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Joyetech eVic VT Full Kit

The eVic VT represents Joyetech’s first official foray into the burgeoning temperature control market, and one of the first mods to support Titanium and Ni200 temperature control right out of the box.

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Introduction to the Joyetech eVic VT

Joyetech have been a major player in the vaping game for a long time now, responsible for popular releases such as the eVic Supreme and most recently the Ego One Mega, which was a popular option for beginners to sub ohm vaping and with its compact size, became one of Joyetech’s top selling items.

The eVic VT represents Joyetech’s first official foray into the burgeoning temperature control market, and one of the first mods to support Titanium and Ni200 temperature control right out of the box. The eVic VT kit includes the Ego One Mega tank, which comes bundled with an Ni200 and a Titanium (Ti) coil head as part of the kit itself. Looks wise, the eVic VT is absolutely stunning, available in three different colour schemes, and at first glance has to be one of the most stunning looking mods around. Looks aren’t everything however, let's see if the eVic VT performs as well as it looks!


eVic VT unit

  • 5000 mAh built in LiPo battery
  • Micro USB charging
  • Power outputs- VT-Ti (for temperature control with Titanium builds), VT-Ni (Ni200 temperature control), VW variable wattage mode
  • 60w maximum power output for Ti/Ni temperature control, Kanthal builds of 0.25-1ohm are limited to 50w, 40w for kanthal builds of 0.1-0.24ohm
  • Minimum power output of 1w
  • Output voltage range of 0.5-8v
  • Resistance of 0.05-1ohm in VT temperature control mode supported
  • Resistance of 0.15- 3.5ohm supported in variable wattage mode
  • Temperature range of 100- 315c/ 200-600f
  • 510 threaded

EGO One Mega tank

  • 4ml capacity
  • Removable drip tip
  • 510 threaded
  • CL Ti 0.4ohm (titanium) and CL Ni 0.2ohm (Nickel) coil heads supported and supplied with the kit, standard kanthal CL coil heads supported and available separately
  • Adjustable airflow

What's in the box?

1x Joyetech eVic VT Variable Wattage 5000 mAh battery
1x Joyetech Ego One Mega tank atomizer
1x Pre installed CL Ni200 0.2ohm coil head
1x Replacement CL Ti (Titanium) atomizer head
1x micro USB charging cable
1x Wall adaptor
1x Transparent silicon skin
1x User manual

eVic VT Looks

Right out of the box the eVic VT is one of the most stunning looking units you will ever lay your eyes on. Paired with the Ego One Mega tank, it’s an excellent match. Using a sports car scheme, three colour options are available, my unit was provided in black with a red racing stripe however white with a sky blue stripe and yellow with a black stripe are also available, with matching Ego One Mega tanks, and all of them look absolutely stunning. The mirrored silver finish on the top of the eVic VT, twist operation button and fire button is fantastic, but a real fingerprint magnet and requires constant wiping. Paint finish is absolutely top notch, and hasn’t picked up a scratch yet, there is a silicon sleeve included in the box should you be worried about your unit picking up scratches, but why would you want to cover up a thing of beauty like this?!!

If the included Ego One Mega tank isn’t for you, other 510 threaded tanks can be used with the eVic VT with the fixed 510 connector, I found the black Subtank Mini to also look great with my black and red eVic VT unit. The 510 connector being fixed can cause connection issues with some atomisers, but every one I have tried on the eVic VT has worked fine. Next to this is the unique twist operation button, which is used for adjusting settings on the eVic VT. Underneath the eVic VT you find a generous amount of vent holes, as well as the micro USB port used for charging the unit up. From what I can see online, the micro USB port is only used for charging the unit, I do believe the firmware is not upgradeable.

OLED screen deserves a special mention, it’s one of the largest, brightest and clearest OLED screens on any mod to date, mode is displayed at the top along with temperature limit (if applicable) which gives a real time read out of the coil temperature as the coil heats up, power is displayed in watts and again, updates in real time whilst firing, atomiser resistance is displayed underneath this with battery life at the bottom of the screen, which can be changed to display a puff counter or vape timer if you wish. Personally, I think knowing how much battery I have left is far more important than how many puffs I have had or how long for, but each to their own!

