Eleaf iCare review by dw1986

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Eleaf iCare

Industry heavyweights Eleaf have recently brought the iCare to market, which is a tiny starter kit with an inbuilt tank. One of its key selling points is its ease of use, with an automatic battery and air pressure sensor that detects when the user is taking a puff, so there isn't even a need for a power button! 

A tri color LED light is built in which displays the current battery status, and the iCare unit itself also comes in a range of different colours. Eleaf have set out to make one of the most flavourful starter kits on the market, driven by the 1.1ohm coil heads, and adjustable airflow is present allowing you to change the style of draw.

Starter kits have come on in leaps and bounds recently, and the Eleaf iCare is one of the latest to hit a crowded market. Does it have what it takes to stand out? Let's have a look...


  • Dimensions 30mm x 14mm x 75mm
  • 650mAh battery capacity 
  • USB rechargeable 
  • 15W max output power
  • 1.8ml capacity 
  • 1.1ohm replaceable coils included
  • 1.0-3.5ohm resistance range
  • Black, Gold, Cyan, White and Red colours available
  • Tri color LED battery indicator 
  • Air pressure sensor
  • Adjustable internal airflow
  • Pocket friendly
  • All in one solution

What’s in the Box?

Inside the small green iCare box you'll find the iCare itself, two 1.1ohm coil heads, a USB charging cable and a user manual.

Using the eLeaf iCare

To start off, you'll want to remove the mouthpiece and then the air pipe, by fitting the rectangular section at the top of the mouthpiece into the rectangular hole in the base of the mouthpiece, then twist counter clockwise to loosen and remove the airpipe. There are two 1.1ohm coils included in the kit, and you'll need to drip a couple of drops of e-liquid into one of the coils to help prime it, then fit it to the base of the air pipe. 

The capacity of the internal tank is 1.8ml and you'll notice a line on the glass viewing window, simply fill to this line then replace the air pipe and then the mouthpiece. The 1.8ml capacity may seem small but because you aren't using a whole lot of power this will last you the majority of the day, even vaping heavily. To take a draw, simply puff on the mouthpiece to activate the pressure sensor. 

There's no power button or menus to think of here, just an LED indicator that will show you the power level. Green means between 100-16% battery remains, yellow means 15-6% and red is 5% and under. When you hit red, you want to get to a power source quickly! The in built battery is 650 mAh which does hold its own and last a decent amount of time, it recharges pretty quickly as well taking around an hour when a wall charger is used, slightly longer if charging from another USB power source such as a computer. 

Adjustable airflow is present, and you can adjust this by rotating the airflow ring present on the top of the internal air pipe. You'll need to take the mouthpiece off and the air pipe out to adjust this, which is a bit of a pain, but you can adjust the airflow from a restricted lung hit to a mouth to lung hit. Once you have set the airflow to your liking, replaced the air pipe and the mouthpiece, it will stay set in place.

The default draw is actually surprisingly airy, I went into this at first thinking it would have a tight mouth to lung draw however I was quite surprised at just how loose it was, providing a restricted lung hit! The flavour is actually very good indeed for what it is, and there's a pretty impressive amount of vapour produced as well. I normally vape 3-6mg juice and I found I needed to increase to 12mg to get a decent nicotine hit. With 12mg nicotine however, this did provide a really satisfying nicotine hit. If you are an experienced vaper who normally vapes low nicotine juice, you may need to increase your nicotine level when using the iCare. Newbies should be perfectly fine with 12-18mg juice. 

Performance wise, the iCare is a great starter kit. The flavour is very impressive, it's really easy to use, I've had up to 75VG juice wicking in there with ease and it even provides some fairly decent cloudage too! Battery life is great for moderate usage and as a bonus it charges quickly too.


Eleaf have developed an excellent starter kit here, that not only holds appeal to newbies but also more experienced vapers too, offering a real easy to use all in one kit, that actually provides some pretty impressive performance. The iCare is one of the more flavourful starter kits out there, boasting pretty decent battery life, and it's quite a robust little device too!

For under £20, the iCare represents huge value for money in my opinion. The performance and ease of use with this handy bit of kit more than justify the very small outlay and this is well worth pretty much anyone looking into, from those looking for their first bit of kit to those looking for a cheap back up device for out and about usage. For the price you really can't go wrong here!