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Innokin MVP 3.0 Pro Kit

The box mod industry has come on in leaps and bounds since the heady days when Innokin ruled the roost with the MVP and its successor, the MVP 2, arguably the biggest selling mod of all time. A new king of the budget box mod has emerged with Eleaf's Istick series, which is currently the biggest selling box mod on the market. Can Innokin reclaim their crown?

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Introduction to the MVP 3.0 Pro

The box mod industry has come on in leaps and bounds since the heady days when Innokin ruled the roost with the MVP and its successor, the MVP 2, arguably the biggest selling mod of all time. Innokin themselves have upgraded the MVP to the MVP 20W and most recently, the MVP3, however these have not seemed to fare as well as the previous MVP releases, mainly down to the plethora of choice vapers have when it comes to budget high powered box mods. The more power you can get for your money the better it seems, and a new king of the budget box mod has emerged with Eleaf's Istick series, which is currently the biggest selling box mod on the market. In retaliation to the success of the Istick 50W, Innokin have come out to claim their throne back with the release of the MVP3.0, available with 60W of power and a 4500mAh fixed battery, and with the pro kit this also comes bundled with Innokin's new sub ohm tank, the iSub G. Shots fired!

Famed for its reliability, and almost revered as indestructible, it seemed like not all that long ago vapers everywhere owned an MVP box mod. Innokin were the symbol within the industry of reliable releases. Things have moved on quickly since those heady days a year or so ago, and these days many vapers are valuing power over reliability and battery life. The MVP has since long been surpassed by newer releases since then, and for a while it seemed like Innokin, far from being at the top of the game in recent times, were being quickly left behind until their recent upgraded MVP releases.

Can Innokin return to the top as the kings of the mid range box mod? Most importantly, can the MVP 3.0 Pro offer the same trusted reliability, outstanding battery life and performance of the stellar MVP2?

MVP Pro 3.0 Specs

MVP 3.0 Pro

  • Available in Limited Edition Gold, Silver, Blue, Black, Pink
  • 4500mAh battery capacity, from fixed battery
  • LED battery indicator as well as battery level displayed on screen
  • Outputs 6-60 watts of power
  • Wattage adjustable in 0.5 watt increments
  • Voltage output 3-9
  • Voltage adjustable in 0.1V increments
  • RMS DC current output, accurate to a deviation of 0.5 watts
  • Resistance range 0.2-3.1ohm
  • micro USB charging- can also be used as a pass through
  • Can function as a powerbrick to charge other devices such as your phone through USB
  • OLED screen
  • Vape timer
  • Puff counter
  • 15 second cut off
  • Left/ right screen orientation
  • Short circuit protection
  • 510 threading, spring loaded gold plated connector

iSub G

  • 510 threading
  • 0.5ohm coils (more resistances may become available soon)
  • Wide bore drip tip
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Pyrex glass tank
  • Adjustable generous airflow

What's in the Box?

1x MVP 3.0 Pro
1x iSub G tank with 0.5ohm coil
1x micro USB charging cable
1x eGo/510 adaptor
1x instruction manual

High power box mod? Check. USB charging cable? Check. Sub ohm capable tank? Check. You have all you need right here to dive into the world of sub ohming and high power box mods. The eGo/510 adaptor is a throwback to the days of clearomisers with a recessed 510 connection - unless you still use those you won't be needing this. Unless you love having an unsightly gap between your tank and mod. Or you fancy a bit of nostalgia..

MVP Pro 3.0 Looks

Like its predecessors you will either love or hate the look of the MVP 3.0 Pro. Personally, I'm a fan of the sleek new looks. The build quality feels exceptional and solid, the chromed finish on my blue one just looks stunning. Not to mention the fact that in the extensive amount of time I have spent using the MVP 3.0 Pro, it hasn't picked up a single scratch on the finish.

The power button has been moved from the side of the box to allow for easier operation. The positioning of the power button on the MVP2 was one of the biggest gripes I had with it, so I'm really pleased that it has been moved. Underneath the power button you will find the large OLED screen. Information is displayed clearly here, including your current power setting, battery status, resistance (to two decibel places- and it's very accurate) and voltage output. Underneath the OLED screen you find the '+' and '-' buttons which allow you to select your desired voltage/wattage, or by holding down both buttons, display the puff counter.

On top of the mod you have an LED indicator to display how much charge is left in the battery. It will change from green to amber and finally to red depending on the battery status. The spring loaded gold plated 510 connector is also found here. The threads are buttery smooth, connection is excellent, there hasn't been a single issue with any atty I have screwed on top of the MVP 3.0 Pro.

Charging is done through a micro USB slot at the side, clearly marked 'INPUT'. Not to be confused with the 'OUTPUT' USB slot underneath- you can plug in and charge other devices through USB with this. You will also find a grey cable squished into the bottom of the MVP 3.0 Pro, pull this out and you find two micro USB connectors to charge other devices with. Versatility that you only get with an MVP mod!

