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Lost Vape Cyborg Quest

The other day we looked at a robot and this time we are checking out a cyborg! Have we learned nothing from 80s films? No fear though as the Lost Vape Quest Cyborg is a bit of a winner

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Lost Vape Cyborg Quest

Lost Vape CYBORG Quest 100W Kit

Supplied by Lost Vape for review.
RRP around £45

Lost Vape Quest are certainly on a roll recently. So soon after the awesome Thelema Quest kit, we have the quirky looking CYBORG kit hot on its heels.

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest review

The Cyborg is a 21700/20700/18650 single battery mod capable of up to 100 watts with a fully functional Quest 2.0 chipset, and utilises the UB Pro pod/tank perfectly.

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest Mod Kit Details:

  • Equipped with Quest 2.0 chip
  • Five vaping modes: Wattage/VPC/Bypass/Voltage/Temperature Control (SS904/SS316/Ti/Ni) mode
  • Three user records, 100W max output
  • Supports single 21700/20700/18650 battery
  • DC 5V Type-C charging
  • Accurate temperature adjustment
  • Adjustable airflow system
  • Triple airflow channels
  • Compatible with UB Pro Coils

Though nothing really stands out in the features, don’t let that fool you into thinking the Cyborg is just another basic kit, far from it due to the superb chipset, flavour/cloud lobbing tank and unique styled body.

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest boxed


The Cyborg Quest comes in the traditional Quest packaging; a three piece box with the rendering of the kit on the outer sleeve and a few specs and the contents on the back.

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest unboxing

With the outer sleeve removed and the lid of the box taken off, you are greeted with the full kit in one layer.

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest contents

Bundled with the kit is the Cyborg mod, a UB Pro tank, two different coils, a USB-C cable, an 18650 battery adaptor, some spare O-rings, the manual, and a warranty card. I’m pleased that Lost Vape included an SS904 coil for temperature control.

First Impressions

Even before you open the box, the weight strikes you first as it’s quite a heavy for a single cell kit. Weighing in at a hefty 310g with a 21700 battery fitted, the mod on its own weighs 193g, but before you write it off as being too heavy, it’s when you first hold the Cyborg in your hand that the weight actually feels really good as the shape is so comfortable. I’m not quite sure if I would have preferred it being lighter but I like heavier mods in general.

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest lay down

There’s something about Lost Vape’s designs that really appeals to me, especially the Quest range, as they always come up with something interesting without getting silly. You just get a feeling that a lot of love has gone into the R&D and there’s rarely anything wrong. The Cyborg is no different. Although a tube mod with a chipset protruding from the side is nothing new, it’s the sculpting that makes it stand out.

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest all angles

I was half expecting it to be a bit side heavy and wanting to topple over, but it isn’t the case as the weight is well balanced and it stands up pretty well. The main feature in the design of the Cyborg is the exoskeleton, though it has been done so many times before with other mods, there is something about this one that makes it not only look more interest, but is also very comfortable, I think the designers ‘beefed it up’ on purpose as there’s certainly more metal than required, and with all the smoothing of the edges, it makes it really grippy.

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest grip

The battery tube feels like real carbon fibre but I’m not certain about that, the carbon fibre pattern certainly isn’t a sticker style. The inside is black plastic so it could be some kind of new-fangled printing process? Either way it works well and has me almost convinced. I can’t comment on the other styles.

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest batteries

Fitting the battery is achieved by unscrewing the cap at the bottom which has a thumb-tab. The threading is well machined and easy to unscrew, you can fit three battery sizes; 18650/20700/21700, and there’s an adaptor included for 18650, but to get the full 100 watts and performance then a 21700 is recommended.

UB Pro Tank

Though Lost Quest call it a ‘Pod Tank’, I’m not so sure. The assembly is pretty much the same as a regular tank with push fit coils. The top section style certainly lends itself to a pod as that is all in one and cannot be stripped for cleaning.

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest pro tank parts

Unlike traditional pods, the main section is screwed into the 510 base. Although it isn’t as convenient as a magnetic pod, it is fine due to the handy side filling method, so you only need to unscrew it when you change coils.

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest pro tank base

Though it doesn’t look as pretty, the side filling silicone bung proved to be ever so handy, it makes refilling and topping up so much easier, and the visibility means you can fill it up mess free. With the smoked dark plastic, I didn’t really notice the bung in daily use.

As mentioned earlier, the coils are a simple push fit and are very easy to fit and remove (no awkward location tabs). The supplied coils are both superb.

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest coils

They are both fairly chunky and have a wide bore with decent sized wicking ports. The Ni80 coil works perfectly and should more than satisfy most stock coil vapers, but it’s the SS904 coil that pleases me the most as it is TC (Temperature Control) compatible and works a charm in that mode.

