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Smok G Priv 3 and TF16 Lite Kit

We take an in-depth look at the latest bundle from Smok which puts the Smok G Priv 3 mod together with the TF16 Lite Kit 

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Supplied by The Electronic Cigarette Company
Current Price = £67.99


The Smok G Priv 3 is the 3rd generation of the popular G range. Owning the gorgeous Smok G Priv 2 Luxe Edition in Gunmetal, I was curious to see how Smok could improve on it.

The SMOK G-PRIV 3 kit includes the TFV16 Lite tank (TPD sadly). It takes dual 18650 batteries and can deliver an output of up to 230W, has a large firing bar, and features a USB-C charging system for speedy charging (though I highly recommend you charge your batteries in a dedicated charger). It also has a strong magnetic battery panel for easy access.

The G-PRIV 3 2.4 inch touchscreen can be used to adjust the current vape settings, set your own custom pre-sets and set up a passcode lock for added security. The IQ-G chipset packs in a 32-bit processor and offers coil activation speeds of 0.001s, whilst managing the revamped menu system. A convenient button located above the activation bar will lock and unlock the screen with a single two second press, eliminating the need to press the power button five times in a row.

  • Tank capacity - 2ml
  • Coil resistance - 0.2Ω conical mesh
  • Output modes - VW/VT (Ni, Ti, SS)
  • Output wattage - 1-230W (VW)/10-230W (VT)
  • Resistance range - 0.1-2.5Ω (VW)/0.05-2.0Ω (VT)
  • Temperature range - 200-600°F/100-315°C
  • Battery compatibility - 2x18650 (sold separately)
  • Dimensions - 143.5x54x28mm
  • Assembled weight exc. packaging (approx.) - 261g

Colour Options

Smok G Priv 3 & TF16 Lite Kit colours

Unboxing and Contents

The box is nice and solid, almost Postman proof. Mine had a knock in it but the contents were safely secured and undamaged. Included in the box:

  • 1 x SMOK G-PRIV 3 mod
  • 1 x TFV16 Lite tank TPD 2ml
  • 2 x TFV16 LITE 0.2Ω conical mesh coils
  • 1 x USB-C cable
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Spare parts

For some reason the TPD edition doesn’t contain a spare glass, pro’bubbly’ because they know that anyone in their right mind will upgrade the glass ASAP, 2ml capacity with a 0.2Ω mesh coil is a right pain in the ass.

BUT Smok why not throw us poor TPD victims an extra drip tip or something?

Another thing that annoyed me right off was the label on the front, ‘This product contains nicotine’ but no matter how many times I searched the box I couldn’t find any nicotine?? No bubble glass and now no nicotine – robbed!

The top layer only held the G-Priv mod, mine was the Black version with Red trimming. Taking it out to get to the lower layer was my first ‘in the hand’ experience, first impressions were ‘ooo that feels comfortable’. The bottom layer held the TF16 LITE Tank and the accessories. The USB-C cable is a bit too short to be of much use but at least it is C type. There is also a spare coil (strangely identical to the pre-installed one), the multi-language manual (which isn’t all that useful, tiny print and not many pages in your language, to be fair it is pretty easy to work everything out on you todd), the battery warning card and the QC/Authentication card.

Smok G Priv 3 & TF16 Lite Kit full contents


Smok G Priv 3 & TF16 Lite Kit mod specs and dimensions

First Impressions

I popped the TF16 LITE tank onto the G-Priv 3 mod and threw in a pair of 18650 batteries so I could have a quick preview of how it looked and felt. It felt really nice in the hand, every corner has been contoured and smoothed off. This was one of the flaws of the G-Priv 2 so I’m glad that Smok improved that. Size wise, the Priv 3 is fairly compact and very ergonomic, it fits nicely into your hand and the fire bar feels natural.

Smok G Priv 3 & TF16 Lite Kit from all sides

Considering it is the LITE version, I felt the TF16 still looked too tall for the mod, the base looked excessive and the child lock top cap added a few extra mm. I tried not to let my preferences influence me too much as I could tell by the coil size and airflow that the TF16 was aimed towards cloud chuckers but more on that later.

Smok ate all the pies

The G-Priv 3 weighs in at 365g with 2 batteries fitted, it feels pretty heavy in the hand compared to the Species & Baby V2 kit which is 55g lighter at 210g. I was curious how it compared to the Smok Mag (V1) and was shocked to see the Mag ate ALL the pies at a whopping 440g so the G-Priv 3 wasn’t so heavy after all.

Smok G Priv 3 & TF16 Lite Kit weighing in

G-Priv 3 Mod

Taking the tank back off to concentrate on the mod only, I am so impressed with almost everything about it. The ergonomics I have already mentioned, the styling is pretty nice, the red accents are well placed and the chassis has lots of interesting angles and chamfers going on.

