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Ijoy Elite PS2170 Kit

Gearbest kindly sent the Elite PS2170 kit from iJoy over for review here on POTV. It’s a full setup including a stock coil tank, a mod and a battery - so it contains everything you need to get up and running, you just need to add juice!

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Gearbest kindly sent the Elite PS2170 kit from iJoy over for review here on POTV. It’s a full setup including a stock coil tank, a mod and a battery - so it contains everything you need to get up and running, you just need to add juice!

The kit comes nicely presented in a cardboard sleeve with a nice picture of the kit on the front and all the kit specs on the back, plus a scratch and sniff authenticity check on one side (sorry about he gearbest sticker on the front of the box in the photos, that really doesn't want to come off!). Once you remove the sleeve you're presented with a rather natty mdf/wood box contains the kit itself.

The supplied kit is in gun metal and it’s also available in black, white, rainbow, yellow and red.

What's in the box

  • iJoy Elite PS2170 box mod
  • Captain mini subohm tank
  • 2 coils (ca-m2 0.3ohm + ca-m1 0.5ohm)
  • 21700 battery (the review sample came without this, possibly to reduce shipping costs?)
  • Tool pack (screws, Allen key, o-rings)
  • USB cable
  • Manuals/warranty

Captain mini subohm tank

The included tank is the Captain mini subohm tank. The tank is available in 2ml TPD compliant and 3.2ml variants. The one supplied for review is the non TPD compliant 3.2ml version and It’s 22.5mm in diameter and 39mm tall (not including the drip tip or 510 connector). Air flow is adjusted with two large cyclops ports on the adjustment ring and there's an included 510 Delrin drip tip in the pack, or if you prefer you can use your own drip tip.

There are two coils included in the kit a CA-M2 0.3 ohm coil, which is pre-installed in the tank, and a CA-M1 0.5ohm coil. The coils are simply press fit into the tank, removing the installed coil was initially quite difficult due to dry o-rings but inserting and removing coils was easy once everything was juiced up with e-liquid.

Filling the tank is also easy with a top fill port accessible by simply sliding the top cap over to reveal a recessed filling port/gasket. There's a spare gasket in the box in case this gets damaged and it's all held in place with a little Allen key hidden under the top cap if you need to do this. Due to the recessed nature of the fill port you may find not all your bottles will fit and the fill port is slightly small so don't try to fill too quickly or you'll end up with an air lock and cover yourself in juice. Take your time and use needle nose bottles and you'll have no issues.

Neither coil was able to operate at the maximum wattage printed on the coils and the supplied mod is a single battery affair so I feel the 0.5ohm coil is probably more suited to the kit. I did find that the ohms tended to drift a little in use, probably due to the press fit design which means things will heat up and expand at different rates, however this didn't affect the flavour or throw up any check atomizer messages.

The tank is a decent little subohm tank with decent, if not mind blowing, flavour.

Elite PS2170 box mod

1st up let's take a quick look at the specs:

  • Size 43 x 26.8 x 80.7 mm
  • 0.96” OLED screen
  • Output 5 to 100 watts / 1 to 8 volts / 1 to 40 amps
  • Temperature control (Ni,Ti,SS, TCR) 150 to 315 Celsius / 300 to 600 Fahrenheit
  • Resistance range (wattage) 0.05 to 3 ohms
  • Efficiency 95%
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Single 18650/20700/21700 battery

My first impression of the mod is just how small it is, especially given that it takes the larger 20700/21700 batteries. It's the same height as my Evic vtc mini (an 18650 device) and a full 1cm shorter than my 21700 DNA75c mod! It’s got some nice details in the side of the bodywork which aids with grip and it feels nice a comfy in the hand.

All the buttons have a nice positive click to them and the oversized fire button is comfortable to use whether you thumb fire or trigger fire. I'm also glad to report zero button rattle.

There's a nicely sprung 510 connector on top which is sunk under the main bodywork so there should be no issues with the 510 coming loose over time. Everything I've put on there has sat nice and flush, just be aware that you may end up with some atty rash on the top over time but the paintwork looks like it will probably hold up well over time. There's no issues with modern tanks and droppers either as it will accommodate 25mm attys with no overhang.

It’s quite weighty though especially with a 21700 battery in there, and feels solidly constructed. The only minor niggle with the fit and finish is that there's a bit of a gap between the battery door and the main body, especially with a battery fitted. This results in the mod rocking a little front to back when it's on a flat surface but I've had no issues with it falling over or the battery door coming open in use.

The screen is fairly bright, although visibility in bright sunlight (a rare thing here in the U.K.) is slightly difficult due to the tinted screen cover. Some of the text is a little small meaning I had to reach for my reading glasses on a couple of occasions but all the info you need is there. I've had a couple of occasions where the screens gone a bit crazy but it continues to work as normal otherwise. This seems to happen if it's been sat switched on but not being used for a while so I suspect a firmware bug, turning it off then back on again fixes it. Assuming this is the case it will hopefully be addressed in a future firmware update.

It features all the modes you would expect (wattage/custom curves/temperature control) and it's all done via a simple top level menu accessed with three clicks of the power button. Power delivery seems pretty solid with fast firing times, I'm happy to report that the TC mode worked fine for me as well with a SS coil.

I'm not so sure about the claimed 95% power efficiency though as I seemed to go through battery's a little quicker than some of my other mods even with a 21700 battery fitted, this is a subjective observation though as I have no way to test this. As with all single battery mods it may not get you through the whole day particularly at higher wattages so make sure to carry spares.


I've really enjoyed using this kit for the review and it's a really solid little kit with everything you need in the box. It’s currently available at Gearbest for $50 which is approximately £40 at current exchange rates. Given that the kit includes a mod, a subohm tank and a 21700 battery (which can cost around £10 on it’s own) I think this represents excellent value for money.

Many thanks to Gearbest for sending the kit in for review - you can check it out on their site here

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