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Sigelei T150

The T150 is the latest device from Sigelei. Offering up to 150W of power the T150 can be used for Variable Wattage or Temperature Controlled vaping. Featuring an easy to use touch screen system Sigelei are marketing this device as a replacement for their previous model lines.

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Sigelei T150

The T150 is the latest device from Sigelei. Offering up to 150W of power the T150 can be used for Variable Wattage or Temperature Controlled vaping. Featuring an easy to use touch screen system Sigelei are marketing this device as a replacement for their previous model lines. The question of course is whether it truly is a worthy replacement.

Sigelei T150 features

  • Power output range: 5.0 - 150 watts
  • Power input range: 6.4 - 8.4 volts
  • Atomiser resistance range: 0.2 - 3.0 ohm
  • Temperature control range: 200°F - 600°F
  • Uses 2 x 18650 sized batteries (not included)
  • Unit weight: 118g
  • Dimensions: 93mm x 47mm x 27mm
  • Touchscreen design.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Sigelei T150
  • Sigelei Security Check Card
  • Warranty Card

Sigelei T150 styling and build quality

Sigelei’s recent devices have tended to feature nicely rounded edges so in some respects the T150 feels a bit like some of their older devices because despite some of the minor chamfering and the sloped top part of the mod it does have a very boxy design. The material used feels a lot more lightweight and certainly does not seem quite as solid as their recent rubberised finish mods. In some ways it is a little bit creaky like my iPV3-Li (still a good device mind you). All things considered this could be down to Sigelei trying to save on costs per unit or it could be entirely due to the way it is designed to house the touchscreen. Regardless the device does look aesthetically pleasing and the touchscreen display is suitably eye-catching.

The touchscreen is suitably large and is both bright and colourful. All information is clearly shown such as: coil resistance, individual charge of both batteries and Voltage. Temperature or Wattage is displayed when you are in the relevant mode. There are three icons along the bottom of the display which are of course touch sensitive. Firstly there is the mode selector, the device lock and finally the settings menu. There is also some other nice additions such as a puff counter (should you want it) and also a clock. The current temperature of the device is also displayed. Sadly you cannot phone a friend with it or watch YouTube but that’s probably expecting a little too much from a 2016 vaping device.

One very annoying quirk of this device is that it will only display the temperature in Fahrenheit and will not show as Celsius. I checked the manual and also tried cycling the temperature setting to see if it would round robin but sadly it does not. The touchscreen isn’t perfect because in some areas it is very responsive especially when adjusting Wattage or Temperature but the lock device icon is very unresponsive and you have to press it a few times before it actually works.

The 510 connector looks to be made from Stainless Steel and the pin itself is made from copper which will give you excellent conductivity. All of the atomizers I tried on this device sat flush but with a very miniscule gap (about 1mm) which shouldn’t bother anyone because it is hardly noticeable.

Due to the touchscreen design the device only has a single button but it has a good feel to it being nice and responsive. The battery compartment is quite different to Sigelei’s recent devices and does not have a slide on lid but instead has a removable plate that is very reminiscent of the old Sigelei 100W+. Nevertheless the magnets are suitably strong and the battery contacts are made from copper. The correct battery orientation is clearly marked and there is a ribbon to assist with battery removal. There is plenty of ventilation provided in the base via ten slots that each feature five individual holes. One thing I should point out is that the device is a a major fingerprint magnet. 

Ease of use

The manual is well written so there is no point going over it here. Suffice to say the device is not exactly inundated with functions that you need to learn. You can immediately tell this device has been designed with ease of use in mind because it is incredibly straightforward. Through use of the touchscreen you can effortlessly increase of decrease the Wattage/Temperature or lock/unlock the device. You don’t even need to go into a separate menu to switch between Variable Wattage and Temperature Control because you simply press the symbol on the screen and away you go, very simple!

There is of course some slight drawbacks to this system. Firstly if you don’t remember to lock the device it can be easy to accidentally adjust something due to your fingers resting on the touchscreen. Secondly the device does not appear to incorporate a resistance lock which is something of a shame. Lastly the device does not feature a Micro-USB Port so any form of firmware upgrade is out of the question and you will also have to charge the batteries externally. However you when you consider that this device is intended to be simple to operate you can excuse some of these very minor issues.


I initially used the Defiant Tank that I was sent for review to test the devices Variable Wattage Mode. I encountered no problems at all and got a great vape!

To test the Temperature Control functionality I used my Freemax Scylla which is fitted with a Ni200 coil. The device does ask you to confirm if you have a new atomizer fitted. Now I typically vape at 240°C but since the device only displays in Fahrenheit I had to set it to 470°C. 464°C would be the correct setting but the T150 only lets you adjust the temperature in 10° increments. In terms of the vape I got I have to be completely honest and state that I was not that impressed. The entire vape just seemed overly cool even when I increased the temperature over 500°F in an attempt to get anything remotely similar to my typical vape. I then went up to the maximum of 600°F and at that point it should have been burning my coil but it seemed like the temperature had only marginally been increased.

In terms of consistency the resistance remained constant so from that perspective there were no problems with heat spikes etc.

To me the Temperature Control Mode felt like it was constantly restricting the temperature lower than the selected value and it’s something of a shame. Ironically the Sigelei Fuchai I reviewed recently does a far better job of Temperature Control than the T150 and that is an older device. I have never enountered an issue like this with Sigelei device before so something is certainly amiss.


With up to 150W of power available and featuring a unique and user-friendly design you would expect this to be an awesome device.  Unfortunately I don’t honestly feel that this is up to Sigelei’s usual high standards. The material used in its construction feels far less durable than their typical products and the device also falls down in a few other areas. Temperature Control Mode seems distinctly lacking and the absence of resistance lock and their decision to display temperature in Fahrenheit only seems somewhat foolish. The touchscreen display while innovative is far from perfect, being very responsive in some areas such as adjusting Power/Temperature but quite slow in responding when trying to lock the device which can be slightly frustrating. This is compounded by the fact that this problem cannot be fixed via a firmware upgrade.

However if you are not really interested in Temperature Control then I suppose this is a decent enough device for Variable Wattage vaping but personally I think you would be much better off choosing something that had full functionality (meaning with no problems) whether you choose to make use of it or not. The choice of course is entirely yours so if you happen to like the look of this device then go for it but be prepared to live with some of its shortcomings.

Many thanks to Grey Haze who sent this device to Planet of the Vapes for review. If you are interested in purchasing this device you can get it from Grey Haze.

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