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Innokin Oceanus

The Oceanus Kit is the latest release from the highly regarded manufacturer Innokin. This is a Variable Wattage device which offers up to 110W of power and requires a single 20700 battery - amazingly, Innokin include two of these batteries in the box!

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Innokin Oceanus

The Oceanus Kit is the latest release from the highly regarded manufacturer Innokin. According to Greek legend, Oceanus was a Titan Lord of the Sea and is often referenced as the “Father of the Waters”. The Oceanus Mod is a Variable Wattage device which offers up to 110W of power and requires a single 20700 battery but the awesome thing is that Innokin include two of these batteries in the box!

Sadly thanks to the EU and their TPD directive there are in fact two of these kits available. The EU version (received for review) includes the iSub VE 2ml capacity tank whereas the other version includes the 3.5ml capacity Scion tank along with an RBA head. Nevertheless let’s take a really good look at the EU Version of this device and see what it has to offer!

Innokin Oceanus features

  • Operating Voltage: 3.0V-7.5V
  • Operating Wattage: 6.0W-110W
  • Replaceable battery
  • Standby Current: 100uA max
  • Maximum Output Wattage 110W
  • Maximum Output Current 31.5A
  • Maximum Output Voltage: 7.5V
  • Charging: Micro USB DC 5V/2A

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Oceanus single 20700 vape mod
  • 1 x iSub VE Tank
  • 1 x iSub 0.5ohm BVC coil
  • 1 x Extra glass tube
  • 2 x 20700 high capacity batteries (3000mAh 30A-40A)
  • 2 x Silicone 20700 battery sleeves
  • 1 x Vape band
  • 1 x Micro-USB charging cable
  • 1 x User manual

The presentation of this device is superb since everything comes in a huge box which is packed with goodies! The box is divided between the mod side and the accessories side. Innokin are always very mindful of safety and both batteries come in protective rubber sleeves.

The manual is detailed and easily understood and there is also a quick start guide and a battery safety card which will be helpful for new vapers.

Innokin Oceanus Kit styling and build quality

The Oceanus has a very striking design and is very attractive. Constructed from Zinc Alloy the device has just the right amount of curves and feels form friendly and comfortable to use. In terms of size it is comparable to the IPV8 and the SX Mini ML Class, the only noticeable difference is the depth which is shallower than both.

In terms of weight the device is a little heavy when the battery is fitted but I personally prefer my devices to feel solid and the Oceanus is nicely balanced. I received the black and white version for review and in my opinion the finish is excellent. At no point has the paint tarnished in the time I have spent using it. Keep in mind that other colours are available if you would prefer something different.

The 510 pin looks to be constructed from Stainless Steel, with the spring-loaded pin constructed from brass. I had absolutely no issues getting any of my atomizers to sit flush. There are four small grooves machined into the top of the device which allow air to pass under your atomizer.

This device offers up to 110 Watts of power but only features Wattage, Voltage or Bypass Mode and has no Temperature Control feature but this means it is extremely straightforward for a newcomer to use. The Oceanus does have two power settings MODN (which offers standard power) and MODP (which gives a two second 20% power boost when firing).

The three buttons on the device are highly responsive, well-fitted, rattle free and comfortable to use. Just like all Innokin devices there is an LED fitted behind the fire button which alerts you to the current charge of the battery. The main display is very bright with all of the information clearly set out. It displays Wattage, Power Mode and Resistance. In addition the battery charge is also shown. Voltage is displayed when pressing the fire button to vape or when using the device exclusively in Voltage Mode.

The battery door is brilliant and held on extremely securely by two strong magnets. There is no rattle at all and the fit is superb! Ventilation is provided for by five large holes in the battery door. Inside the compartment the correct battery orientation is clearly marked so it is highly unlikely you will make a mistake.

Located at the bottom front of the device beneath the adjustment buttons you will find the Micro USB Port. The port does support 2 Amp charging but you can of course charge your batteries externally providing you have a compatible charger.

Included with the Oceanus is the iSub VE and while I cannot fault its construction I don’t feel it looks as aesthetically pleasing as the very streamlined Scion tank which comes with the Non-EU version of this kit. Nevertheless the tank is easy to work use and has a 2ml capacity, top filling and adjustable airflow. A Delrin drip tip is included and you could of course use one of your own since it is a standard fitting.

If you don’t wish to use the included tank most atomizers up to 25mm diameter will look fine on top of this device but anything larger will overhang.

Ease of use

  • Three clicks of the fire button switches the device on and off.
  • Hold down the fire button and the minus button to switch between MODN and MODP Power Modes.
  • To change the Wattage, hold down the plus button for two seconds until the Wattage starts flashing, then adjust with the plus and minus buttons. Wattage can be increased or decreased in 0.5W increments.
  • Hold the fire button and the plus button to cycle through Wattage/Voltage/Bypass Modes.
  • Hold the Plus and Minus Button down to flip the screen.

Innokin Oceanus Kit performance

I filled up the tank with some Heartland Vapes Sour Worm (American candy flavour). The included coils are 0.5ohm Resistance and intended to be fired between 30-60 Watts. I found 30 Watts resulted in a bit of a washed out vape and for me 45W was the sweet spot. At that Wattage I got the right amount of heat, decent flavour and very good cloud production. I did trying pushing the Wattage to 50 Watts but that resulted in occasional dry hits and I got the hint of a slight burnt taste so I quickly dialled the Wattage down.

To test the 20% power boost mode I fitted the ASVAPE AIM-9 RDA which is fitted with two very low Resistance Clapton coils. The power boost mode definitely yielded a faster ramp up when firing at 100W.

Battery life on the whole is pretty good but will vary heavily depending on the Wattage you vape at and how often. When using the device with the included iSub VE tank and vaping at 45W I would say I got about 6-7 hours of use but keep in mind I often chain vape. Of course you do get much more use out of the battery if you fit something like an Aspire Nautilus 2 or a Kayfun 5 and vape at lower Wattage. Another consideration is that you do get two batteries so you can keep on vaping while the other battery is charging providing you own an external charger.

The mod itself performs extremely well especially in the Power mode where I found a very quick ramp up of the larger more exotic coils worked very well indeed.

All in all this device works great and I cannot fault the performance!


This is brilliant kit from Innokin. The only downside is a lack of Temperature Control but in all honesty a lot of vapers don't subscribe to the temperature control system. The device works extremely well in Wattage Mode and the extra power mode with the 20% boost is useful when using tanks or RDA’s with large Clapton coils.

The inclusion of not one but two batteries makes for a very generous deal and the included tank works well and offers both decent flavour and cloud production. In an ideal world I would have personally liked to see a TPD compliant Scion tank rather than the iSub VE namely because it looks more aesthetically pleasing and the fact that it comes with an RBA head will be an annoyance to many in the EU who might feel a bit short-changed. Sadly that’s the EU to blame and not Innokin who have produced an excellent and very worthwhile device despite the limitations placed on them. Definitely check it out!  You can find more details on the Innokin site here  We are giving away an Oceanus kit in our competition here

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