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SMOK G-Priv Kit

The G-Priv 220W is the latest device from Smok and it features a beautiful touch screen display for ease of use. Is the screen a gimmick or a worthy addition to the device?

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The Smok G-Priv 220W is an awesome device and offers the ease of use of a smart phone combined with high Wattage, Temperature Control and support for all major wire types. The touch screen is incredibly useful (as is the switch which enables you to lock it) and it makes operating the device an absolute breeze. In some ways it is a feature that you may be paying a slightly higher price for but then it could be the one thing that really makes this mod truly stand out to you and convinces you to purchase it. 

Price varies heavily and I have seen the device being offered for anywhere between £65-£90 (mainly pre-orders at the present moment due to low stock) but when you consider this devices overall excellent quality of build I must admit that I find myself very tempted and I do feel that it is definitely worth it.

One major advantage of the touch screen is that it will make the device very approachable to anyone who has shaky hands or suffers from Arthritis and since most functions only require a few quick touches of the screen you don’t have to put up with cumbersome menus and constant button clicking. The squeeze trigger does take a little getting used to if you mainly use thumb activated fire buttons but anyone who has used a similar system like Smok’s X-Cube II will feel right at home.

Now if a fancy screen was all this device offered I would advise some restraint but the truth is the device really does perform flawlessly in whatever mode you choose to run it in and the added bonus is that it is extremely easy to use, well-built and very stylish. For those who want high Wattage the option is there with up to 220W of power available, not that you will ever need that much in most cases. For more modest users long vape time is something this device certainly offers and I found that the dual batteries lasted me two full days when using my Rose3 RTA at 14 watts.

In my opinion Smok have come leaps and bounds of late and this product is an outstanding offering that will certainly appeal to many people. If you were to buy this product you will not be disappointed!

Many thanks to SMOK who kindly sent this device to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.

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