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Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version)

Si recently checked out the Lost Vape Quest Thelema clear version but found a few issues so they kindly sent over the solid panel version so see if it changes anything. does!

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Supplied by Lost Vape for review:
No price listed on the site, but I have seen this kit between £40 and £60.

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) boxed


For those who have noticed that we have already reviewed this kit, you’re right we have, it wasn’t the kit in one box and the ‘Clear’ battery cover version. We have since received the proper kit and with the solid battery cover which changed things considerably. Normally we would revise the review but in this case so much has changed that we thought a fresh review would be in order.

So much changed as a result, in a nutshell:

  • Far better first impressions
  • The in the hand experience is far nicer
  • The battery cover now fits perfectly without any creaking
  • The overall quality has improved due to the above
  • There are now no cons

You can read the original review here:

I will mostly ignore my earlier experience and review this as if it was new to me, naturally the parts that are the same I will just repeat or revise.


The Thelema Quest kit comes in a solid package, there’s an outer sleeve showing the chosen colour choice, and a clean white two piece box containing the mod and tank on the top layer (held in blown plastic).

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) unboxing

The bottom layer holds the USB-C cable, two different coils, some spare tank seals, the user manual and the warranty card. *NOTE – the solid version doesn’t come with the battery stickers.

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) full contents

First Impressions

Other than it now coming in the full kit form, the next change was the first impressions as I first held the Thelema. Even without the batteries in, it felt so much nicer and sturdy, the padded carbon fibre wrap on the battery door felt so much better and more comfortable. The main instant improvement was the fit of the panel, no creaking or gaps! I was far more impressed with this version already.

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit

The Thelema ‘Quest’ is a more affordable version of the Lost Vape Thelema DNA 250c, it replaces the chipset to Quest’s own version, more on the chipset later, but as for the rest, it appears to be the same. I love the C-frame chassis and battery compartment style, and the construction is very high quality.

I’m really liking the silky/satin plating of Lost Vapes' recent releases, it looks better and, more importantly, it doesn’t show any fingerprints. It also feels nicer.

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) all round view

The weight is quite light without batteries or tank. The main chassis is aluminium alloy which keeps the weight down, and the battery cover is a mixture of alloy, plastic and padded carbon fibre wrap. Overall Lost Vape have designed a superb looking and ergonomic main body.

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) screen

I really like how the control face has been sculpted, the little inset panels look really good as finishing touches. I like that the buttons are the same colour as the body as it keeps the look cleaner and not too busy. The contrast on the battery cover and the little insets give it a classy style, and the four button user interface design is one of my favourite methods for navigating mods that offer a lot of features as it is much quicker to dial in your settings, I will go into that later.

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) grip

Metal Gear Solid

The solid battery cover option gives it a completely different look compare to the transparent version; the solid version has more going on in the way it is constructed, a plastic inner wrapped with padded carbon fibre and held in place with a rather nice frame which is screwed down.

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) vs clear

Aside from the battery cover, the solid version is just that as the internals are solid black so you cannot see the chipset as you could in the transparent version:

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) battery bay

Other than the obvious looks, another difference is that the solid version has no logo on it and can be placed either way up.

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) vs clear back

The solid cover is obviously heavier than the clear plastic one which weighs 24g, the solid one comes in at 67g. Holding the two in your hand, the difference is chalk and cheese, the solid version feels sturdy whereas the clear version feels quite flimsy.

Fitting the 2 x 18650 batteries is very faff free, and the spring loaded top connections hold them in place securely. The battery ribbon makes it equally faff free to remove them.

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) battery ribbon

The battery cover slides over and snaps into place with two strong magnets, it holds in place firmly and the fit is nothing short of perfect with no play or wobble. Despite it being the main grip of the mod, it has never come close to slipping off accidentally.

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) door

Mind The Gap

On the plastic version, there is a slight gap between the cover and chassis once fitted. With the tiny gap under the tank, it appears larger than it is but I kept noticing it. The solid version is so much better, there’s absolutely no gap at all which is quite impressive. It adds to the stability in your hand too. There is a slight gap between the tank and the mod, but I don’t mind that at all as it prevents ‘atty rash’ (where the tank scratches the mod once screwed down).

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) gap

This is pretty much where the differences end. The solid panel made such a big difference though, and it just felt like a whole different kit once used. The plastic version went straight back into the box to pass onto to someone that appreciated it, but the solid version is a keeper and I’ve loved using it far more.

UB Pro Pod/Tank

I have already reviewed this tank on the GRUS and very little has changed but that’s a good thing as it was superb. Better still, they are cross compatible as I tried swapping parts across and there’s no issues at all.

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) tank and coils

The included coils are proper DL ones and the bore is quite large which adds to the airy draw. The highlight was the new P3 SS906 coil for TC (Temperature Control), you can use it for regular vaping if TC isn’t for you, but stock coils that are TC compatible are pretty rare, and it’s very welcome.

She’s Lost(vape) Control Again…. (Joy Division pun)

The chipset and controls are the same as the GRUS which I reviewed recently, I was so impressed with it back then and it works a charm in this dual battery kit. I went into detail further on it here:

I couldn’t find the online manual for the Thelema Quest but the controls are the same so the GRUS manual will still cover it:

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) manual

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) manual pt2

DNA Evidence

It does appear that Lost Vape Quest are putting a lot of effort into their chipset and the results are impressive, but oddly they claim:

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) vaping modes

Without sounding too harsh, and as good as it is, it’s no DNA and not even close, the colour version anyway. The level of customisation and control of a DNA board is staggering and hasn’t been rivalled to my knowledge (YiHi maybe, but I find it harder work). I can’t really put a DNA chipset in a nutshell but it is far more advanced, especially if you hook it up to a PC or Mac.