Smok G Priv 3 & TF16 Lite Kit detailed look

The HUGE touchscreen is impressive, bright and very responsive without cramming icons too close together allowing for small and large fingers to easily operate it.

The battery compartment is also impressive, brightly marked with a battery ribbon. The CAUTION on the door panel is a nice touch for new unaware users that are yet to learn the horrors of poor battery care. The panel fits to perfection, using strong magnets with zero play.

Smok G Priv 3 & TF16 Lite Kit battery bay

While on the subject of the battery door, I feel this will be a love or hate thing, I love the pattern but I find the G-PRIV 3 logo to be far too dominant, I don’t hate it but I would have preferred for the panel to be all patterned, surprisingly it is not too much of a fingerprint magnet (unlike the screen).

The base of the mod features the USB-C port and what appear to be battery vents, but on closer inspection they are chipset vents as they do not open into the battery tray, this was similar on the G-Priv 2 though I found air could vent around the panel.

The mod will take up to 25mm comfortably, any larger will start to overhang, I don’t own too many black tanks but the Blotto Mini looked good on it.

Navigation and Functions

To explain every feature would be a mammoth task but I will try to cover the better features:

Physical buttons:

  • 5 x FIRE = Turns the device On/Off
  • 3 x FIRE = Locks/Unlocks the device fully
  • Short press FUNCTION = Screen On/Off
  • Long press FUNCTION = Lock/Unlock Touchscreen

All the other functions are accessed through the touchscreen. By default and during normal use the touchscreen automatically locks, trust me this is a VERY useful feature as the G-Priv 2 didn’t have it (you had to manually lock every time), this resulted in me accidentally setting it to the maximum 230 watts in my pocket resulting in an horrendous dry hit from hell! – Auto lock is a very welcome addition. 

For the most part you will only need the VW (variable wattage) which is set by default, to increase or decrease the wattage:

  • Unlock the touchscreen by holding the function button until the onscreen padlock vanishes.
  • Touch the left or right arrow to decrease or increase the wattage.
  • Simply vape by pressing the fire bar, this will lock the screen again.
    (You can lock it manually if you prefer)

To access the main menu.

  • Unlock the touchscreen by holding the function button until the onscreen padlock vanishes.
  • Touch the upper left circular menu icon.
  • Touch your desired menu choice which takes you into additional function screens.
  • Touch the function you want to change then you can either press the Fire Bar to exit & lock or touch the BACK then HOME icon.

Most users will mostly just use the MODE option to adjust the Preheat from soft/normal/hard/max but normal is fine for the included mesh coil.

TC Mode
If you are a new user and don’t understand TC (temperature control), please totally ignore this mode as it is aimed at more experienced users that build their own coils using suitable metals such as stainless steel SS316. No standard Smok stock coil is compatible for TC Mode.

Not to say that TC mode is pointless, if it is all new to you and you are interested in DIY tanks (RTAs) then I suggest you do some research. It might seem daunting at first but it’s worth the time and effort. There is always free help and advice on offer in the POTV Forums:

I enjoyed this natty little feature but it’s more of a gimmick as it offers nothing different in functions than the default setting, but if you have multiple tanks on the go and like to swap and change then you might find it handy as you can set the settings for each tank and name it too. This info will then appear on the home screen.

PIN Locking
I toyed around setting this up. It is a bit of a chore putting in the questions, but once it’s done then it works really well. When you turn the device off and on again, you’re prompted for your PIN number before you can vape which is great if you want to piss off any thieving scumbags. It still works when you remove and replace the batteries – a nice touch! Also useful if your other half or mates keep using your vape.

You can tinker with some of the other features without any risk of screwing things up (such as the colour), or explore some of the ‘no need to know’ information. However if you do manage to screw things up or even if you are unsure then there is always a DEFAULT setting to reset the device back to new.

Smok G Priv 3 & TF16 Lite Kit menus

TF16 LITE Tank

Thank goodness Smok seem to be dropping the whole ‘baby’ thing! Not only was it an embarrassing mouthful, but it all got VERY confusing. I often found myself confused which tank was which. I struggled to find coils or glass for my ‘TF88888 Big Little Baby Cloud Beast King Prince Ninja Bastard’.

The TF16 LITE tank makes more sense and it didn’t take me long to source new glass for it. The coils appear to make more sense too, though some of the compatibility can still be confusing. Strangely the kit includes two of the same coils, both are the 0.2Ω conical mesh ones rated at 60-85 Watts. I could only find one other coil available which looks more like an option I would have preferred (or at least had the chance to try?) is the 0.15Ω Dual Mesh Coil rated at 60-90 Watts.