eVic VT Menu System

At first, it’s likely you are going to struggle with operating the eVic VT menu system with the twist operation button, but once you have got to grips with it it’s very simple to use. 5 clicks of the power button will turn the device on and off, whereas when the device is turned on 3 clicks of the power button will unlock the settings allowing you to adjust them. The selected setting will blink continuously letting you know which setting you are adjusting and you adjust the setting by turning the button to the right. Whilst the temperature setting is flashing you can switch this from VT-Ni mode (for nickel builds) to VT-Ti mode (for titanium builds) to VW (for standard variable wattage mode using traditional kanthal/nichrome coils) by flicking the twist operation button to the right. This is very important as this absolutely must be set correctly depending on the coil used. When you install a new coil, you are prompted to set whether it is a new coil or existing. Flicking the button to the left will move you down to the next setting, which is adjusting the output power, another flick of the button to the left moves you down to the next setting, which is unlocking and locking the coil resistance (you must do this when using a nickel or titanium coil to allow for accurate temperature control use), and finally the last setting is changing the bottom display from battery to a puff or vape time counter. Don’t let this put you off, after a couple of uses it becomes second nature for you to use.

Temperature limit is adjusted outside of the menu system, you simply move the twist operation button to the right or left whilst nothing is flashing on screen to adjust the temperature limit up and down. You can have the temperature displayed in fahrenheit, which it is by default, or if you continue scrolling through the fahrenheit temperatures past 600F you will find the display changes to celsius.

eVic VT Performance

First off, let's get the first and pretty much only major problem out of the way- temperature control with Ni200 on my eVic VT does not work correctly. And judging by what I have heard and also seen online, I am not the only one either. For the first hour of using the unit, it was great. You ensure the coil and eVic VT unit are at room temperature then lock the resistance in to give the eVic VT a baseline coil resistance to work with. At 450F and 35w, I was getting a lovely flavourful vape with the Ego One Mega tank and 0.2ohm Ni coil, after the first hour the problems started and try as I might, I haven’t been able to fix them.

To sum it up, any Ni200 coil I use reaches temperature limit almost instantly, restricting the vape and resulting in pretty much no flavour and a pathetic amount of vapour, even with the temperature control set to it’s maximum of 600F. Even after leaving the unit alone overnight, on first fire it displays the coil temperature as already being upwards of 300F, which is causing the temperature to limit almost immediately and throttling off the vape. I’ve tried another eVic VT unit with exactly the same results. I’ve also tried a Subtank Mini with 0.15ohm Ni200 coil heads, Sense Herakles with Vaporshark Ni200 coil heads and also the Goblin Mini with my own Ni200 build at 0.1ohm, which all work perfectly fine on the other temperature control mods I own, and the same thing happens, every time. As a result of this, I’m not able to review the performance of Ni200 and temperature control fully.

That’s not to mean temperature control on the whole is broken with the eVic VT. The titanium coil supplied with the Ego One Mega works superbly well with the eVic VT, and I have started using my own Titanium builds to great effect, preferring the flavour and warmer vape provided by a Titanium build over most Ni200 builds I have used, plus Titanium has the benefit of being able to be used at a higher temperature and a higher power than Nickel. The flavour I found was far better- using Titanium at 550-600F and 45-60w on the eVic VT was a superb vape, full of warm flavour and very cloudy. Titanium heated up much quicker on the eVic VT and I didn’t experience the issues I had with Nickel. Bit of safety info regarding Titanium coils if you have become interested in using them after reading this- don’t ever dry burn your coils as there is a good chance they will burst into flames, only ever use Titanium in temperature control, and if you notice any white coloured build up on the coils then stop using them immediately and discard the coil, Titanium Oxide is not something you want to be inhaling on a regular basis! Used safely and in moderation, Titanium for me provides a far superior vape in temperature control to Nickel.

Battery life is excellent as you would expect from a built in 5000 mAh LiPo battery configuration, and in VW mode despite you not being able to take advantage of the full 60w power output I have had nothing to complain about when in VW mode, it’s worked fine. Battery life lasts me a good 2-3 days when using temperature control, ever so slightly less when in standard VW mode. Charging is handled through micro USB charging, taking 6 hours for a full charge of the battery from dead to full. That’s a long time to be on charge! I have taken to charging mine once the battery indicator drops down to about ⅓ remaining so it charges less, as I don’t think I am ever around in my house for 6 hours at a time to keep an eye on this charging, and for safety reasons I don’t leave anything on charge overnight!

