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Sigelei 213

The 213 box mod is the latest device from well-known manufacturer, Sigelei. It features a new design that is very different to existing Sigelei devices and offers up to 213 Watts of power.

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I have always liked Sigelei products and I guess you could say that I used to be a fan boy but in my opinion they seem to be dropping the ball lately. I suspect this is due to how often they are bringing a new device on to the market and I am starting get the feeling that they are not testing these mods thoroughly and just rushing them out of the factory.

While the Sigelei 213 has a lovely finish and a great form factor it is let down by slightly awkward button placement, unnecessary complexity for simple tasks that will not be desirable for many users and a somewhat busy menu (along with superimposed screen error on occasion). I also don’t like the small amount of venting on this device and I can feel it getting quite hot often even when only vaping at 40 Watts. One single slot for a 213W device does not seem sufficient.

While it is true that this device has a lot of functions that will be of value to advanced users most of them won’t be of use to the average vaper and a far simpler method of operation like previous devices such as the 150W TC would have been the most sensible decision. Another potential issue is that the 213 only reads coils down to 0.1ohm and a lot of other Temperature Control mods read down to 0.05ohm, hopefully Sigelei correct this with a firmware update.

When you also factor in that it doesn’t actually vape as well in Wattage or Temperature Control Mode as older Sigelei devices the 213 seems far less appealing. On the plus side of things at least the device finally has firmware upgradeability and supports Stainless Steel coils. Sadly this is something of a moot point if their competitors offer firmware upgradeability, better functionality, performance and ease of use for half of the price of this device.

What’s more I will point out that the Sigelei Fuchai 213 is already waiting in the wings, built with cheaper materials and yes it does have a much lower price tag. So I would suggest if you really love the look of this device that you wait and see what the Fuchai 213 offers first before parting with your pennies.

At one time Sigelei used to be a name synonymous with reliability, durability and excellent performance, in fact my 100W+ still works perfectly to this day and I really used to love Sigelei products but with some of their recent offerings it seems they are now more of a mixed bag.

Please note after my experience using this device and doing some further reading online there are notable problems with the initial run of Sigelei 213’s and apparently these issues have been fixed in their new version but sadly this is no compensation for anyone who has purchased one from the first batch and it seems judging by the issues that I had that the review item is also one of the problematic ones. Be certain to make sure you have the fixed version if you are buying one of these devices.

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