The tank itself offers no new innovations and looks similar to the old TF12 Cloud Beast King, well I think that’s what it’s called? Older tanks didn’t even have the name printed on them! Actually the new TF16 LITE does have quite a few differences upon a closer inspection:

  • Huge airflow ports.
  • Plug’n’play coils.
  • Coil Cage/chimney.
  • Childproof top filling.

The more I look at this tank, the more I see it as a cloud chucking machine. The design is quite industrial, I’m not sure if I like how it looks, if anything it looks very generic and wouldn’t look out of place a few years back. Obviously coils have moved onto mesh so I am expecting the TF16 to not only spew massive clouds but it should also deliver plenty of flavour too.

Smok G Priv 3 & TF16 Lite Kit close up on the tank

The tank strips down easily and changing coils was straightforward with the plug’n’play press fit system, with a new coil primed up with a few drops of eliquid everything fits back together nicely.

Fill her up! I’m not sure if it’s a TPD thing but the TF16 in my kit has a childlock top cap instead of the button catch. You have to pull up a locking cap before you can pivot it open. Filling it was bit fiddly mostly due to it being 2ml TPD as the juice gathered around one side of the cage in the tank. I had to remove the airlock and fill it up again. This issue wouldn’t happen with the larger bubble glass, the curses of TPD!


After letting the coil saturate for 15 mins, I slowly ramped up the coil to break it in starting at 40 watts andworking my way up until my desired wattage which ended up being 75 Watts for the trade-off between flavour vs coil lifespan. At the max rating of 85 Watts, the vape was superb. If you like your clouds then it’s no surprise that the TF16 delivers like a steam train. The flavour was pretty good though I found due to such a huge airflow it wasn’t as condensed as I would have preferred.

Airflow wise, the TF16 LITE is no lite-weight. This thing is close to the airiest tank I have tried. There are only two airflow openings but this means a less turbulent intake as the two meet together in the centre. Wide open makes a longer inhale easier which means more clouds, the caveat is that it is noisy! I’m more of a flavour over vapour fan, but if you like a balance then the TF16 should satisfy you.

The G-Priv 3 mod is a rewarding mod to use, very easy to setup and operate, comfortable and has some handy features. To prolong battery life you can easily turn the screen off by simply pressing the function button, and quickly lock the mod by three presses of the fire. I love the fire bar, it feels intuitive with just the right amount of resistance.

It also fits nicely into jeans pockets, but if you are one of those that likes to show your underwear then beware, the weight might pull your jeans down round your ankles!

The screen is pretty cool. I love the layout and speedometer style and the revving seconds vape timer animation is nicely done BUT it all comes back to one basic thing. It might look great but you cannot frikkin see it when you’re vaping, same with any mod I can think of, the screen means jack once you have your settings dialled in. More than likely your mates will enjoy the screen more than you, I ended up turning the screen off most of the time.

Smok G Priv 3 & TF16 Lite Kit the force is strong


Is the G-Priv 3 mod a worthy successor to the G-Priv 2? I would say a big yes to pretty much everything unless you’re not a fan of the battery door. Functionality, ergonomics, construction and styling are much improved and it feels great in the hand.

I would buy this mod and happily part with my much loved G-Priv 3, though for me I would shove a Baby V2 tank onto it.

The TF16 LITE tank is going to be down to personal tastes. Cloud lovers I think will love it for both vapour production and flavour, but if like me you prefer flavour and don’t care for the clouds, then I doubt you will find this tank is to your liking. I enjoyed using it and oldschool cloud bellowing was kinda fun for a bit, but I much prefer the TFV8 Baby V2 with a dual mesh coil. More flavour at lower wattage suits me fine.

Harking back to my early days of vaping I would have been on this like a tramp on chips, I’ve had many a fun night fogging up my street on a winters' night, this kit would have been heaven, especially with the improved flavour the mesh coils give.


  • Compact and very ergomic
  • Useful and intuitive touchscreen
  • Solid quality construction
  • Easy locking and screen off button
  • PIN Locking
  • A cloud chuckers dream
  • USB-C
  • Feels great in the hand


  • TPD 2ml version is cruel (no bubble or spare glass)
  • No included coil options (two of the same included)
  • TF16 LITE is noisy
  • Fingerprint magnet
  • Large branding might be off-putting

Final thoughts and scores

Overall I really like the G-Priv 3 kit, the TF16 Lite tank isn’t to my personal tastes but I can see it will be popular for cloud chasers and I'm glad I got the chance to try it. If you don’t like the sound of the tank, the mod only is worthy of consideration, it is the best touchscreen mod I’ve tried and much better than the Priv 2,

G-Priv 3 Mod Score: 8.5/10
Excellent mod but the battery door might be off-putting.

TF16 LITE Tank: 6.5/10
Excellent Cloud Chucker but TPD and lack of coil options marked this down.

Smok G Priv 3 & TF16 Lite Kit Rick and Morty

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