  • 1* 0.15ohm UB Pro P1 Coil (Ni80) 70-90 watts
  • 1* 0.3ohm UB Pro P3 Coil (SS904) 60-70 watts / 260-290c

The coils are well marked and the SS906 coil even includes the temperature range (up to 290c).

If TC mode baffles you or you’ve never tried it before, then this kit is a great place to start. Just to start you off, try these settings: 265c and 80 watts, you can tweak these to suit your own tastes but as long as you stay within the 260-290c temperature range, you shouldn’t get a dry hit even when chain vaping as it simply cuts the power down if the coil gets dryer and bumps it back up as it saturates (a very basic explanation).


The Cyborg Quest has the exact same chipset as the Thelema Quest and the GRUS mod, I’m so glad they haven’t messed with this as it is simply superb. New and experienced users will get on with it and it has one of the easiest navigation methods. Here are some of the main functions:

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest modes

Navigation is VERY simple with the three lower control buttons. I have gone into detail in my earlier GRUS review which first featured this chipset:

The manual is clear and easy to read, but this chipset navigation is intuitive enough not to need it. I still had a browse in case I missed something.

The screen is bright and clear, but you can increase/decrease the brightness in the ‘SETTINGS’ menu along with some colour scheme options.


After topping the tank up with one of my flavour test juices, I thought I would give the 0.15ohm UB Pro P1 Coil (Ni80) 70-90 watts coil a full test to see how the battery would perform. 75 watts was my preferred power setting to get full flavour.

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest filling

Right off the bat, this coil is damn good! The flavour is spot on and the vapour production took me by surprise as it’s a proper cloud lobber. After a tankful, it was time to test it in TC mode. There’s an SS906 pre-set, once that’s selected you can change the temperature and wattage within the main screen which is so easy. I ended up at 265C and 80 watts with a soft pre-set, just my cup of tea! A nice warm, flavourful vape.

The main benefit of TC (Temperature Control) is the dry hit protection. I rarely use it with stock coil tanks as they generally keep up pretty well, but I was determined to push this coil to the limit and chain vaped it like a loon, eventually the TC protection kicked in as the vape got cooler and there was no hint of a dry hit. I’m pretty happy with it and left it in TC mode.

To get the most out of TC mode, it’s best with an RTA, RDTA or RDA using normal wire, and I tested it on a Drop Solo RDA in dripper setup with SS316 and it behaved itself perfectly and vaped it until the cotton was almost dry with no dry hits (TC working will just get cooler and cooler as the juice runs out and stops cooling the coil).

Battery life was reasonable for a single cell mod, it was lasting me the majority of a working day before I needed to recharge it. I trusted the mod to recharge my battery, but the charging screen was basic and only displayed a 4 bar battery animation (no percentage or time remaining). I couldn’t find out the charging current but it seems pretty fast so I’m guessing it could be 2amp. I was surprised how cool the mod kept during charging, I guess that’s the benefit of the excess metal in the body absorbing the heat.

Lost Vape family

Overall I was chuffed to bits with the Cyborg kit, there were no surprises in the way it performed as I had previously used the Thelema and Grus kits. In this case that’s a good thing as I couldn’t fault the Quest 2.0 chipsets performance, and the coils are a perfect pairing.

I was surprised by the Cyborg’s appeal over the Thelema as I much preferred taking that out with me. I know there’s the ‘new toy’ factor, but I really love how this mod feels in the hand. The weight never bothered me at all, in fact it is something that I like about it. Compared to the GRUS, I much preferred how it felt as it’s far more ergonomic.

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest details


Simply put, if you like weighty 21700 mods and you like the styling, then you won’t be disappointed in the Cyborg kit. It performs so well, feels great in the hand, and the quality of the vape is spot on.

Lost Vape Quest have become my favourite manufacturer in recent times, not only do they produce top quality and unique designs, but they have the coils to back it up, especially for DL kits. I always look forward to seeing what they come up with next, but for now I am loving the Cyborg. Considering I don’t usually like black devices, I’m pretty chuffed with this kit.

What is a Cyborg?

A Cyborg is part human and part machine (something like Robocop or Darth Vader), but I don’t know where they draw the line? Is someone with a pacemaker classed as a Cyborg?


  • In the hand experience
  • QUEST 2.0 chipset is one of the very best
  • TC compatible coil included
  • Easy control & navigation
  • Well balanced weight
  • High quality
  • Flavour


  • Might be too weighty for some (310g with 21700 battery)

For me personally, there were no cons as I love the weight as it adds to how it feels.

Final Thoughts

I wasn’t quite expecting to love the Cyborg as much as I do, the ‘in the hand’ experience instantly won me over and the Quest 2.0 chipset and UB Pro tank sealed the deal. Lost Vape Quest are on a roll recently, and long may it continue.


  • Flavour: 9/10
  • Vapour production: 9/10
  • Build quality: 10/10
  • Ergonomics: 8.5/10
  • Value: 8.5/10

Overall score: 9/10

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest robot parade

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