often you vape with it. Making use of temperature control will definitely drain the power even faster so make sure to have spare batteries if you want to vape in this mode all day long.


In terms of looks and performance this is a great little device! The small weight of the Treebox along with its compact factor and functionality make it desirable and this is complimented by the mods beautiful wooden finish.

For something entirely different to what everyone else might buy and use this device is a good choice and it will certainly hold great appeal to anyone who prefers a far more aesthetically pleasing product!

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