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The latest addition to the stellar Pioneer4You stable is the IPV D2, the natural successor to the IPV Mini 2, featuring an even smaller form factor over the IPV Mini 2, budget price, a 75w output, temperature control, a sliding ball bearing battery door cover and the YiHi SX130H chipset.

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Comparing the IPV D2 to the Sigelei 75w TC, I’ve got to say that Pioneer4You’s offering wins out ever so slightly here. They are pretty much even when it comes to performance in temperature control, though the Sigelei 75w TC offers more power in this mode, the IPV D2 supports Titanium out of the box, and the Sigelei 75w TC does support micro USB charging on the move, however with the IPV D2 I believe the form factor is better, it just feels so small in your hand, the buttons are far more responsive and less clicky, the SX130H chipset seems to work more efficiently than the in-house Sigelei 75w TC chip as I seem to get more battery life than the Sigelei (which was requiring up to 4 battery changes a day), and the IPV D2 is slightly cheaper! 

It’s my mini device of choice because it performs fantastically well, the vape is as good as anything around when in temperature control mode, and ergonomically it is just excellent. It’s a real tiny little thing that is just ideal for me to use at home, or if I’m nipping out for a couple of hours I find myself reaching for the IPV D2 to take with me. I wouldn’t recommend it for all day use as a main mod for those that vape pretty heavily, as you will need to swap the battery at least once a day, but it still would make a great addition to your mod rotation if you do vape pretty heavily, and moderate vapers will get on really well with it as they should manage a full day’s battery life from the IPV D2.

All in, the IPV D2 is an excellent unit, sporting a very efficient YiHi chipset and packing a punch that belies its size, if you love your mods to be powerful with a small form factor then the IPV D2 is the mod for you. It’s got everything you need at under £50!

The IPVD2 unit was generously supplied for review from, the price of this unit has come down considerably over the last month or two, you can now pick up the IPV D2 for a $45 - about £30, outstanding value for money!

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Dan was an early adopter of vaping as a way to quit smoking and has seen and done pretty much all there is to see and do in the vaping world!  From Ego batteries to mechs and from rebuildables to pods there isn't much that Dan hasn't tried.

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