The new iSub G tank from Innokin just looks like it belongs on top of this mod. You can also pick up the iSub polycarbonate version separately, with different colour options available to pair with your new MVP 3.0 Pro.

MVP 3.0 Pro Menu System

MVP fans will feel right at home, as three clicks of the power button will turn the MVP 3.0 on and off. The MVP 3.0 boots up exceedingly quick, literally a matter of a couple of seconds from clicking the power button, a very quick boot screen appears (the impatient can skip this by pressing the power button) and the device is ready to use.

Out of the box your MVP 3.0 will be set by default to variable voltage- holding down the '+' button will switch this to variable wattage. To adjust the power level you need to briefly hold down either the '+' (for wattage) or '-' (for voltage) buttons until the screen flashes and you can adjust the power output to your preference.

MVP 3.0 Pro Performance

You can fire resistance down to 0.2 ohm with the MVP3.0 Pro, so that covers pretty much all of the sub ohm tanks on the market today! I tested a multitude of different builds and devices in the MVP 3.0 Pro, and I didn't have a single issue. Not one 'check atomizer' or 'atomizer short' message flashed up. Taking the MVP 3.0 Pro right up to 60 watts allows you to chase some really big clouds. An output of 9V also means you do not have to build particularly low resistance coils to take advantage of the full 60W.

Battery life is absolutely phenomenal, as you would rightly expect from an MVP. I managed 5 days from the first battery charge of heavy use at 35 watts with the iSub G tank. It does take a while to charge back up from dead however, you are looking at charging for up to 6 hours or so.

To sum up the performance of the MVP 3.0 Pro its solid, it's dependable, it's reliable and its powerful. And the battery lasts absolutely ages. What more do you need?!

iSub G Tank

Innokin originally released the iSub polycarbonate tank as a standalone sub ohm tank, the iSub G is the Pyrex glass version that Innokin bundle in with the MVP 3.0 Pro as part of the MVP 3.0 Pro Kit, to coincide with the general release of both items individually.

iSub G Looks

Manufactured from stainless steel with a Pyrex glass tank section, quite kayfun lite-esque is the iSub G. Noticeable differences are the huge adjustable airflow at the bottom and there is a wide bore drip tip on top.

The iSub G is a great match for the MVP 3.0 Pro, it really looks at home on top.

iSub G Capacity and Coils

The iSub G sports an upgraded 4.5ml capacity over the iSub's 4ml capacity. This tank is a hell of a thirsty one, I've even managed to drain two full tanks in just over an hour of vaping! Filling is a breeze, simply unscrew the Pyrex glass from the base of the tank and fill to the side of the chimney. Due to the no-spill coil system, changing coils and filling also becomes less messy, the glass easily comes away from the base allowing you to fill and swap coils with ease.

At present there are only 0.5ohm coils available for the iSub G, however there are rumours that other resistances may be available soon. There is also no RBA deck available as of yet for the iSub G. The coils sport wide juice channels, and are wicked with Japanese cotton with mesh on the top of the coil, I found that these could wick up to 70VG juice with ease, 80VG juice did wick however I did get the occasional dry hit. My first coil only lasted me 6 days of heavy use before it gave up on me, there is no spare included in the Pro kit. Luckily I had a spare to hand and this managed 8 days, overall the coil lifespan is pretty average. I am a heavy vaper though, so you may find these lasting a little while longer!

iSub G Performance

Now flavourwise I feel that the iSub G is good, but not exceptional. It's close to a Kanger Subtank in terms of flavour, but I think that the Subtank has a slight edge over the iSub G in flavour performance. I felt on a few occasions a few of my juices tasted a little muted, no matter what power setting I had my MVP 3.0 Pro on.

Now the airflow performance is a whole different story. The iSub G sports two massive cyclops airflow slots on the side, and airflow is adjusted easily via the airflow control ring. With such a large airflow intake even with it closed right down this is definitely one for the lung hitters. You get some amazing cloud performance from the iSub G!

Overall Conclusion

Innokin have really pulled it out of the bag here with the MVP 3.0 Pro Kit, this is a perfect package that offers something for newbies and veterans alike, and this marks a huge return for Innokin to the top of the mid range box mod pile. The iSub G tank included within the package is far from an afterthought, it's an outstanding sub ohm tank in its own right.

Does the MVP3.0 Pro represent a reliable, powerful mod with outstanding battery life? Yes it does. Does it represent a real return to form for Innokin and a worthy successor to the MVP2? Yes it does. The MVP3.0 Pro offers all of the same excellent qualities the MVP2 was feted for, and more, in a greatly upgraded package.

This for me is the top 'starter kit' package on the market right now. For anyone looking to make the leap into sub ohming and variable power box mods this is the package you should be going for. A rock solid, reliable mod, offering plenty of power and a long battery life paired with a great little sub ohm tank. It's all you need right here. iStick, I'm sorry but you have been dethroned. The king is well and truly back with a bang! can enter our competition to win an MVP 3.0 Pro here!

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