Ego One Mega Tank

The Ego One Mega tank is an upgraded version of the original Ego One, and supplied as part of the eVic VT full kit. This tank can also be purchased separately should you wish.

Ego One Mega Looks

It definitely suits the eVic VT perfectly but on closer inspection, the finish is different, there is no glossy paint finish present on the Ego One Mega like there is on the eVic VT. You have a removeable stainless steel drip tip, and a glass window at the side with three vertical viewing slots on either side of the tank allow you to see how much juice you have left in the tank. Filling juice is easy, unscrew the tank from the base and fill to the side of the chimney.

Airflow is drawn from thin adjustable airflow slots at either side of the tank, and can be set from wide open right down to closed off, so you can lung hit with the Ego One Mega tank and also by closing the airflow right down to below half you can achieve a mouth to lung hit.

Ego One Mega Capacity, Coils and Performance

Coming supplied with a pre installed CL-Ni200 0.2 ohm coil head and a replacement CL-Ti 0.4 ohm coil head for temperature control use featuring a japanese cotton wick and gold plated connectors for improved resistance reading accuracy and connectivity, the Ego One Mega is good to go for temperature control use right out of the box. It is also compatible with the original CL and CLR series of replaceable kanthal coil heads that were used with the original Ego One tank.

Capacity is now 4ml, up from the 2.5ml found with the original Ego One tank, and you will need it as these temperature control coils are definitely thirsty. Airflow on the Ego One Mega is great and you can get some very good cloud production with the airflow wide open, as well as closing it right down to mouth to lung hit,

I thought the vape from the CL-Ni 0.2 ohm coils was fairly average when comparing them to other pre built coil heads available, and I also found that due to the small juice holes any juice that was 70VG and above really struggled to wick. As mentioned in the section above, I was not able to fully utilize the temperature control function using Nickel coils on the eVic VT, therefore I tested the CL-Ni coil on the SX Mini M Class and the IPV 3LI. Setting the temperature to 210C and 25J gave me a really cool and weak vape to start off with, so I increased this to 230C and 35J. Flavour improved dramatically, and flavour was improved though still muted, vapour production was starting to get there! At 240C and 40J this gave me personally the most enjoyable results with the CL-Ni coil head, flavour was quite decent, the vape was fairly warm but nothing spectacular, and the clouds were getting really thick!

The CL-Ti 0.4 ohm coils were much, much better and gave me excellent performance on par with kanthal builds. Flavour was much warmer, due to Titanium being able to sustain higher temperatures in temperature control than nickel, and thus I was able to put more power through the coil. For example, I found my sweet spot for the CL-Ti coils to be in the 550-600F and 45-60w range, whereas my normal sweet spot with Nickel is 410-450F and 35-40w. Flavour was really outstanding using Titanium, I much preferred it to Nickel, and the vapour production was very good! I was getting some real big clouds with airflow wide open on the Ego One Mega.

Overall Conclusion

It’s a stunning looker, my favourite looking mod to date and it pairs perfectly with the Ego One Mega, design wise it’s a work of art, battery life has been exceptional from the in built 5000 mAh batteries, temperature control with Titanium has been a revelation for me and using the Evic VT with standard kanthal builds in power mode has performed superbly well despite the power limiting when using Kanthal, but….

A poor Ni200 temperature control mode with my unit lets the overall performance of the Evic VT down, for me honestly that mode is quite frankly broken and unusable, and I know I am not the only person to experience issues with it either, a quick Google search brings up a whole host of Evic VT users suffering problems with using Ni200 coils in temperature control, and I have personally spoken to other users experiencing issues with Ni200 coils and the Evic VT who have not been able to use the unit correctly with Ni200. This would have been the perfect mod should Ni200 work correctly with the Evic VT unit!

Taking Ni200 out of the equation, Titanium and standard power mode function excellently well, and the Evic VT justifies a purchase alone based on the performance of it with those two modes and it’s gorgeous looks alone, I still use mine daily with Titanium temperature control builds and standard Kanthal coils down to it’s looks and feel in my hand, and it does still perform very well outside of Ni200 temperature control. It’s just a shame that nickel builds let it down overall!

This review unit was supplied by  If you live outside of the UK and South Korea you can purchase one with the discount code EVIC20OFF to get 20% off this item!  If you are in the UK you can try your luck at winning this item in our competition - the comp closes on the 30th Spetember!

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