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EFusion DNA200 by Lost Vape

Manufactured by Lost Vape, the Efusion DNA200 takes the form factor of the Esquare DNA40 and builds on it with the integration of the Evolv DNA200 chip, a user serviceable FullyMax 1300 mAh 3 cell LiPo battery pack (equivalent to 3900 mAh 3.7v) with XT30 connector, and stunning looks and form factor with the outer shell made out of anodized 6061 T6 Aluminium. It's a gorgeous looking little unit, and powered by the fully customizable DNA200 chip this promises to be not only a great looker, but an outstanding performer too.

The Esquare DNA40 was a superb little mod with stunning looks and outstanding form factor, and the Efusion DNA200 looks to build on this even further with the integration of the DNA200 chip. Does this make it the killer unit for vapers?


  • Powered by Evolv DNA200 temperature protection board With Evolv's Escribe software, dial in your perfect vape with over 93 options
  • User serviceable lithium polymer 1300mAh 3 cell battery
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Temperature Limit: 200°F - 600°F
  • Output Power: 1Watt - 200Watts
  • Precision CNC milled 6061-T6 aluminum body
  • Polished and bright dip anodized gloss finish
  • Nickel plated phosphor copper battery contacts
  • Stainless steel 510 atomizer connector
  • Ultra responsive custom milled stainless steel buttons
  • Spring loaded nickel plated brass center pin
  • Integrated 1Amp micro-USB on-board balance charger (cord included)
  • Cell-by-cell monitoring
  • Pass-thru charging functionality
  • Dimensions: 85mm*60mm*25mm
  • Finishes: black, silver, gold, copper, sapphire blue, aqua blue, red, green, purple.
  • Standard cover material: Carbon Fiber  

What’s in the Box?

Inside the clamshell packaging is:

Cuts Ice
  • Efusion DNA200
  • Usb cable
  • Instruction manual

The LiPo battery pack found inside the Efusion DNA200 is user serviceable, and you can purchase additional LiPo battery packs separately for the Efusion. The supplied USB cable is not only used for charging your Efusion unit, but also for hooking it up to a computer to take advantage of the exciting Escribe software, which enables huge customisation of your DNA200 chip.


Top marks to Lost Vape for the design of the Efusion- it rates as one of the most stunning units I have ever had my hands on. The body is precision CNC milled from 6061-T6 aluminum, with an anodized gloss finish as well, with carbon fibre panelling on each side of the unit. This is one seriously fine looking mod! Custom side panels are also available for the Efusion, and you can access and service the LiPo battery through careful removal of one of the side panels. At the top is a stainless steel 510 connector with spring loaded nickel plated brass center pin which enables a flush fit for your atomiser. At the side of the unit you will find the Power, Up and Down buttons, screen and the USB port for charging, at the base of the unit are four vent holes.

The form factor is superb with this unit. Its just the right size for my hand and feels really comfortable to hold. The custom milled stainless steel buttons are easily reachable when operating the Efusion unit, whilst also being tactile and very responsive. The screen is bright and clearly readable, offering you information on the current battery level, power, voltage and temperature limit. The display can however be customised through Escribe, and I will go into more detail about this below...


Evolv DNA200 chip and Escribe

Now here comes the exciting part! The Efusion sports the new Evolv DNA200 chip, which is arguably the most advanced chip on the market at present. Reason being, is that this chip can be infinitely customised to your preferences, provided that you have access to a Windows PC with Windows XP or higher. It is also highly recommended that after downloading the Escribe software you ensure that you have the latest Escribe software update downloaded, which you can find here

You can also familiarise yourself with how to navigate Escribe by using the online training simulator provided by Evolv, which is a handy tool in allowing you to understand the basic nuances of Escribe without diving in head first to it. You will find it here

Once you have Escribe set up, you will want to ensure the Efusion is set up correctly in order to get the most out of this cracking little unit. I have found that the optimum settings are not preloaded onto the Efusion already, you will need to download the official manufacturer XML file from here. This file also contains the optimum settings for Titanium and Stainless Steel wire profiles and this will save you a great deal of time setting these up yourself!

Once you have downloaded the XML file you will need to go into Escribe, make sure you are running the latest Escribe software, select ‘File’ then ‘Open’ and select the XML file from where you have saved it to. After that, click on ‘Upload Settings to Device’ and this will load the settings onto your Efusion. You aren’t quite done yet though, as to ensure you are getting optimum battery performance you need to set the correct watt hours for your battery, as the incorrect watt hours are present in the settings even after you have loaded the XML file. You need to click on the ‘Mod’ tab and under battery type, select ‘Lithium Polymer’. Press ‘Watt Hour Calculator’ after this and confirm that you know the battery type installed. Change ‘720’ to ‘1300’ and click on confirm, then confirm 14.43 watt hours has been calculated. After that, load the settings to the device and it is all done! This seems very overwhelming but in practice it is really quite simple, and should take you no longer than 10 minutes, and it is worth doing to ensure you get the most out of the Efusion.