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) spot the difference

The best thing you can do to appreciate this chipset is to forget any DNA comparison and you won’t be disappointed, Lost Vape Quest have done an amazing job on the QUEST 2.0 and they should be proud enough to let it stand on its own merits.

In fact, I actually found the QUEST 2.0 easier to dial in from within the mod and it’s far more user friendly for newer vapers, the DNA had a bit of a learning curve to it and relied on a computer to get the most from it. Personally I love DNA colour boards as I like delving in deeper to refine temperature control vaping.


I couldn’t resist starting with the P3 SS906 coil to see how TC mode performed but before that, I tested it in regular out of the box VW (Wattage) mode. Right off the bat, this coil is damn good! The flavour is spot on and the vapour production took me by surprise as it’s a proper cloud lobber. After a tankful, it was time to test it in TC mode. There’s an SS906 preset, once that’s selected you can change the temperature and wattage within the main screen which is so easy. I ended up at 265C and 80 watts with a soft preset, just my cup of tea! A nice warm, flavourful vape. The main benefit of TC (Temperature Control) is the dry hit protection, I rarely use it with stock coil tanks as they generally keep up pretty well, but I was determined to push this coil to the limit and chain vaped it like a loon. Eventually the TC protection kicked in as the vape got cooler, and there was no hint of a dry hit. I’m pretty happy with it and left it in TC mode.

To get the most out of TC mode, it’s best with an RTA, RDTA or RDA using normal wire and I tested it on a Drop Solo RDA in dripper setup with SS316 and it behaved itself perfectly and vaped it until the cotton was almost dry with no dry hits (TC working will just get cooler and cooler as the juice runs out and stops cooling the coil).

Overall this kit vapes really well, the QUEST 2.0 chipset is possibly my new favourite due to its flexibility, performance and ease of use. The UB Pro pod/tank is a mixed bag, it performs really well but I’m not sure it suits the mod as it seems a little oversized, and the plastic tank doesn’t look as classy. Since it is a screw in pod, there’s not much advantage over a metal and glass pod. The filling method is easier though. The black didn’t match the gunmetal, but it wasn’t far off.

The vape experience of the clear version was marred by how it felt in the hand and the annoying creaking, but the solid version was an absolute joy to vape, I loved how it now felt and looked.

Brucey Bonus

The good news is that Lost Vape will be selling the panels separately which will immediately solve my main gripe with the transparent cover. They are interchangeable with the DNA Thelema so there’s quite a selection to choose from to transform the look and feel.

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) vs Gru

I was also impressed with how it matched the little URSA MINI as they have the same silky red coating.

Quest or DNA?

I think Lost Vape have been very smart in releasing the two options, the vast majority won’t benefit from the DNA version, especially if you don’t use TC mode or prefer a simpler user experience. The QUEST 2.0 chipset is just superb and good enough to stand out on its own merits, and for the price difference the Quest version should appeal more to the masses.

I don’t think Lost Vape are cutting their own throat over the DNA version as I actually think DNA users will still go for that option, and the Quest version may also appeal as a ‘spare’ or second vape.

To contradict myself, I personally prefer the DNA due to the customisation and tailored vape you can get from it, but admittedly I’m a bit of a DNA snob, BUT the quality and performance of the Quest makes it a bit of a no-brainer and I would be more comfortable using this as a workhorse over the DNA which I’m a bit precious about.

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) with rachael rabbit


DNA? Simply put that to the back of your mind and appreciate the Thelema Quest 200W kit for what it is; a much better value, hard hitting solid performer with an advanced chipset that should satisfy most vapers. With the solid cover option, it looks and feels expensive and a bit special. I’m so glad LV Quest brought out this non DNA affordable version.


  • One of the best mainstream chipsets
  • The ‘in the hand’ experience is so good
  • Impressive fit of the battery cover
  • Stylish and classy
  • Great value for money
  • UB Pro coils are superb
  • TC compatible coil
  • Well sculpted C-Frame chassis
  • A proper cloud belching tank
  • Very airy airflow control
  • Takes all Thelema range covers


  • Absolutely no cons, honestly I can’t find a niggle

Final Thoughts

This is one of those kits that’s going to be difficult to resist buying a ‘spare’ cough cough…. since I rarely buy new kit these days then that should tell you how much the Thelema Quest 200 kit has impressed me, and at under half the price of the DNA and with the UB Pro tank thrown in, then it’s a lot of kit for the money.

Even if you get the DNA version, it’s still worth getting the Quest one as you won’t feel as precious with it at the price. my DNAs rarely leave the house, but I take this one out without a second thought.

On a final note, if the QUEST 2.0 chipset is this good, then I can’t wait to see what the 3.0 will be like!


  • Quality: 9.5/10
  • Flavour: 9/10
  • Vapour production: 8.5/10
  • Value: 11/10

Overall Score: 10/10 – How could I give it any less?

Lost Vape Thelema Quest & UB Pro 200W Kit (Solid Version) spider sense

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