There is an incredible amount of customisation present within Escribe. Stat junkies can get their fill with plenty of graphs and statistics on how the Efusion and the battery are performing, you can customise the home screen to read out the information you want, add your own custom graphics to the boot up screens and warning messages, configure the Preheat to give your coil a boost in temperature control and set up 8 different individual profiles allowing you to switch between your preferred settings on the fly. This is a great feature as you can have an individual profile for each of your 8 favourite atomisers, and with a few clicks of a button bring up your preferred settings for that atomiser quickly. There's a huge rabbit hole to disappear down with Escribe, and it's an amazing piece of software for customising your DNA200 device.

Keep an eye out as we will shortly have a full, in-depth guide into the DNA200 chip and the Escribe software, packed with plenty of tips and info on how to get the best out of Escribe and this chip. Stay tuned!


Once you have loaded your settings onto the Efusion then the operation of the Efusion becomes very simple indeed. Of course, you do not need to use Escribe and upload any settings to the Efusion out of the box, you can simply unbox it and use it straight away, however as described above to really get the most out of this little powerhouse you will want to connect your Efusion unit to Escribe, upload the CSV file for the Efusion first to Escribe and change the watt hour settings to the correct setting before uploading it to the Efusion and subsequently using the unit. One of the first things you will notice is a marked increase in battery life and more accurate performance in temperature control with Stainless Steel and Titanium, so it's well worth your while taking your time setting up your new Efusion unit.

When attaching a new atomizer to the Efusion, the DNA200 chip will prompt you to confirm whether you are using a new or existing coil, you will need to press up if a new coil has been attached, and down if the coil is the same as the one you were using previously. The DNA200 chip uses the resistance of the atomiser to calculate the temperature of the coil, and continually looks to see if a new atomiser has been connected. When using a temperature control coil you want to ensure that you have waited until your atomiser has cooled to room temperature otherwise temperature may read and protect incorrectly until the atomiser has reached room temperature.  

The Electronic Cigarette Company

As with any DNA200 device, 5 clicks of the power button will lock and unlock your Efusion unit- it will never switch completely ‘off’. There is no real menu system to speak of, as everything is customised via Escribe on your computer, however holding down the plus and minus buttons will lock your power- a very handy feature which prevents the power setting from being changed. With the power locked, hit either up or down twice, and this will allow you to scroll through 8 different profiles allowing you quick access to your favourite presets. Holding fire and plus will allow you to lock in your resistance when using a temperature control coil, and when using a temperature control coil holding up and down for two seconds will allow you to adjust the temperature limit of the unit as once the temperature limit is displayed you subsequently simply press up or down to adjust this. If you wish for the temperature to be displayed in Celsius, then adjust the temperature down past as far as it will go in Fahrenheit and Celsius will then be displayed. Temperature control can be disabled by adjusting the limit past 600 until it reads ‘OFF’.

Temperature control with the Evolv DNA200 chip is quite possibly the best temperature control experience yet and if temperature control is your thing, you’ll want to get your hands on a DNA200 device as soon as you possibly can. What gives the DNA200 such a huge edge over the competition is not just the ability to dial in the coefficients for specific TC wires through Escribe, but a feature called Preheat. Preheat applies extra power to your coil until the coil is up to the selected operating temperature, shortening the delay between pressing the fire button and vapour becoming generated. You can customise the strength of this through Escribe from 1-200w, making ramp up times instantaneous and a huge difference to your vape, and as Preheat is temperature based, you will not overheat or burn your juice. Having the preheat set to 200w and vaping with a Titanium or Stainless Steel coil is really something else!

Battery life when compared to other DNA200 devices with LiPo battery packs is excellent, this seems to perform far better than any other DNA200 device I have tried to date. There is a 3 cell 1300 mAh LiPo battery present, giving you much better battery life than most other DNA200 units around. Using this with my Nextiny or Heron V2 at 15-22w gives me the best part of a day and a half with heavy use, upping the wattage and using the Snapdragon RDA at 35-40w and I get just under a days full use. Using the Freemax Starre with Ni200 coils at 220C and 30-40w also gave me a full day. Many other DNA200 units can’t keep up with that sort of mileage and require at least one charge throughout the day with similar usage! Charging is regulated via the integrated 1A microUSB balance charging board. The Efusion can be charged via the supplied USB cable, charging through a computer tends to draw around 0.5A (going by the display on the unit) making recharging through a computer pretty time consuming, the Efusion charges much faster through a wall charger drawing 1A, allowing the unit to be fully charged in a couple of hours.


The Efusion certainly has the looks, and with the DNA200 chip it definitely has the brains to match it as well! The form factor and looks are simply breathtaking, the price is excellent, you have endless customization options at your disposal with the Evolv DNA200 chip and battery life is great when you compare it to other DNA200 units with LiPo battery packs, with a full day's heavy use easily achievable. A special mention has got to go out to Rob and Nat at Vape Geek for their excellent customer service, I purchased the Efusion through them, arriving with me the very next day, and their communications and service has been outstanding.

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The combination of stunning looks and real top notch performance has made the Efusion my go to mod of choice. It's the unit I reach for time and time again and at the time of writing, it’s the unit I use the most because of its superb performance, battery life and it’s form factor. It's without a doubt the best DNA200 unit I’ve used to date. If you are looking for a new DNA200 mod, then the Efusion is the one I would recommend the most!

This unit was purchased from www.vapegeek.co.uk where the Efusion is currently available in Silver and Black, Purple and Black, Green and Black and Blue and Black finishes.

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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